Box Score Recap – 5/11/2014

Tyson Gillies has it going on a little bit right now. He’s OPSing .908 in seven games this month, including 2-3 with a BB on Sunday. Maikel Franco also had two knocks in that one, while Sean O’Sullivan, Cesar Jimenez and Justin De Fratus held Gwinnett to two runs on five hits and three walks, all given up by O’Sullivan. De Fratus hasn’t walked a man in his last five outings, and has struck out eight over those six innings.

Cam Perkins is coming back to earth a little. He’s still been on base in all but one of his last ten games, but he’s OPSing just .579 over that span. Severino Gonzalez should have stayed in bed Sunday. He allowed 10 runs and couldn’t escape the fourth inning. Austin Wright didn’t manage to stop the bleeding, as he allowed 5 runs over 3 1/3 IP. Both men threw more than 2/3 of their pitches for strikes, they just weren’t fooling anyone with them. First baseman Brock Stassi pitched a scoreless eighth inning, so there’s that.

Mark Leiter Jr. managed his start well, leaving with two men on base in the sixth. Delvi Francisco couldn’t strand them, but the Blueclaws offense was one better than Delmarva on the day. All but Dylan Cozens had base hits, and Willians Astudillo, Mitch Walding and Jan Hernandez had two hits a piece. J.P. Crawford extended his hit streak to 12 games, walked, stole a base, rescued a cat from a tree, performed the Heimlich Maneuver on a wounded combat veteran, helped an adorable old lady cross the freeway and manned the grill at the post-game tailgate. I heard he let the burgers on the flame too long, though, and they got all dried out. Luckily, he made a really fine Garlic Aioli for the grown-ups and a homemade ketchup for the kids. Hard working young man, there.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


24 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/11/2014

    1. It is a positive development, let’s see if it continues or if it is just due to Mayorga being sent to AA and Grullon needing a day off. If he is behind the plate regularly then you have to start evaluating him as a prospect

  1. Perkins and DHing does not appear to be a good mix.
    Astudillo catching his regular rotation …every two/three games. I have to assume that will be his modis operandi thru this season until they feel comfortable his knee can handle the every day chore.

  2. look at mitch walding go. He hasn’t looked this good since early in his minor league career.

    1. Still no power. The series just over a week ago when the games were televised, it would all look great and then ball would travel half as far as you thought it would (so far 20 GBs 9 LDs, 4 FBs). I want to believe the power will come eventually, but I will be a skeptic until it is there.

      It is nice to see the approach rebound though

    2. I was thinking the same exact thing. Was wondering if maybe he’d “turned a corner” and could again be considered a potential break-out prospect. Hopefully as the season progresses his power returns but you’ve got to be pleased with the hit tool at the moment.

  3. Per Rotoworld, Freddy Galvis is expected to miss 6-8 weeks with a fractured clavicle.

    Forgive me if this has been answered on here before, but what was the nature of Willians Astudillo’s injury last year? His 2012 stat line seemed interesting, but then he completely disappeared in 2013.

  4. Looks to me like things aren’t quite as bleak as some publications would lead you to believe. There are some possible impact prospects down on the far, with all of the high school drafts things come together much slower and later but there us hope?

    1. There’s hope in the minor league system. The problem with the team’s short and medium term future is the lack of under 30 talent on the major league roster. Even if all of the young guys rebound from universally disappointing starts, the Phillies will STILL have less under 30 talent than any other major league team.

  5. Brad i get the impression that someone said
    “Hey bet you can’t use Garlic Aioli in once of your box score recap.” and wallah we end up with that gold above.

    1. I’ve been really struggling to get “homemade ketchup” into the Recaps this year. Garlic Aioli just came along for the ride.

      1. Phuture Phillies, where Phillies Red is just homemade ketchup. +1 for fun box score commentary.

  6. Martin and Ruf up to AAA is a good sign and Martin had a good inning this morning in his first game there. Is it time for DeFratus to go back up and for Manship to go away? Its a shame for Galvis, this is turning into a lost year for him. Take a look at Susdorf’s numbers after his slow start. He’s over 280 now after a horrible start. They guy just hits.

    1. Martin was 88-91 on the LHV gun today. Based on Giles’ 95-97 gun probably close to 2mph slow today so Martin 90-93 is encouraging as he build arm strength. The secondary pitches looked solid as well.

      1. Im not as worried about martins pitch speed or secondary pitches. I think he has good stuff that will show up as hes building back up from rehab. The thing i want to know, is how was his command? Thats what is going to make or break him IMO

        1. I think Garcia came up to take the spot when Camp was outrighted…Brignac took Galvis’ spot I believe…

  7. In today’s LV game, there were some promising signs-
    Bullpen (Aumont, Martin, Giles, De Fratus) with 4 scoreless innings and only one walk (of course from Aumont)
    Franco with a hit in 2 AB and 2 walks- I am really digging his newfound patience
    Ruf- 1/2 with a walk and no strikeouts. It’s nice to see him shaking off the rust.

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