Box Score Recap – 5/7/2014

Can we be done with Mookie Betts already? Seriously. Enough.

Jonathan Pettibone and the Iron Pigs bullpen held Charlotte to two runs over 11 innings, with Justin De Fratus, Seth Rosin and Luis Garcia locking down 5.2 of those without allowing a run. It’s weird to see a bunch of right-handed relievers capable of such things. Wonder where the Phils could find a couple guys like that…

Carlos Alonso, Zach Collier, Cameron Perkins and Aaron Altherr each had two hits, while Albert Cartwright had three, as Reading went off for six runs in the sixth inning to take down Portland. Hoby Milner‘s best start of the year gets the job done, though he continues to be homer prone. He’s allowed seven in his last three starts. Less would be better. A revelation, I know.

A rehabbing Ethan Martin worked around two hits to pitch a scoreless sixth for CLR, while Andrew Knapp got his season off to a mixed start, doubling, but striking out three times (less would be better) in his first game as DH after Tommy John Surgery last fall. The Phillies released Chad Carman and sent Justin Parr to XST as part of the roster maneuvering to get Knapp and Willie Carmona on the CLR active roster. Sorry to see Carman go, as he was friendly on social media, and by all accounts, in person. And his dad and I once had a spirited argument about the role of The Red Cross versus local non-profits in disaster relief in the comments on this very website. So there’s that.

And finally, J.P. Crawford had two doubles for Lakewood – he’s now OPSing near .900, though he does currently have one more strikeout than walk on the year. WASHOUT! Drew Anderson took the worst of the Kannapolis offense, surrendering eight runs in 3.2 IP. He left with the bases loaded in the fourth, and Yacksel Rios couldn’t get an out before all three men crossed the plate.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

5-7-14 boxscores

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  1. Eric Longenhagen had some interesting things to say about Nefi Ogando, a guy who has been flying well below the radar screen.

    As exciting as it is to see Crawford OPSing .900, I’m just as pleased to see Tocci batting .270. He’s 8 months younger than Crawford and probably would be a top HS prospect going into this year’s draft if he were not signed out of Latin America. And yet he’s holding his own reasonably well. Obviously the power is not there and 4BBs and 28 Ks in 125 plate appearances is not great, but he still has tons of time to develop.

    1. They appear to be working with Tocci to swing more aggressively and learn to drive the ball. Naturally that will have a big impact on BB/K rates, at least for awhile. Ideally we’ll be seeing those numbers improve a bit with an increase in XBH as the season progresses

  2. Crawford has appeared in 29 games this season, and has been held without a hit in seven of them.

    1. This kid is amazing. Again, if he just develops as projected – he’s probably a first division regular/occasional all-star. If he develops any power to speak of and the hit and plate discipline tools are as good as I think they are, he’s a true star. Wow.

        1. If he keeps this up, it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. Originally, I was predicting an August call-up, but if this continues it may be sometime in June or July. He has the type of trajectory for a young player that we haven’t seen since Cole Hamels took off in 2006.

        2. It might depend on when Quinn is ready to play and what they decide to do with them both.

          1. Someone on here last week said the plan is to promote him to Clearwater as the regular SS as soon as Quinn returns to Lakewood.

  3. Bradin… argument from me. Just a difference of opinion. I appreciate you kind words about Chad. Good luck to the Phillies.

  4. Franco with another walk. That makes three in his last four games.

    Hey, nobody likes a showoff.

  5. I feel like Mookie Betts has been playing against Reading for the last week and a half. I also think he may be Dustin Pedroia in disguise, just having fun torching the minor leagues.

    Milner’s line seems like it came with a lot of good fortune. Lots of baserunners to only allow two runs, especially when he gave up two longballs and only struck out 3. He’s yet to really have a good start.

    Altherr has quietly been doing damage in his last 10 games.

  6. Luis Garcia called up, Shawn Camp sent down (possibly released if he refuses the assignment). Seems like an overdue move. I guess maybe they were keeping Camp around because he provides starting pitching depth.

    1. Glad I can stop banging that drum. I’m sure it was my efforts that got Rube to act, too. He reads this blog all the time, I bet.

      1. yes Ruben reads this blog all the time, but he uses the handle ‘LarryM’…lol.

        1. Okay, I have a sense of humor about myself, so if that was funny or even made sense I would laugh. But really in most ways I am the antithesis of Amaro. Yeah, I’ve defended him on a few points, but not on most.

          Now one COULD I guess argue that both my approach and Amaro’s are flawed for different reasons – but your joke still wouldn’t make any sense.

          1. I think the joke was a joke -because- you are his antithesis. And I laughed.

            1. I laughed too because it’s so patently absurd. Larry, to quote the movie Stripes, “Lighten up Francis!”

          2. Larry, now if Mr Amaro ware a masochist it could make some sense, who knows.

  7. From Law’s chat today…

    Ken (Philly )

    How high of a ceiling does JP Crawford have ?
    (2:15 PM)

    I think he’s a star. Top 5 shortstop in the majors.

    1. That’s what we’ve all been saying for the last few weeks. It’s pretty cool.

    1. To not have either of those things would be difficult. The arm is a no doubt – Matt says this in his profile:

      “Arm: Over the years Altherr’s arm has been rated from average to plus. Either way it is plenty for right field and is a weapon from center field. 55”

      Does anyone believe Revere’s arm is anything higher than a 30? I’m not a scout, but I would guess it could be easily lower than that.

      As for route running, it’s a trade-off with speed. I would guess Revere’s speed is probably a 70 grade, if not higher. I don’t think anyone calls his speed an 80, but I found a couple instances where people clocked him home to first in under 4 seconds in the past. Whether that’s where he is now I don’t know.

      Matt calls Altherr’s speed a 60. So if he runs better routes, he would make up some ground for having less speed. Maybe he makes up all that ground, and maybe the arm gets you the rest of the way.

      1. Revere 20 arm, 80 speed, 70 usable speed

        Right now I think it would be close defensively. The concern is that when it is all said and done Altherr has thickened up (and added more power) he has 50 speed and the range isn’t there without perfect route running

        1. So……with all the of this……I would not mind if the Phillies just took a friggin’ chance with Altherr and brought him and threw him out there in CF at the Bank.
          Even if just for one homestand.
          At least create some fan excitement up there..
          That is not the proper prospect protocol…but what the hell!.

          1. He would strikeout 50% of the time and possibly be ruined for a while. If you want just shake it up, promote Gillies, DFA him if he fails

            1. Now why would you reward Gillies with playing time in the bigs and how do you know Altherr would strike out 50% of the time nobody knows how a player would do unless you let him do it. Btw he seems to have a much better approach this year.

        2. I really hope your joking about bring up Altheer. He isnt near ready and it could ruin him..Matt a 20 arm is that the lowest you have seen for a player?? I don’t know about the rating system you use that’s why I am asking. only 70 usable speed I am lost. I am thinking it means he has less speed because of bad routes, but not sure.

          1. 20 is bottom of the scale, the obvious comparison is Juan Pierre. As for usable speed that would routes, jumps, and first step quickness

  8. For as much as we complained about Ed Wade. The players he got from the Phillies in the Pence trade are doing very well. They all Maybe in majors next year.

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