Box Score Recap – 5/20/2014

Jim Murphy‘s three-run home run held up, as Ken Giles got the six out save for Lehigh Valley, including two Ks and two BBs. Barry Enright and Cesar Jimenez pitched well in that game as well, and Darin Ruf was 2-3 with two doubles and a walk. Wonder if he’ll get the call-up to replace Cliff Lee and then they’ll make a pitching move before Saturday’s game.

Jesse Biddle gave up 2R on 8H, 1HR, 2BB and 3K in six innings. He threw about 57% of his pitches for strikes. Feels like I say something similar fairly often after he starts. It’s a problem, to be sure. Cam Perkins was 2-5 with a double, and Brock Stassi 3-5 with a walk-off two-run homer and a walk.

Roman Quinn was 3-5 with a CS for Clearwater, while Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez was…well…bad. “Bad”‘s the word I’m looking for, right? 5R, 2ER on 4H, 5BB, 1K in 2.1IP. “Bad” pretty much sums that up, I think. Feel free to suggest other terms for that, but until then, I’ll go with “bad”. So, so bad.

J.P. Crawford, Willians Astudillo and Andrew Pullin were each on base three times, while Dylan Cozens hit a walk-off two-run bomb for Lakewood. Cody Forsythe did well to mop up Ulises Joaquin‘s mess in the eighth, stranding two, and then worked a scoreless ninth. The 23-year-old Forsythe has handled himself well this year – after being relegated to the GCL instead of sent to Williamsport last year with many other college draftees, I wasn’t expecting much from him, but he’s showing a good K rate and low walk rate thus far. If you missed it, Eric @Longenhagen wrote him up briefly at Crashburn Alley a few weeks ago.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

5-20-14 boxscores

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  1. 3 hits for JP Crawford – ho hum, business as usual.

    I know Crawford still needs work on his fielding consistency and probably his base running too. I’d consider giving him a little more than a month in Lakewood to work on those things (and developing power and in his swing) and, if, at that time, Quinn has settled in Clearwater, I’d seriously consider jumping Crawford to Reading. This might benefit both players and I think Crawford could handle it at the plate.

    1. That would be awesome if it worked. But, I think you underestimate the leap of talent from Low-A to AA.

      1. No, it’s pretty steep, but I think Crawford could do it. This especially so since the biggest leap would be at the plate and Reading is a very hitter friendly environment. If he struggles at the plate they can send him down to Clearwater – they just need to make sure he has the makeup to handle something like that. I’m going to guess, however, that he would do just fine in Reading.

        1. I don’t see the need to promote him. He needs games and ABs which he can get anywhere. It’s not like he’s a college kid on the fast track. Plenty of time to challenge him later.

          1. I was thinking more about a promotion sometime in July. But, once he masters a certain level of competition he does need to be challenged because he’s just that good.

            1. That was me by the way.

              Oh OK. July makes some sense, especially if he keeps this up.

        2. If Crawford went to AA this year and even held his own he would become a top ten spec.

          1. I think, when mid-year reviews come out, Crawford will be somewhere between 10 and 25 – probably the high teens. If he continues this next year, he’ll be in or hovering around the top 10. If he develops power, he’s in the top 5. He’s our best prospect since Cole Hamels (sorry, Dom, it’s true) and, yeah, he’s our top prospect now – does anyone really question that?

            1. I still think I’d go with Franco simply because he’s right on the cusp and there doesn’t seem to be much left standing in the way of a good major league career.

              Crawford is obviously very exciting but i want to see him keep it up at higher levels.

              Biddle is a distant 3rd at this point but doing fine.

      2. I think Crawford could hold up at major league level. Have seen him few times and he looks no different than what I see in majors. The kid is advanced mentally and has tools.

  2. .345 / .443 / .465
    .343 / .432 / .486

    The first was Crawford in the GCL last year. The second is Crawford in Lakewood this year.

    1. He also walks exactly as much as he strikes out in both stints:

      GCL: 14.9K%/14.9BB%
      LKW: 12.9K%/12.9BB%

      Dude’s a machine.

  3. The cozens home run was crushedd!! And what about andrew pullin with 2 walks! He is not striking out that much in may which is great!

  4. Don’t get me wrong it’s better to have the numbers he’s putting up then to not have them but with that being said he isn’t being challenged. What I mean is that the pitching just isn’t that good. If anyone here is familiar with me here they know that I coach a HS team and a legion team in my area. I also work with about 30 players with their strength and conditioning. Mostly all of my high school guys (that I do S&C for) play for either a perfect game or UA showcase team . . . (Which Crawford did as well) in the tournaments that these guys play in they are consistently playing against pitchers who are at (and most times above 89 mph with good secondary pitches) better then a lot of the pitching in the SAL. Crawford isn’t seeing any pitching that he hasn’t seen already (minus a few) Again I’m thrilled with the numbers he’s putting up but until he is facing better pitching I’m not going to get too excited.

