Roman Quinn is Back!!!!!

Not sure if anything else is needed.  Crawford is ailing in Lakewood, but expected back tonight, when he is ready for Clearwater the Phillies will figure something out.

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10 thoughts on “Roman Quinn is Back!!!!!

  1. Quinn made it back faster than anyone could’ve imagined. By all accounts his speed appears to be the same or at least close to it. It’ll be interesting to see how they split the PT between him and Crawford. I see Crawford in Cwater by early June. Let him finish May in LWood and move up.

  2. That’s great news. He was better in Lakewood than a casual glance at his numbers would indicate, but still didn’t have much time there. It’ll be very interesting to see how he handles the challenge.

  3. I’m wondering if they are considering giving Quinn some time in center. I’m not writing off his defense at SS , but just making him more versatile as a player. His legs will get him to the majors regardless of position.

    1. I personally think 2B is the next spot on the defensive rung on the ladder. In general you don’t work on making your top prospects more versatile until the majors or a better prospect pushes them off

      1. CLW only has 3 healthy OF’ers on the roster. They now have 3 SS (Malquin and Serna). Quinn might be seen in the OF, at least on an emergency basis.

  4. That’s why it’ll be interesting when Crawford and Quinn are together. Clearly Crawford is the more polished SS. I personally think you’ll start to see Quinn playing other spots once Crawford gets the call up. I do agree that 2B is prob next for him.

    1. If the Quinn SS experiment is going to continue, he needs reps every day at that position. Switching him around at this point (or even a month from now) would defeat the purpose. If he still struggles at the position by the end of the season, then you start playing around with 2B next year before settling on CF.

      To be perfectly honest, I think the best option at this point is to give Crawford a full season at Lakewood playing SS and allow Quinn to finish Clearwater at the same position.

      1. I understand that argument but I wouldn’t let Quinn dictate what you do with Crawford. If they feel Crawford is ready for Cwater then u move him up.

        As far as the position thing goes I don’t think the Phils see Quinn there long term. Although, we always say you try to maximize value as long as possible for a player. Playing SS certainly does that.

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