Box Score Recap – 5/25/2014

Ethan Martin stuck out two in a clean inning of work, his first clean outing in almost two weeks. Aaron Altherr had two hits (and two strikeouts), while Cam Perkins was 1-4 plus a BB. Jesse Biddle was held out of his start after he suffered headaches from being hit in the head with hail during last week’s storm in Reading. No, I am not trying to be funny. This is a thing that occurred. That note was first reported by Mike Drago from The Reading Eagle. Give him a follow on Twitter @mldrago

Perhaps Miguel Gonzalez was also in a hail storm. Not sure. Might explain some things. Adam Loewen pitched well in his return to the hill after a couple years playing the field. Sure, he met some nice hits, but in the end, he decided to come back to his first love, pitching. He and pitching will be married in a civil ceremony in June, and hitting is not invited. Yeah, it didn’t end well.

J.P. Crawford left early for unknown reasons. I will update this item if we hear why. And Jesus Alastre did it again, hitting in his ninth straight game to start his pro career.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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  1. Crawford pulled for not running out play at 1st.. Shades of JROL @ Lakewood??

    1. Let me guess, it was a routine play that 99% of kids in little league wouldn’t run out?

      As for Biddle: Can’t say I’ve heard of that one before, but considering how much damage his car got from it, I’m not too surprised.

    2. So… an organization which doesn’t care enough about winning to spend as much as MLB rules permit them to spend on the draft and international signings penalizes its best minor league player for not running out a routine grounder hard enough.

        1. Yeah and how’d that workout? They’ve alienated their franchise player to prove the manager has a set of balls. Brilliant.

          1. Would you rather they allow the inmates to run the asylum? Seriously, I have no idea what happened with Crawford, but if he was dogging it, he deserves to sit on the bench and think about it. Same goes for Harper, Puig or anybody else. Fear of hurting someone’s feelings should not come into the equation.

            1. Seriously, watch a few games and count out the number of times that a player runs less than full speed on a routine grounder. It is not exactly a rare occurrence. Singling out a guy for this treatment is really a dick move by the manager. It would be one thing if they routinely insisted upon an all-out sprint to first on every ground ball, but very clearly they do not. I really think it is the silly fan who says ‘right on!’ to a manager getting this petulant and removing his best player from the lineup. That has a far greater impact on whether or not the team wins that game than the player trotting out a ground ball.

            2. Ballplayers are not inmates in an asylum. I will forever believe that the Phillies lost a playoff appearance because Bowa’s ego wouldn’t allow the players to lead, play, and win for themselves. He had to be clearly in charge. When the manager wants to be a star or tend to his own PR or ego, it generally does not lead to positive things. It is one thing for management to be on players who come to camp out of shape, don’t do enough exercise between games or stretches before games, or who dog batting practice and fielding practice. As in every management situation, problems are most satisfactorily and productively handled one-on-one in private. Attempts to embarrass an employee in front of peers and customers as a means of motivating greater effort just proves management incompetence and poor interaction skills. Really, that is management 101.

        2. Well, pointing out players for occasionally not running out a routine grounder is a tad Mickey Mouse. As was mentioned 99% of players do it. It is not as if Crawford is a lazy player. He hasn’t achieved what he’s achieved by not working hard. The point of costing him developmental AB and the team ABs from its best hitter is what, exactly. The manager can easily draw they kid aside in the clubhouse after the game and tell him that he expects him to run out those balls harder. Really no need for the manager to show the kid up.

          1. You can’t “show up” a 19 year old. That’s reserved for men who have earned respect. Besides, benching did wonders for JRoll’s attitude. I don’t actually hate his guts anymore (as long as he waves his no trade after he breaks the hits record)

            1. What? Of course you can ‘show up’ a 19-year old. Younger kids are more sensitive to this than older players and would benefit from more supportive, friendly guidance than public rebukes. Have you never managed a young, newby employee. The gently, gently approach works much better. They thrive on encouragement. Sit down with Crawford and tell him that you’d appreciate it if as the team star he set an example for the other players by busting his tail to first every AB. That’s a far more productive approach.

          2. You can’t “show up” a 19 year old. That’s reserved for men who have earned respect. Besides, benching did wonders for JRoll’s attitude. I don’t actually hate his guts anymore (as long as he waves his no trade after he breaks the hits record)

          3. No offense, but how do you know that? What if he’s been dogging it for weeks on badly hit balls and they have already talked to him and hasn’t listened? We are all making too much of this. Hopefully it becomes a valuable lessson for the player.

