Around the System–Catchers

A first look at catchers throughout the organization.  Definitely more optimism than the lot of middle infielders, although currently no true stand out.  Next Up: STarting Pitching.

Lehigh Valley

Koyie Hill, 35, Acquired from Washington  in 2014; .298/.366/.464 in 84 AB’s; 2HR 14RBI; 10%bb/24%k rates; .211 vs. LHP, .323 vs. RHP; .423 with RISP. 22 games at C with 1 error (.993); 2 passed balls; 7/17(41%) CS;  Hill has played much more than expected due to Rupp’s injury and has been outstanding in the role he has been asked to fill,  With Rupp now back in the lineup, expect  Hill to be used twice a week.

Sebastian Valle, 23, Signed as a free agent in 2006; .227/.245/.455 in 44AB’s between Reading and Lehigh Valley; 2HR 12RBI; 4%bb/22%k rates.  12 games at C with 1 error (.988); 1 passed ball; 2/7(29%) CS; Valle has been relegated to a back up role at both Reading and Lehigh Valley, playing once or twice a week.  He shows flashes but has not been playing regularly enough to establish any real consistency.

Cameron Rupp, 25, Phils 3rd round pick in 2010; .259/.459/.778 in 27 AB’s; 4HR 9RBI; 9 games at C with no errors; 0 passed balls; 1/5(20%); CS; Just returned yesterday after missing a little over a month with an oblique injury.


Tommy Joseph, 22, Acquired from San Francisco in 2012; .282/.345/.551 in 78AB’s; 5HR 19RBI; 6%bb/16%k rates; .250 vs. LHP; .304 with RHP.  21 games at C with 1 error (.995); 0 passed balls; 5/40(13%) CS; Joseph was just placed back on the DL with a wrist issue after a home plate collision.  WHen he has been on the field, Joseph has been very good with both the bat and glove (although his CS numbers are alow) and there was alot of optimism before a second concussion and this wrist issue slowed him down again.

Lars Davis, 28, SIgned as a free agent in 2014; .192/.250/.346 in 26 AB’s for Reading; 1HR 7RBI; 7 games at C with 2 errors (.959); 1 passed ball; 2/13(15%) thrown out stealing;  Davis was just picked up last month for catching depth after the rash of catching injuries hit the organization.


Logan Moore, 23, Phils 9th  round pick in 2011; .228/.287/.283 in 92 AB’s between Reading and CLearwater; 0HR 8RBI; 6%bb/23%k rates; .214 vs. LHP; .250 vs. RHP.  Has caught 27 games with 1 error (.994); 3 passed balls; Has thrown 12/41 (29%) of base stealers.  A very slight tick up with the bat combined with good defense.

Gabrial Lino, 21, Acquired from Baltimore in 2012; .207/.287/.378 in 82 AB’s between Lakewood and CLearwater; 3HR 13RBI; 11%bb/34%k rates; Has caught 23 games with 2 errors (.987); 8 passed balls; Thrown of 10/27 (27%) of base stealers;  Lino shows glimpses but simply doesnt make contact enough with the bat.

Andrew Knapp, 22, Phils 2nd round pick in 2013 draft; .233/.281/.267 in 30 AB’s; 0HR 3RBI; Knapp joined the team about two weeks ago and has been used exclusively as a DH


Jose Mayorga, 21, SIgned as a free agent in 2010; .333/.407/.417 in 24 AB’s between Lakewood and Reading; 0HR 3RBI; Caught 9 games with 1 error (.979); 1 passed ball; Has thrown out 1/13 basestealers (7%). Limited playing time and base stealers have been all over him.

Deivi Gruillon, 18, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .159/.196/.227 in 44 AB’s between Clearwater and Lakewood; 1HR 5RBI; Has caught 12 games with 3 errors (.967); 1 passed ball; Has thrown out 7/22 (32%) of base stealers; Expected offensive issues combined with a great arm and very good defense

Chace Numata, 21, Phils 14th round pick in 2010; Has been on the DL all year.  Currently playing in extended spring games

NOTE: WIllians Astudillo was reviewed at Corner Infield as he played majority of his games there

14 thoughts on “Around the System–Catchers

  1. I’m a long time Valle skeptic, but there are some positive signs and I’d like to see him get more playing time. Will be tough, though, with Rupp back and (hopefully) Joseph back soon also.Amazing that he’s still just 23.

    1. Should be DH’ing every day he’s not catching, IMO.

      That being said, this group is almost as depressing as the middle infielders we saw the other day.

  2. If Valle couldn’t even get starts over Koyie Hill then I imagine the organization doesn’t think much of him at this point.

    1. I’m guessing it’s more that they don’t see Valle as an emergency option if there is an injury at the major league level, and they want their emergency option (Rupp when healthy, Hill otherwise) to get playing time so he is ready if needed. So Valle understandably sits. It does seem a shame, though, as there are signs of an improved approach going back to last year. Maybe he should be given a chance for a fresh start elsewhere.

    1. Im a huge fan of grullon! His bat just needs to get going but he is young. his catching skills is amazing! I would love to see him at the bank

    2. I’m not writing off Cameron Rupp. When you hit a ton of homers, take a lot of walks and know how to call a game, you may have a future not just as a big league catcher, but perhaps even as a starter.

      If we get rid of this guy, you watch, he’ll be the A’s catcher for the next 10 years. And the Phillies need to be flexible about giving this guy a real chance and working him in slowly. There’s some good depth at catcher in this organization. Rupp needs a ton of playing time right now, but let’s see where he is by the beginning of July. I’m very pleasantly surprised by his career and this guy is the ultimate gamer.

      1. I agree that Rupp is a no-brainer as the next catcher probably starter in Philly in 2 yrs. He has shown some good numbers at AAA, but more importantly his competition mainly Joseph and Valle either can’t stay on the field or can’t put up numbers. Guys like grullon are more than 2 yrs out, and with the state of the big team it makes no sense to go outside the organization for a stop-gap catcher. So whether or not Rupp becomes a serviceable major league catcher, I think he is the 2016 starter in Philly by default.

      2. Yeah, if he does all that he’ll get a shot to start. I’m still skeptical of the “take a lot of walks” part because he’s never really done that before. At least, not since Clearwater. It’s nice to see it so far this year though.

  3. Went top the Lakewood game today. Grullon did not play but I watched him in pregame drills. That arm is as advertised, an absolute rocket and accurate on throws down to 2nd, low and just off the bag. Very active and seems like he interacts with his teammates very well. Could be a clubhouse leader. As a whole the team showed good pace during warmups, nobody was dogging it.
    Pullin with three hits, solid contact. Botched one double play, couldn’t get the ball out of his glove but got the out at second. Crawford was out today also, Serra played SS. Cozens made contact but mostly weak ground balls, but did show some surprising speed in RF. Anderson pitched and got Ks when he really needed them. Stranded a few guys in scoring position.
    I love the game but never was a player so I apologize for the low level of detail. Just wanted to share what I saw as a fan.

    1. I saw 91& 92 flash most of the time. Don’t know how accurate the gun is. He did throw strikes and made the batters swing or get caught looking, mostly after he had put one or two previous batters on base. I liked that he was aggressive in challenging the batter to beat him.

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