    Also at what point will Martin take his spot in the big clubs pen. I realize he’s coming back from injury but once he’s 100% which he should be now then he should be in Philly.

    1. Martin is still building up his arm, his velocity numbers are still improving. He’ll certainly be up at some point, probably in June.

    2. I find it hard to believe that the pitching in a ball isn’t as good as American legion and perfect game, my son plays in a elite league and he faces some kids, at 85-90, but most aren’t draft able players, like the kids in a ball, there are some really good leagues, don’t get me wrong, but don’t buy your logic. I also don’t know how you can make a general statement without knowing who this kid has got his hits off, maybe a majority are off high profile prospects.

    3. That got to be a joke right? you are just trolling….A-Ball pitchers not as good as showcase pitchers…thats why they start out in the GCL after they get drafted if they get drafted. To play on a perfect game team all you need is the money to pay for it, no skills needed what so ever. I have personaly seen it.

      1. People can go to the showcases however UA and Perfect Game teams are not players who pay their way on, they have to make the teams and these are the top players in the country (and a lot of the times the fee is waived as well) You rarely see pitchers who are below 87mph. I wasn’t talking about legion or high school, I just said that that’s what I coach. I’ve only been to 5 Lakewood games this year but in those 5 games I have yet to see a pitcher who is lighting the radar gun and have yet to see anyone over 93. The ballpark gun had one pitcher touching 95 however on my gun and 3 others around me he topped out at 92 (I’ve had my gun on them in 4 of the 5 games). Last year I was at the Area Code games to watch 2 of my players (if anyone knows about the AC games, they’ll know the players and competition there is elite) and around 75% of the pitchers were above 90. All I’m saying is that the competition in Low A isn’t anything that Crawford hasn’t seen before and has excelled against before as well.

        1. Pitching and velocity are not the same thing, and you know this. Guys who manage a game like college seniors (i.e. the Mark Leiter Jr. Types), aren’t plentiful in the area code games or other select tournaments. Most high school pitchers don’t have that kind of game, and seeing that is a good and necessary challenge for young hitters like Crawford. Everybody who is anybody at the plate can hit a fastball, it’s what they do with quality breaking pitches that moves them up. That Crawford is hitting as well as he has should be a sign that he’s continuing to progress as he goes along, not that he’s not challenged.

    4. I dont doubt those players that you speak of are good I am sure they are but, you say the ones in the UA and perfect game, are better than the SAL, do some of those players play in A+ ball then or AA maybe, Im confused to how those in non professional leagues are better than professional leagues , see my point. I could be totally wrong it happens more than I like it but I accept it , so can you do some splaining for me

      1. I understand what you at saying. Obviously these are HS Jr and Sr (some sophomore and Fr.) but they are the guys who are getting division 1 scholarships or are getting drafted out of high school. What I said was being taken in the wrong way. Just want to see Crawford against pitching that he hasn’t seen before which is pitchers who sit 92plus (RHP) or a LHP who sits 89-91plus and pitchers who have secondary offering which are elite as well.

  5. Great to see Quinn just in box score again. 3 hits is a great sign.
    I also am really starting to get excited abt Pullin. He’s striking out less and walking more. Maybe something clicked. A 2nd baseman who can hit is something to get excited about.

    1. An even better sign is that those three hits came off a RHP, which tells me he was hitting from the left side. He hasn’t faced LHP in his two games, so he likely hasnt had an AB from his natural right side yet.

    2. If I remember correctly reports on Pullin last year said he was struggling due to the position change as well as working on some swing changes. Then right as he started putting it all together he suffered a wrist injury that affected him the rest. of the year. With that behind him he was due to break out a bit once he got used to this level. Hopefully that’s what we’re seeing right now

      1. Pullin said his problem was that he was swinging at balls out of the zone and has worked on taking pitches. That’s why the 2 walks for him last night is a great sign.

  6. Two walk off homers last night, that’s pretty awesome. Crawford and Quinn both with 3 hits, also pretty awesome. I wonder if Crawford will stay in the 3 hole for awhile.
    And, who will get Lee’s starts? I asked yesterday who our 6th starter is, not knowing Lee was hurt. Today, that question has lots more relevance. Congrats to Ruf who got called up today. Someone will go down when a starter is needed this weekend but I assume it will be Cesar.