      1. Allentown, People just dont care it seems that the phillies operate, there draft and international market that way. Its only you and me who thinks its cheap of them and shortsighted to not take advantage of the draft and international market.I still am waiting for the writers in these town and the radio host, to pose that question to amaro. Why, when you didnt have high draft choices , did your organization choose not to use the international market for talent. You didnt have first round draft choices, why not use that money on international talent.

        1. Didn’t they sign Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez for $12Mil. Not saying that was a good move though.

          1. Though hopefully the MAG move will still workout as he has not had a whole lot of time yet.

            1. I listened to the Daytona Cubs feed for Gonzalez’ outing. Didn’t sound inspiring. I don’t know if they have a scoreboard gun or how the announcers would know, but they commented that his velo was 89-90. Can’t wait for his next start on the 31st.

          2. Okay lets see, from 2000 to 2011 they were in bottom in spending in intenational signings, justified that, sorry bottom 5, in all of baseball. when they didnt have a first or second round choice, they still didnt spend, justified that. last couple of years, they spent almost there alotment, but not guite justifed that, why dont people get it they had a chance to be a dominent team. and dropped the ball, and the people responible are still in charge.That to me to go from what they were in 08-09 to what you saw yesterday, is a disgrace,

            1. An Ed Wade qoute from 2001:
              “…………. we put into the budget the ability to have at least one significant international signing per year. This goes beyond that number.(with the two Korean pitchers)”
              ……….question begs…what was significant at that time?

  2. The big news of the day is that the Threshers got their 10th win before their 40th loss which helped their winning percentage surge over the Mendoza line. Heading to Florida in about a month- sure hope GC has a good team…

    1. Yea, I don’t normallly care much about winnng % of minor league teams but Clearwater is about as bad a team as I’ve seen in quite some time.

      1. I remember the AAA affiliate started the season 0 ‘fer 20 or 21. I think they were in Ottawa that season. I remember bypassing the box score for nearly a month.

      2. One player there has played consistently well. Lavin hit his 6th HR last night- has a host of OF assists. Seems he deserves to be rescued to AA.

    2. The first half of the season is shot. Bring some guys up from Lakewood for the 2nd half. It can happen… but I’m not saying it will. A lot of minor league teams have bad half seasons and then a good one. Because of the call ups and releases, the 2nd half could be a lot better than the 1st half.

  3. I don’t have a problem at all for yanking Crawford for not hustling. I understand most players aren’t gonna hustle on every play. I’ve come to terms with that but the time to prove your point and hopefully get through to a player is in the minors.

  4. Anybody know why Franco did not play this weekend? Did not see it anywhere.

      1. You have to wonder if his being pulled has something to do with Asche going on the DL in Philly. Amaro said yesterday that Franco would be considered for a call-up to take his place.

        1. Amaro said Franco was sick. Regardless don’t the Phils have to call up Franco right now? Wouldn’t a two week cameo be perfect for Franco? Bring him up RAJ, bring some excitement back to the team.

          1. Why is two weeks perfect? You waste a minor league option, mess with his development, and potentially set back his progress for a marginal potential gain

          2. Wouldn’t it be better to call up Franco in mid-July…for future financial contractual reason.
            What’s the sense of rushing him anyway…..the Phillies are not going anywhere soon…except to the cellar.

  5. Martin is getting closer which is great. A small thing but knigge seems to have refound his stuff. He’ll be at LHV shortly. Lastly, watching Gordon torch the Phils this weekend had me pining for Quinn. I wonder if the Phils would move him to 2b right now to play with Crawford at CWater I think I would.

    1. Quinn to 2nd playing with Crawford as SS is a dream scenario. As long as Quinn bat plays.

  6. The hail in Berks County came down in the late afternoon and were between the the size of golf balls and baseballs. We joked about what would happen if one of those ‘ice-bombs’ kaplunked someone….and apparently Biddle got kaplunked.

  7. I’m surprised I haven’t seen it mentioned, but despite the fact that Clearwater played 4 games over the last 2 days, Quinn hasn’t played SS once. Has anyone heard anything about this? Canelo has been at SS all 4 games.

    1. Yeah. He sat out on the 23rd, DHed in 1 of 2 games on the 24th, and DHed in 1 of 2 games on the 25th. I hope I can find out something when they return to Bright House tomorrow night.

  8. Thanks – just read the philly inquirer and it said it was due to “illness”

    1. Agree wholeheartedly…maybe a September call-up after the LHV season is over so he can get a taste.

  9. Jiandido Tromp’s middle name is Candido. Jiandido Candido Tromp.

    He’s hitting well lately after an awful start in Lakewood.

    1. I saw that the other day, too. My wife seemed a bit annoyed that I kept repeating it lol. Say it in a Beavis voice. Sooooo much fun

  10. Its been four months since his shoulder surgery at the end of January….Shane Watson should be throwing soon in his rehab process.

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