Box Score Recap – 6/4/2014

Perci Garner gave up 3R on 8H, 1BB and 8K over 6 innings – he threw 65/100 for strikes. Good effort, and the first time he’s managed to allow just one walk since April 22. Dylan Cozens was 1-2 with a BB. Twice. He had an identical line in both games of the morning/afternoon double header. Impressive, I guess. Willians Astudillo‘s hit streak ended at 18 in a seven inning game which totally doesn’t count, IMO. He did pick up a hit in the “afternooncap”, as it were. Andrew Knapp was 2-3 in that game.

Jesus Alastre is back on the field for the VSL, so I guess he’s been dinged up or sick or on a surfing trip or something, and is not on the way to the states for the GCL. He had a hit, of course. He’s still been on base each game of his pro career.

For those interested, I just listened through the Mike Baumann/Eric Longenhagen draft discussion from Crashburn Alley. They answered one of my questions and two of Matt’s and had a nice long discussion of many different aspects of the draft and scouting. Entertaining stuff, and a decent focus on the Phillies #7 pick and second rounder at one point. It’s pretty long, close to two hours, so maybe turn it on in the background, The video is just the two dudes talking, so if you treat it like a podcast you won’t miss much.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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  1. Scouting from the box score, looks like Giles had a rough day – 1 IP, 3 hits, 1 BB. Give him time to continue to adjust, he was at Clearwater last year.

  2. Scouting from the box score the system had 211 AB’s and only managed 8 XBH. We need more cow bell

  3. Forget the box scores, it’s Christmas morning! Could we end up with a Kolek under the tree? Rumor is he’s dropping, though it’s hard to see him making it to #7.

    1. Chris Crawford has Kolek slipping to Toronto at 11. Heard last night on Twitter from Law that he was slipping as well. I don’t think how the Phillies could let a high schooler who throws 100 mph get past them but with all the talk of drafting “a fast mover” they’ll find a way to screw it up and take Newcomb.

        1. Some of it could be smoke and mirrors. Another explanation is that teams are trying to be more conservative. With every other pitcher going down to TJ surgery, a pitcher who’s calling card is his fastball just screams injury waiting to happen.

          1. Does he or is he allowed to have an agent yet?
            If it is Scott Boras,the Phillies may be wary of dealing with him from past experiences. Not sure about other clubs.

  4. This is just depressing……the good news is that I have heard the 2015 Draft is supposed to be better than this year’s…………IMO we have a legit shot at drafting in the Top 3 next year, we are looking at a Cub-like rebuilding job here folks……..I have been saying the first hope for a quality team is in 2016, but that may be incorrect and we are instead looking at something like 2017-18.

    1. Currently we stand at pick number 5 for 2015.
      Hard to believe Tampa Rays can be this bad this year…but injuries will do that I guess!

      1. don’t even start this. I just went thru this with sixers. Can’t take another sport where we are following other teams to see who can lose more.

    2. Hopefully it will be an improvement over this year. They were saying the same thing about this draft last year as well. Seems the problem was the 2011 class. It was the last year of unslotted picks, so teams threw all kinds of money around basically buying guys out of their college commitments. As a result the crop of college hitters aren’t what they once were.

  5. Perkins is in a one hit a game rut. He and Lavin seem to be adjusting nicely. Nice to see Cam with an outfield assist. At what point does Hewitt walk away?

      1. As a friend of mine once said, Rod Carew went to the Hall of Fame by going 1 for 3 with a walk.

        Actually, that would work out to an OBP of .500, which he never quite managed to do, although Carew did has an OBP of .449 (!) in 1977.

  6. Just to stir the pot…but is Crashburn’s draft talk off topic for box score recap…BradinDC Im sorry but couldnt resist!

  7. I just read David Murphy’s piece in today’s Daily News, and he basically says the same exact thing I stated above, that we are where the Cubs were 3 years ago, and they are still a few years away from possibly “arriving”……..the Astros got a 1 year head start on the Cubs and are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel, as well as the Mets………I have been telling everyone who asks me about the Phils, it will only get uglier until 2016, and now I realize I was being too pollyannic, and that its more likely 2017-18……….lets hope we get some deep runs by the Flyers & Sixers soon as we wait until Training Camp for the Birds at the end of each June…………personally I have a 2 year old son who makes my days a little brighter when I start reading/thinking about how bad things are now for my Phightins’.

    1. here is one big different….the Phillies have money. There turn-around won’t be as long. If they have strong draft this year and next year combined with Crawford…they will fill in rest with money.

  8. I know I am a little behind since this happened on June 3, but did anyone notice that Aaron Altherr almost ran for the Anti-Cycle?

    Picked Off First
    Caught Stealing at 2nd
    Caught Stealing at 3rd

    Anyone know if he got thrown out at home?

  9. Hi guys who do u think the pils will get in the first rd ?I think and hope, either pitchers grant holmes, Kyle freeland, or Aaron nola. the hitters which I hope they don’t pick nick Gordon , alex jackson or max pentecost. Nothing against them I think we really need a hitter.

  10. Hewitt, Short, Pointer. That’s a heck of an outfield that Clearwater sends out there each day. Can’t imagine why they’re 12-46.

    1. And yet every one of those guys is so much better than you ever were. That must be eating on you.

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