Box Score Recap – 5/28/2014

Tyson Gillies (2) and Cameron Rupp (6) went deep for Lehigh Valley. The pitching there was not so good. Brad Lincoln got good and messed up. Meanwhile, Rob Rasmussen is in the Toronto bullpen. Just sayin’.

Cameron Perkins hit a walk-off 3-run home run, his third, to win it in the 12th for Reading. Good performance from Tyler Knigge there. Art Charles‘ 3-run shot tied it for CLR in the ninth and Logan Moore walked it off with a single in the 11th. Good line from Colin Kleven there. Roman Quinn‘s some kind of scuffling in his small sample of a season – 10Ks and no BBs thus far, and he’s OPSing .465 through 7 games.

And finally, Dylan Cozens was 2-4 with two doubles for Lakewood. His last multi-hit game was five days ago when he hit two home runs at West Virginia. Robinson Torres was 1-3, but that hit pushed across Cozens and Willians Astudillo to make a winner out of recently demoted Jon Prosinski.

VSL was off, but a friendly reminder that the DSL starts on Saturday. Among those inpresently rostered there are Luis Encarnacion and “that German guy” Julsan Kamara.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

5-28-14 boxscores

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  1. Tyson Gillies showed a pulse… lets dedicate a separate message board for the idiots who still consider him a prospect. You know who you are who regularly comment!!!!

    1. I think that ship has sailed and most realize he’s never going to sniff the majors let alone pan out as even a 4th outfielder. Let’s move on.

      1. I don’t agree that he will never “sniff the majors”. He’s on the 40-man roster right now. If they need an OFer due to injury, he very well may get the call.

        As for his ceiling, I agree with you that even 4th OF is probably a stretch. He may wind up being a AAAA guy for a couple years if his defense intrigues some teams.

    2. Never liked him but just because someone did, doesn’t make them an idiot as plenty of prospects both shock GM’s, scouts, and internet commentors alike in both over and under achievement. Come on man, no need for name calling.

  2. Knigge has been pitching great lately and I suspect he’ll soon be in line for a promotion. I’ve seen him pitch a number of times and he has a very good arm (sits 94-95, touching 96) – perhaps he’ll become the type of pitcher we hoped Justin DeFratus would be.

    1. I’ve been really disappointed with the dearth of phillies minor league relievers that have failed to live up to the hype at the major league level. At this point, I’ve literally dropped the whole lot of them a few “pegs” on my internal prospect ranking “system” (aka intuition).

      1. Out of Giles, Knigge and Ogando I’m hoping that at least two of them can make the major league roster for next season.

      2. The term “minor league reliever prospect” is an oxymoron. The Phillies should take more of a St. Louis Cardinal approach to developing pitchers. The Cardinals leave their pitchers in the minors as starters to get innings and repetition. When they’re ready for the majors, if there’s no room in the starting rotation, they get put in the bullpen. It’s worked very well for them. Why the Phillies keep moving guys to the minor league bullpen early in their career is beyond me. They don’t get the amount of work needed in the pen to hone their pitches enough to be successful at the major league level.

        1. The Cardinals are starting with a better stock of player. Both Rosenthal and Martinez were higher ranked prospects than Biddle. If you are looking for the Cardinals converting someone, look at Siegrist. But overall when you move a guy to the bullpen you are looking to fasttrack them to the majors. If you know Giles is never going to develop a 3rd pitch and control, you move him to the bullpen and get him a year quicker than letting him struggle as a starter.

          The whole Cardinals argument is idiotic when applied to the Phillies, the pitchers you are comparing of are two very different calibers. The Phillies relief prospects are guys who failed as starters (and sometimes spectacularly) or only had careers because their stuff played up in a relief role and it allowed them to use their pitches effectively.

          1. Idiotic is kind of a strong word to use in that context. He’s not suggesting that the Phillies have better pitching prospects than the Cardinals, just that the Cardinals’ approach works. My counterargument would be that I think the Phillies are more than willing to use the bullpen first approach when they actually have a pitcher with a talent that merits it. The most recent example would be Ethan Martin (though injuries played a role there), and before that they’ve done it with Bastardo and others. I think it seems like they are taking that approach right now with Perci Garner, who some here have advocated should be moved to the bullpen. (His pitching performance this morning might support that argument!)

            1. Thank you. I agree that the Phillies are too quick to move guys to the bullpen. I say let them sink or swim as starters in the minors. That’s the only way to get the work in and develop consistency. By moving them to the pen early, their workload gets cut by half or even more, and they don’t get the repetition to hone their pitches. We end up being left with guys like DeFratus, Rosenberg and others who have some talent but just aren’t consistent enough, and I think that ties back to the lack of workload in the upper minors due to being relegated to the pen.

  3. I saw that JPC Kd three times last night, but then checked and both pitchers were 23 year olds……..I was also wondering about Knigge, he has pitched very well this year, which is rare for our milb RPs.

  4. Perhaps Matt W. needs to comment on Perkins’ lack of adequate power every day.

  5. What Cam Perkins is doing in Reading is pretty impressive. His BB rate has nearly doubled from his stops in Lakewood and Clearwater, and his K rate remains relatively the same (9.5 BB/13.8 K this season). The power doesn’t seem likely to surge, but he regardless looks to be an intriguing guy with a legit shot at playing in Philly. Has anybody ventured into some big league comps for him? Just curious.

