Box Score Recap – 5/24/2014

Ken Giles works a six out save for Lehigh Valley – he struck out one a hit a man. Phillippe Aumont also had a nice outing, retiring five of six batters he faced, including two Ks. Cameron Perkins was 2-5 and hosed Francisco Lindor at the plate.

I’m having a hard time talking up Clearwater results lately. Mostly because I go a little dizzy and nauseous when I look at their boxes.  And Saturday they had two boxes. Luckily I took a Dramamine. Lakewood box scores, on the other hand, make me swoon. Also helped by Dramamine. Andrew Pullin was 3-5 with his sixth home run, while Mitch Walding was 4-5 with his first bomb of the year. J.P. Crawford and Samuel Hiciano added multi-hit games. Drew Anderson allowed 4H, 3BB and 7K in six scoreless. That makes three strong starts in a row for the 20-year-old righty.

And finally Jesus Alastre was 2-2 with a double in extending his season-and-pro-career-long hitting streak to eight games. At some point, one of you will figure out what the record is for such a streak. I honestly don’t have a good guess where to look for that.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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    1. I don’t know about the back end, but he’s a hard thrower with a decent secondary pitch, so the bullpen seems like his destination, and has for a while. I think they’re going to have to protect him this off-season or lose him in the Rule 5. He may come back like Rosin, but you can’t count on that.

    2. I think Garner has put himself back on the prospect map in our pitching-thin system. I don’t know if he’s improved his changeup enough to have a shot at a rotation spot in the future, but on the Phoulballz podcast they interviewed him and he said he barely threw his curveball last year (his best secondary pitch) to work on the changeup instead. This year he’s brought the curve back.

      His numbers aren’t great on the year, but he is getting a whole lot of groundballs to make up a bit for what he lacks in strikeouts. Again, we have so few good arms in the system. He seems like one who’s worth keeping an eye on.

    1. The real deal. I don’t recall being so optimistic about a prospect – at least not since Hamels.

  1. I am wondering has anyone seen colton murry throw. what kind of stuff does he have?

  2. Pullin!!!!! I have a feeling he will be good! Also samuel hiccanio someone compared him to marlon byrd and if that is a good comparison that makes me excited cause all byrd does is hit!

    1. The physical comp might work, ,but its a reach. Byrd played a more valuable position (CF vs. corner) and demolished minor league pitching at every stop. One could argue he’s the best CF developed in the system since Richie Ashburn, although that’s less a testament to Byrd than an indictment on the pharm. Naturally, the Phillies traded him for Endy Chavez, because, the Phillies.

      Pullin has a .901 OPS in May and has cut down on his strikeouts by more than half. Over his last 10, he has a 1.034 OPS. I don’t know much about his defense, but from a 2B, those are exciting numbers.

      1. One difference between Hiciano and Byrd’s development. Is their age to level comp. Hiciano, upon normal progression, could be at Reading at his 22-age season, while Byrd was at Reading starting at his 23-age season and turn 24 later in that season.

  3. Giles with 17 pitches, 14 for strikes in two innings of work! What a great sign. On the flip side, Knapp is really looking overmatched, 23 Ks in 65 PAs.

  4. Several of us really liked Hiciano going into this year and he is justifying our predictions. My hope is that he can become a true corner power hitter – a Jose Bautista type of player. Give me a powerfully built guy who is around 6 foot any day over these super tall toolshed type players. Mayberry and Brown look great in a uniform but, having watched a lot of these guys now I think that build is not conducive to a compact, powerful baseball swing. There are too many moving parts and the swing path is too long. Guys like Jayson Werth are outliers – its a mistake in my view to make this type oflayer your prototype. Pitchers are a different story – the height is generally helpful for them.

    1. Perkins could be an exception to the ‘super tall toolshed types’ you describe.
      But then again for each Perkins there are a few Aaron Altherrs.

    2. wow catch and you rifp me when i said brown couldnt hit? but to be fair as I stated last year, six weeks isnt a season. I wont count out brown yet, even though i still believe he cant hit a good fastball.

        1. Did win??
          he cant hit a fastball, and swings out of the zone a lot. just another toolsy guy, who had one six week period of success.I Also might mention he gets bad jumps on balls.

      1. There are exceptions and I still think Brown will end up being a good player – but I’ve come to believe that this body type is not ideal whereas I think the Phillies believe this is the best body type for outfielders. I disagree.

    3. Height is not a tool.

      However this might be lost on the Phillies front office, which often seems to substitute height for the hit tool.

    1. Maybe they’re considering whether Henson might be a useful call-up right now to replace Gwynn, and want to see whether he can play CF. I guess. Not sure that’s it.

  5. I’m beginning to suspect Crawford makes outs merely to mix things up a bit. “Sure I COULD get a hit here… but I do that all the time.”

    Gillies has quietly stopped being terrible recently. Which is not to say I think of him as a prospect again. Just that I can now say “Gillies doesn’t completely suck at AAA” with a straight face.

    And finally, my condolences to the family of Mr. Suarez (the player hit by Giles).

  6. The Phillies’ staying in Venezuela may be paying off. The team in the VSL looks great with some promising players — Alastre, Acosta, Miranda, Fernandez, Garcia

      1. See Everitt Williams signed and on Reading. 24 yrs old 2nd round Padres pick in 2009. What’s the story on him, org filler or potential?

