Box Score Recap – 5/26/2014

Ken Giles earned his third save at AAA, allowing a hit and striking out one in 1.2IP. Cam Perkins was pinch-hit for with Anthony Hewitt in the seventh inning of a game where Perkins had one of three hits and the only extra-base hit. Not sure why anyone would do that without good reason, and we know “getting Anthony Hewitt a plate appearance” hasn’t been a good reason for like four years now.

Samuel Hiciano is puttin’ a hurtin’ on South Atlantic League pitchin’ right now – he’s OPSin’ 1.187 over his last 10 games and sits at .833 on the year after a 2-3 on Monday. He remains a very interestin’ guy. Ok, I’m don’. Also in that one, Tyler Viza recorded 18 outs, three by strikeout, one by flyball, and 12 on the ground, two of which were turned into double plays. That’s some heavy stuff he’s tossin’. Sorry.

And finally, our young friend Jesus Alastre was 2-2 to extend his hitting streak to all 10 professional games in which he’s ever played. Here’s something though – he’s been blanked in stolen base attempts – oh-fer his first four. Maybe give him the stop sign, coach. Just an idea.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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  1. Viza’s numbers don’t look great but he’s more than holding his own in LWood. I’d like to see more K’s but he has a great Gball to Flyball rate. That alone could make him a decent prospect down the line.

    1. He’s reminding me of Jon Pettibone, or other pitchers in that mold. That wouldn’t be so bad, and at least he’s not walking anybody, but hopefully he finds some more swing-and-miss ability in the future.

      1. I’d be content with him being a Jon Pettibone type. Getting a quality 4/5 starter out of a 32nd round pick is a major success.

        1. For sure. I was thinking he went higher than that but had him confused with Keys. It would be really nice to find a #3 starter type, at least, since we have so few. But I’ll take a #4 from a pick that late.

  2. Hiciano is interesting. He K’ed 28.5% of the time last year. This year he’s closer to 22%. In his last 10 games, he’s around 11%. He’s BB’ing a lot less this year but he’s also getting a lot more hits. The 20 year old has shown an uptick year over year in Slugging and OPS in each of his 2+ years. At Lakewood, he already has 13 dbls, 2 trps and 5 HRs. His weakness right now is he’s only hitting .212 in home games and .348 away from home. Most of his dbls and HR’s are in away games. The bigger ballpark is sapping him a bit. He needs to realize it’s far more difficult to hit HR’s in that ballpark and just hit the ball in gaps or take what you can get.

    1. Probably not a good idea for a low-A minor leaguer to change his hitting style to adapt to an unusual home park. He’ll eventually need to learn to make that sort of adjustment, but now just seems too early.

    1. That could be an Eastern League record if he gets 50 doubles.
      But I am sure the opposing managers will put begin employing the Chris Wheeler Plan…the ‘no-doubles defense’ before he gets close to setting the record.

  3. Giles’ is progressing well, though his swing and miss fastball/sec pitches are not translating at the AAA level as they did at the Aa level, with 6Ks in approx 10IPs, but still only a sss.

    1. Giles has a great FB and decent command and good control of that pitch. His control of the slider (let alone command of the pitch) is iffy, so I understand why they haven’t promoted him yet. Major leaguers won’t bite on that pitch unless it looks like a strike coming out of his hand. By the way, for what it’s worth, I think Diekman now throws as hard or harder than Giles on a routine basis (although Giles touches higher), although being a left and throwing side arm make it impossible to compare the two pitchers.

      1. Yes, I believe that is the case. His slider needs to be more effective.
        He reminds me a lot of a young Astro Brad Lidge from about 10 years ago.
        He had the same type issues with the slkide command, when he was progressing thru their system Lidge, I don’t think ever touch 100mph plus lioke Giles, but he sat in the mid-90s range somewhere

      2. He’s a guy who would really benefit by developing a decent change. I saw him totally shutdown the opposition at Reading, but he didn’t throw a single pitch below 97 the whole inning. That won’t work in the bigs and apparently doesn’t work as well in AAA, either.

          1. In AA he struck out 51% (!) of the batters he faced. So far in AAA he’s struck out just 16% while walking 13%.

            The ERA is still low, but the peripherals are not so nice.

        1. Doesn’t work in AAA? What in God’s name are you talking about? B/c he isn’t striking out every single hitter he faces? His ERA is under 1.

          I’m hoping you just worded your comment oddly, b/c you couldn’t be further off base.

          1. .154 BABIP, 90% strand rate, 3.94 FIP despite not giving up any HRs.

            ERA can be misleading.

          2. Everyone has to recognize that Giles is working on developing secondary pitches at AAA. When he gets to the majors, he’ll be throwing more FBs than he’s throwing now. Have to get strike 1 and play from there.

          3. So if it doesn’t work in AAA with org fillers and ‘ just a notch below MLB hitters’…it will surely work in the majors.
            Ok…I buy your logic!

  4. If Alastre has good speed I actually keep sending him no matter the results. Tocci as well. The CS attempts don’t really bother me if he is learning. That is what the rookie leagues and lower levels are for.

  5. Perhaps the LHV manager wanted to insert Hewitt for his defense in a tight game.

    (I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.)

    1. Just put him out of his misery and release him. It’s just embarrassing even sending him out there anymore.

    2. It was Reading not LHV and I’m sure the manager just wanted to give Perkins a breather in a 9-0 blowout loss. He’s been their horse for sure this year. I suspect roster moves will be made in the July timeframe with some guys getting moved up and others getting moved out.

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