    I’ve got to say, I’m a little disappointed to see that Encarnacion won’t be starting at GCL. I know he’s young, but I expected he’d be put on the same track as Pujols and Tocci.

      1. Pence definitely has more raw power. However it doesn’t always play out in his game. Perkins probably has a better hit tool but less pop than Pence.

    1. I think he will play in the GCL. He is probably just going to DSL to get experience in some for real games and then will come state-side when the GCL starts a few weeks after the draft.

  6. Interesting to see Luis Encarnacion start at the DSL. Very, Very please to see Julsan Kamara’s name again. Excited to see what he does.

    1. For the record, Jim Peyton reports Encarnacion is still stateside, so that could just be a roster they set and have not adjusted.

  7. Cam Perkins has a line that guys like Alex Gordon have in the majors in terms of BB/K/ISO. To not be able to see a major leaguer in his profile is in my opinion short sighted.

    1. Perkins is also listed at 6’5″ and 195lbs. Add another 15 lbs of muscle onto that frame and maybe the power comes with it.

      1. Assuming his listed weight is accurate, it’s the same number it was 2 years ago when he was drafted. I don’t think those 15 lbs of muscle are ever coming.

    2. He’s 23 and in AA, Not age inappropriate, but definately not something I would consider “impressive”. He’s a prospect, but a bit fringy on if he profiles as a starter in the top half of teams in the league… He’s going to need to continue to rake, get a promotion to AAA (while maintaining performance) for me to consider him in my top 10.

      I like his 9.5% walk rate, but given it was half that last year, he’s still got a lot to prove there. The K rate is likely legit given it’s always been on the low side for him which is definately a positive. His current .150 ISO is obviously his weakest point as you pointed out. If he keeps his BB% at 9-10% and his K rate 13-14%, without his ISO dipping any lower at the major league level, he’s a starter. BUT … I think that’s a lot to ask at this point when projecting him. Lets see how the rest of the year plays out.

    3. Can he be a major league regular?. Outside chance, Why not higher than that, or, more to the point, why your Gordon comp & associated argument doesn’t work:

      (1) You can’t simply project him to match his AA stats in the major leagues. Especially given his age – if he was 21, maybe. You might want to take a look at Gordon’s AA season – much more impressive than what Perkins is doing, and he was 1 1/2 years younger.
      (2) A significant portion of Gordon’s value is plus defense. Perkins from reports will be average at best, possibly below average.
      (3) SS issues on the AA numbers. His overall minor league line is not as good – even on peripherals.
      (4) Gordon has more power.

      That said, if he keeps this up (with of course a regression in his BABIP which is inevitable) the rest of the year and next year in AAA … maybe. Still not a great prospect – his upside is still basically Gordon with fewer HR and less defense, which isn’t much – but, given the sorry state of the OF, he could get his chance in Philly.

      1. Yeah, that’s really the question. If he adds value with his glove, then maybe he can become a league average starter. It’s hard to get excited about a corner OF prospect who has limited power, is a below average baserunner, and is below average in the field.

        It seems like the best case scenario is someone like David Dejesus, but Dejesus was a plus defender in LF and an average CF. If Perkins is average to below average in the field, he’s probably no more than a 1-2 win player.

  8. Cam Perkins needs to be in Lehigh Valley playing LF every day . Why does he even play 1B ( its blocked ) ? . He is 23 and if he has a future its as a LF . Also the LF @ LV is Castro batting .230 .

    1. He plays first base so that some of Reading’s other outfielders (Collier, Hewitt, Altherr, Dugan when he comes back) can get time in the outfield. Plus, it never hurts to have versatility.

  9. It’s nice to see Cozens get two XBHs against pitchers that everyone else struggled to make contact against. Judging by their age and numbers, both of those pitchers will probably be in Hi-A soon.

  10. He was not a throw-in – a PTBNL sometimes means throw-in, sometimes means the player is already decided but can’t be traded, (in the case of a draftee from the prior year who can’t be trade for 12 months), and sometimes, it’s a case of another player needing to be decided on by the two teams. From what we’ve heard of the Pence deal, it was that the Astros were offered basically any position player on the Phillies A+ and A- rosters that was not Sebastian Valle and took a bit of time to scout it out before deciding. If I recall correctly, reports were that they considered Leandro Castro but took Santana instead. Josh Zeid was the throw-in, IMO, and I won’t cry about the (likely) middle relief innings he might give Houston for a few years.

    Is it any less infuriating that the Phillies let Santana exposed as a piece to include in an already bad trade? No. I guess it’s not. Such a bad trade. Could be monumentally bad if the three main guys have the kind of success we suspect they may. Cosart could still flop, IMO, and Singleton has personal issues that maybe he won’t overcome, and Santana is never going to hit for average, but there’s so much talent there it’s scary how bad the deal may turn out over the years.

    Also important to remember is that the Phils did get a full year of good baseball from Hunter Pence at a good price. That didn’t turn into a championship, and that stinks, but they got exactly what they were hoping to get from him until they moved him a year later, and the jury’s still out on that move as well. Of course, with Joseph injured as usual, and Rosin scuffling at AAA, the prospect package there is not looking good, and they wasted the bit of value they could have gotten from, say, a John Mayberry/Nate Schierholtz platoon by non-tendering the latter and instead signing Delmon Young to play RF in 2013 (ugh).

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