    1. For the next three games, do they really need to send someone down?
      Lee is on the DL and his next start would not be after three more games…two in Miami with the Marlins and Friday’s home game..

  7. Man, over the course of the last year MAG has gone from:

    “He could be a #3 starter for a contender right now”
    to …
    “He needs a little conditioning so he’s ready to come in an compete for a job in Spring Training next year”
    to …
    “He’s our #4 prospect!” (on this board over the winter)
    to …
    “He’s a mystery man, but if it all clicks, he’s still a great option as a fifth starter”
    to …
    “Welcome AJ Burnett!”
    to …
    “He’s got a thing with his shoulder.”
    to …
    “He’s throwing well in bullpen sessions.”
    to …
    “He can’t get Single A batters out.”

    The way things are going, he’s going to be pitching middle relief in the Venezuelan summer league before the season is over.

    1. Jim posted a write up of his appearance last week. In his post, he highlighted that MAG was having troubles keeping the ball down, and expressed some concerns.

      My response that it was still early for him, which is a stance that I will still take. However, 5 walks versus 7 outs adds a bit more concern over what we really have here.

      While not yet time to panic, given his rough start, I think his next few starts shift from ‘just getting innings in’ to ‘getting innings in, and doing so while showing command of the strike zone and command over less-experienced players.

      1. He’s really not worth panicking over regardless because they aren’t paying him much. If he had signed for the original rumored amount I’d say panic.

          1. In the grand scheme of things, it is not. It’s a FA fifth starter’s salary. If he has one good year starting in the bigs he earns his whole contract. So not panicking is fair, IMO.

        1. jpolice, I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH YOU. Twelve million is not a lot?? for a non prospect, rather have spent that on this years Latin market, Who in gods name recommend this guy to the Phillies. When they saw his medical and still went for 12 million, just doesn’t make sense to me, this medical staff is so bad,

          1. I just meant that it’s not much in the sense that it won’t be an albatross kind of contract, but yeah I agree with you guys that it seems to have been a horrible decision.

          2. They are limited to how much they can spend on kids from Latin America , not on adults from Cuba who are considered professionals , so does it look bad right now sure, they really couldnt have done much else with that money , maybe signed an 8th inning guy would have been nice and nobody introduced him to the phillies he introduced himself to the world during the World baseball classic where he dominated MLB allstars

  8. Man, Julio Rodriquez was signed by the Cubs out of the Independent League and assigned to AA… How fast did he fall, all the way to the Independent league? Good luck JRod.

  9. Just to add onto my post at the top here are players who were with UA for 2013 . . .

    Clint Frazier (5th Overall Pick, Cleveland Indians) Trey Ball (7th Overall Pick, Boston Red Sox) Austin Meadows (9th Overall Pick, Pittsburgh Pirates); Dominic Smith (11th Overall Pick, New York Mets); JP Crawford (16th Overall Pick, Philadelphia Phillies); Nick Ciuffo (21st Overall Pick, Tampa Bay Rays); Hunter Harvey (22nd Overall Pick, Baltimore Orioles); and Billy McKinney (24th Overall Pick, Oakland Athletics).

    I could go on with more who were drafted and signed also others who were drafted but decided to honor their college commitment.

  10. Wow so all these kids play in one league, I always though perfect game had teams in different cities, didn’t know all these great prospect play in one league. Cause if they play In different cities, then they aren’t always facing great pitching, there wouldn’t be enough, wonder how many kids in a ball got drafted?? not as many as you have on here. your right he should have played in your league over a ball, where you face the best from all over the world, not the best in one state,

    1. No offense but you obviously aren’t involved in high level showcase tournaments and teams around the country. I’ll leave it at that. Again I’d let to see him perform against better pitching which is all I was saying.

      1. And not all the guys are drafted there are a number who get drafted but don’t sign . . For example a player who stuck out to me a few years ago at the area code games was Beede . . He was picked in the first round by the Jays but didn’t sign. He threw that year better then 90% of the pitchers in SAL.

        1. Very highly doubtful. If that were the case, HS draftees would just be fast-tracked and sent to FSL CLW rather than GCL CLW. It is the rare HS draftee who does well in his second pro season at SAL. I’m not saying ‘holds his own’, I’m saying does well, as in a plus performance that gets him on the league AS team.

      2. The point that you are missing is that these are HS kids. If they start in professional baseball out of HS they will start in rookie leagues. If they tried to start in the SAL they would be over-matched. If they tried to start in Florida State League, they would be destroyed. H.S. players start in GCL and college players in NYP, because they really do have things to learn. They have to up their games from what they did in HS or college. The best of the pitchers in these HS tournaments would be banged around by a roster of FSL players.

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