        1. Hasn’t OPSed above .700 since 2010. Not a good sign. He was a high pick but suffered a serious knee injury in 2011 hasn’t put it all together since. If they like him even a little, they’ll keep him next time they dump a Reading OF.

        2. He’s 23. He’ll be 24 in October.

          He’s probably filler, but I don’t know about his tools. He was a high pick, so, there was something there once upon a time.

  7. What’s the scouting report on Drew Anderson? Is he a prospect? Pretty good numbers this year, mainly due to K% being way up.

    1. All I know is what I read in Matt’s top 30. Yes a prospect, but not as good as the raw numbers. Maybe a future 4 if he continues to develop.

  8. I didnt see it mention. amaro is being mention for commissioner. lmao its in the philly news,

    1. I read an article, I think NYT, about Selig conspiring with a few of his closest owner buddies to slip Selig’s assistant in as commish, so that Selig can retain influence. Some other owners found out about the secret maneuvering and are rebelling. Selig is trying to bypass any normal interview/selection process. Jerry Reinsdorf, of all people, is leading the opposition to this.

      1. Reinsdorf is leading the opposition because he regards Selig and Selig’s assistant as being too friendly to labor. In other words Reinsdorf wants a new commish who is going to fight the players union even more because Reinsdorf is a freaking idiot

        1. They need as commissioner, a former player of Hispanic ancestry, with management experience who placates all sides..
          I am still trying to figure who fits that bill.

  9. Any chance that Andrew Pullin gets promoted to Clearwater? I am hoping 150 more AB’s and then we will decide. If he is hitting around .290 with 12homeruns 50RBI’s and his walk rate rises and his k rate lowers would you consider it. I would say Cozens, but I think he still needs more work. I consider Pullin very polished

  10. Lol. Anyone who has a nice little stretch should be promoted around here. It doesn’t work like that people.

    1. So if a guy continues to tear up a level for 2 and half months, you would not promote him? I’m not saying to promote him if he cools down. Just if he continues to be red hot.

      1. It was more in reference to suggesting Pullin be promoted to Clearwater. He’s had what, three good weeks? Put together two months and then think about it. It just seems around here when someone has a decent few games and it’s like “we have to get this guy up to….”

        There’s only one guy who deserves a promotion and even that can be debated. Perkins has cooled down since his hot start (again).

  11. Biddle didn’t take the mound as scheduled today and is not listed the rest of this week. With DeFratus recalled to the big club today, I think an announcement of Biddle to LHV might be imminent.

    Or his arm hurts.

    1. It’s not Defratus , it’s the Buchanan move that might allow Biddle to go up.

      1. Yes, I know, but also presume there’s matters such as roster space. Plus, if I read correctly, Simon has been moved down to Reading.

        Hard not to speculate, but Franco didn’t play today also.

  12. Definitely gonna have to take a ride to see Lakewood this year. That team is exciting! I believe they have dollar beer nights and its close to the shore. Sounds like a great time.

  13. Domingo Santana had 2 HRs yesterday. Wonder where he would rank in our system had we kept him. Would be in our top 3 I think.

      1. It’s a bummer that he would even be considered for our top 5, seeing as he was the 3rd best prospect in that deal.

    1. Santana surely does look like an attractive prospect that the Phillies and Ruben ‘let’ go in 2011.
      However, his career K rate of 30% would signify a large red-flag. But in fairness to Santana, this year in a sss he has improved it ever so slightly to 28%.
      Then there is his career BA/OPS of .270/.833 over 2200PAs…not terrible but not overly exciting.

      1. Consider his age to level though. He could play the rest of this year and all of next year in AAA and still be “age appropriate”. He’s got plenty of time to work on things. Of course, the swing and miss will always be there with him, but his performance has always been impressive for his age.

  14. Anybody have a MLB Comparison for Andrew Pullin, Dylan Cozens and JP Crawford?

    1. I’m not a fan of these sorts of comps, but here goes. These are upside comps (i.e., probably won’t match these comps, especially Pullin, and of course a very small chance that they could better the comp). Note that these aren’t comparing body type, handenesss, or swing – just upside comps of bottom line results::

      Pullin – Kelley Johnson

      Crawford – there is no good contemporary comp. Best I could come up with is Carlos Guillen, though it is not a great comp and Crawford has a very good chance to be much better (mainly defensively). Maybe Tulo with less power, maybe much less power?

      Franco – I guess I’d go with the comp that most people do, A Ramirez. Except here body type matters, because Franco, even if he can play a decent third base now & for a few years, is not going to play 1900 games at third base.

      1. Again, I stress that the risk factor on Pullin is extremely high, and Guillen a … not pessimistic comp so much, as a less optimistic one than the comps for the other two guys. I just really don’t see a decent Crawford comp. People may look at these comps and think that I’m saying that Pullin is as good a prospect as Crawford. I am most definitely not saying that. Far from it..

      2. And I see I misread your post and did a Franoc comp not a Cozens comp. Cozens comp … assuming a move to first base (not certain but likely)… Mark Reynolds maybe?

        1. Nah, stupid comp, given positional issues. Don’t know, don’t see a very good comp there either. Craig Wilson? Also positional issues, but maybe Cozens sticks in the OF for a while, making it a decent comp.

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