Box Score Recap – 5/27/2014

Samuel Hiciano is really killing it with the bat right now. He hit his sixth home run of the year last night, and is OPSing 1.075 over his last ten games, and .959 for the month of May. Wonder if they’ll challenge him with a promotion mid-year. Would be fairly surprising, but he’s really raking, so it’s possible. Ken Giles gave up one hit and struck out one in a scoreless inning for Lehigh Valley. Severino Gonzalez put up an OK line – 3R on 7H, 1HR, 0BB, 5K in 7IP. He was throwing strikes – just over 2/3 of his 92 pitches, so that’s good to see.

And the dream is gone, folks. 17-year-old Jesus Alastre went hitless in the VSL, ending what was a ten game streak to start his pro career. Thought he’d maybe just keep going forever and ever. He did walk twice, so we can talk about his on-base streak, if you like, for as long as that lasts. Also, he managed to successfully steal a base, while unfortunately and predictably being caught stealing once as well. He’s 1-6 thus far. As AndyB pointed out, there’s nothing wrong with letting the kid keep running. My joke to the contrary yesterday was both not terribly funny, (keeps my streak going), and developmentally silly. So keep running, Jesus. Keep running.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

5-27-14 boxscores

21 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/27/2014

  1. Is Ethan Stewart really this pedestrian? I thought he profiled to have better stuff than this (those aren’t unearned runs) – anyone watched him recently?

    Am I judging too soon?

    1. The delivery is an inconsistent wreck as is the stuff. When he was sneaking onto the back of lists he was a projectable LHP with a low 90s FB and feel for a changeup. It has gone south from there

      1. It’s easy to take shots at a distance ,his fastball is in the 90s ,his change up has been used more and improving and he he has a good curve ball.walks are an issue and I’m sure he has been told to keep them down by the pitching staff. You do some great write-ups ,it would be nice if you could float around and see these teams and players first hand .Real life gets in the way:).

        1. If he has great stuff why the lack of Ko’s? Easy to take shots while anonymous.

  2. I guess Hiciano might get a call up later on if he keeps OPSing near 1.000. I don’t know how likely that is to happen since he’s not really walking at all since April. But, hey, he hits the ball with authority so that’s great.

    Is he more likely to stay in the OF than Cozens?

    1. They should promote Walding; he fits in more with Clearwater than Lakewood.

    2. While it might have been expected that Walding would hit better than last season with a repeat of Lakewood this season, he hasn’t. His OPS is just about the same, but his walks are down and his Ks are up. He really hasn’t had a good offensive season yet and for a big guy has yet to display the power that we hoped for/expected when he was drafted. I am concluding that we mistakenly convinced ourselves that he was a better prospect than he actually is. He has always had an acceptable to excellent walk rate, but has also Ked too much for a guy without a lot of power stats. He has consistently averaged only 1 XBH per 20 AB and his HR rate is 1 per 250 AB. That is just not good enough for 3B. He actually is sporting the best BA of his career, but .247 isn’t going to excite anyone. The only reason to move him is to get him out of Green’s way, when Green is ready to play. He isn’t ready to hit against high-A pitching.

  3. I think they’ll let things go pretty much as they are until the end of June but then there will be tough decisions to make. There will be some promotions but there also will be several players released at that time. I think its time to clear out some of the dead wood that obviously has no more upside potential. I’m sure there are many that fall into this category and they can’t release them all but the short season teams will be starting soon (mid June?) and XST will end and that, coupled with the draft, will cause decisions to be made. I do expect that some of the LWood guys will go up to CWater in July and hold their own. I just wish more guys in the system were actually doing well.

    1. I don’t know a lot about how the draft works, but I do know that sometimes teams will pass over a player if there is a fear that the player will not sign. If Gordon really wants to be in philly so bad, can he make himself “unsignable,” and scare teams away from drafting him? Then, go to philly at 7? I would imagine that only 2 – 3 teams above philly would want to draft him. It seems like that is quite manipulative and impossible, but does that type of thing happen?

      1. It can, but nothing is stopping a team from picking you. In Gordon’s case, a team like the Twins could call his bluff offer him slot (~$4M) and make him turn down that money and risk his stock cratering in JuCo next year. If he is set on it the Twins get the 6th pick next year, and it sucks this year, but the chances of Gordon doing that are miniscule.

        1. I think it’s just a nice move from Gordon to play the draft game. He makes teams aware that if you want him the Phillies are sitting at 7.

  4. I don’t care how bad a player wants to play for a team, at 18 you don’t turn down 4 million, to start your dream. A baseball career. Even though some have done it, I believe garret Cole did it if I am not mistaken.

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