Box Score Recap – 5/12/2014

Very strong day from the Lehigh Valley bullpen. They worked four scoreless innings, with Ken Giles allowing the group’s only hit, Phillippe Aumont surrendering their only walk, and Ethan Martin and Justin De Fratus working clean innings. Maikel Franco drew two walks in that contest, as Cam Perkins did for Reading, as that squad got past New Hampshire. Hoby Milner didn’t throw a ton of strikes, (around 60%), and he surrendered his eighth home run in his last four, but he got the W. Value that “W” as you will.

Colin Kleven induced 12 ground ball outs, but struck out just one, and let up eight hits and three runs in seven innings in Clearwater’s loss. Andrew Knapp had two hits for the Threshers. Meanwhile, the Lakewood lineup was school by Hunter Harvey, Orioles 2013 1st Round Pick and son of former Angels and Marlins closer Bryan Harvey. he struck out 10 in seven scoreless. Only Sam Hiciano managed a hit off Harvey, while J.P. Crawford extended his hitting streak to 13 games with a double off of Jimmy Yacabonis, who is not necessarily significant except his last name is pretty rad and he went to St. Joe’s. Drew Anderson was the hard-luck loser there, allowing 1R on 4H, 2BB, 6K over 6IP.

The VSL season kicked off with the Phils club taking out Chicago. There’s a couple familiar names, mostly because we saw them there last year. That’s generally not a good sign for their prospect status. You all should read Matt’s VSL Roster Intro from yesterday for a better idea who to be watching in the VSL boxes. Hint: It’s mostly teenagers you have likely never heard of.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

5-12-14 boxscores

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    1. It’s definitely encouraging. At the same time I don’t think anyone should have to apologize for pointing out that his approach was suspect last year. Even people who were worried about that thought he had quick enough hands to compensate. It was and still is a legitimate concern, but he seems to be heading in the right direction.

    2. This comment seems really odd. Those who were concerned about his BB rate OF COURSE are happy about the fact that he’s back to an acceptable BB rate. He’s STILL not a patient hitter, and likely never will be, but he has enough strengths to be a very good hitter despite this.

      The larger reason that the comment is odd is this: The “critics” position last year was that he was a very good prospect who wasn’t ready, who had things he needed to work on. And the critics have been – proven right.

    3. As I mentioned on Twitter, I want to go back and see if he is actually laying off pitches or being universally better with his approach. The swing doesn’t look any shorter and I have still seen him flail away late at a breaking ball that he couldn’t recognize earlier.

      In summary, yes it is encouraging, are my questions answered, nowhere close.

      1. Matt watched him on channel 59 Saturday night. He was swinging at low and away sliders, each at bat, but that was only game I have seen him this year. he fielded really well that night.

        1. I have been impressed by the fielding I have seen from him. He looks less soft, which is encouraging in general for his future. I was talking with someone yesterday about the throwing motion. It is sidearm and slingy, he still gets plus strenght on it and it is a quick release, but it leads to a lot of inconsistencies in his throws, especially accuracy. I would like to see the Phillies clean it up if they get a chance, it may unlock a little more strength and accuracy that could serve him well.

          I haven’t panicked on Franco this year, the Phillies wanted him to struggle this year and then overcome it. He has cleared the first hurdle, there are plenty more in the way at AAA and some higher ones in the majors. If he spends the whole year in AAA it isn’t a bad thing. He is one of the youngest in the league, and his speedy accession last year didn’t give him time to make adjustments.

  1. Can anyone update us on Roman Quinn. Is he back to where he was before the injury? Yesterday in XST
    he hit a ball down the line in left field and legged out a triple without a throw. That is a major step recovering from a ruptured Achilles. Doesn’t sound like he has lost any speed.

    1. his fielding looks improved also. Quinn will be 21 years old tomorrow. I see the Phillies being aggressive with his promotions if his fielding settles in and he maintains adequate OBP. Rollins looks like he will hit necessary PA to be vested for 2015 so there isn’t a huge rush.

      1. It will be very interesting to see what they do with Quinn and Crawford. Its looking like Quinn is getting close and may only be a week or so away.

          1. That’s the big question. The team doesn’t want either kid to struggle and go backwards and its possible that neither is ready for CWater yet but its clear they need to be separated for both to get playing time. If I had to guess, I’d guess that they’ll keep Quinn in XST for the rest of May and then send him back to LWood and Crawford up to CWater June 1.

            1. Of the 2 (Quinn and Crawford) who is the better candidate to play 2B? Would like to hear a lot of opinions.

      2. Doesn’t matter if Rollin’s option is vested or not. Neither Quinn or Crawford would be his replacement in 2015.

        1. Agreed, 0% chance, I am hopeful however for Crawford in 2016. that would require him to do well in CWater in the 2nd half this year and start in Reading next year and do well there and go to AAA in the 2nd half of the year. That would be 4 levels mastered in 2 years which would be incredibly fast and is probably unlikely. 2017 is much more likely but you have to dream about 2016…

  2. Hector Neris is throwing pretty well so far this year. What does his stuff look like?

    1. 92-94 with a good slider- just threw a lot of fat pitches up to this point in his career.

  3. Possible infield in 3 years: Ruf, Quinn, Crawford and Franco? Obviously need to hope Quinn can play second. Would like an upgrade on Ruf, but he is the best bet that we have on hand now. I think I’d rather have franco/Ruf than Asche/Franco. At keast there is the makings of a future infield.

    1. Houston starters Singleton first base, villar short, santana left, pitcher c0sart, has anyone seen a trade, where you trade four prospect and they all make that team as starters, This might go down as the worst trade in history of baseball,

      1. No trade in the history of baseball that I know of is worse than the Expos’s trade for Bartolo Colon, which included Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore and Cliff Lee, among others. We have a long way to go before this bad trade is as bad as that one.

        1. This trade has a chance to be the worst, if singleton and santana continue, there pace, and cosart is only 23, plus villar, it has a chance, but i just was wondering and you make a great case with those three,

  4. Not sure where to post this… but random question, if last years draft were done tomorrow, would JP Crawford go in the top 3?

    I think yes, love to hear a contrarian view.

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