Martin and Quinn are back! XST; April 28, 2014

I arrived at the Carpenter Complex expecting to watch Filiberto Sanchez pitch for the Williamsport group. I arrived early and was excited to see Roman Quinn come out of the club house in uniform. He was carrying both a bat and glove. He began stretching out with the GCL group, so I was beginning to change my plans. Then I saw Ethan Martin long tossing in the outfield, getting loose for some innings. That clinched it; I was watching the GCL group today.

When the team took the field, Quinn took his position at short. Martin walked to the mound. Martin only pitched one inning. He gave up a ground rule double on a 1-1 pitch. He retired the next three batters on a ground ball to second, a strike out, and a fly ball to right. He threw 18 pitches, 12 for strikes. He threw first pitch strikes to three of the four batters he faced. He seemed to have control of his pitches and was able to keep most of his pitches down. He ran one full count. He recorded his strike on a 1-2 breaking pitch that froze the batter. I don’t know how fast he was, but he sure looked good out there.

Quinn batted second in the order. He batted from the left side today since the Yankees’ starter threw right handed. In his first at bat, he struck out swinging on a 1-2 pitch. On the field, he only had one chance. He ranged well to his left to field a ground ball, but threw wide to first. He was inserted into the line up to lead off in the third and grounded out on the first pitch to a shortstop who was shaded next to the second base bag. He ran well down the line. He was replaced after this at bat having played just three innings. It was good to see him on the field again.

I was able to catch about three innings of the Williamsport game. Sanchez looked good the innings I was there. He has been working on a change up to complement his fast ball. The Yankee batters I saw had difficulty squaring up his offerings. He pitched 4.2 innings gave up 3 hits and 2 runs with no walks and one strike out. He was in control in the fifth, sp I assume he was lifted due to pitch count. I didn’t see any of the hits, but was told that two occurred in the first inning when the Yankees scored a tainted run. After Trey Williams dropped a pop up in foul territory, the batter laced a ball between Mitch Walding and third base. Later, a runner at third was picked off but the fielder dropped the throw. In a later inning, Sanchez later gave up a wind-aided home run that barely cleared the fence.

Jake Sweaney was playing center field again. Walding and Andrew Knapp were inserted into the batting line up most innings. Walding had a couple hits, one a triple into the gap in left center.

Venn Biter was also in the GCL line up playing in the outfield. He struck out swinging in the only at bat I saw.

9 thoughts on “Martin and Quinn are back! XST; April 28, 2014

  1. Does Quinn go to Lakewood or Clearwater? I think Lakewood and give him 100AB’s and see how he performs. If he hits .260 or above he goes to Clearwater. What happens when him and Crawford are at the same level?

    1. Good question, I didn’t think Quinn would be ready to play this soon and he’s obviously not ready yet but give him a another month and he might be ready to go. I’d probably send Quinn to CWater and keep Crawford where he is, allowing both to play SS every day. Sounds like Walding is getting close too. Where will he play, once Green is healthy and back at Lwood?
      Sweaney playing CF? I must have missed that one – I thought he was a catcher, that’s quite a difference.

      1. Gkit said over the weekend that Sweaney’s dad told him that Jake has been moved off catcher. My guess is that Sweaney settles into RF, but he was an OF and WR in High School so center doesn’t seem like a stretch for right now.

          1. Depends, not everyone was sold on him as a catcher, and those that did had him as a 2nd round value. So it might not be the steal that some thought. If the bat is there, then he is certainly an interesting player in the OF if he goes to Williamsport and hits. Frankly the reports last year by people who saw him in Florida weren’t exactly glowing, especially on the defense, so maybe this helps him. For reference here is BA’s draft writeup on him:

            The 6-foot-2, 175-pound Sweaney is a standout athlete who caught 14 touchdowns as a wide receiver last fall and grabbed six interceptions as a defensive back. He caught scouts’ attention at the Southern California Invitational in February, then tied the Central Section record by reeling off a 34-game hitting streak. Sweaney is a work in progress behind the plate, where his set-up is narrow and stiff and his blocking needs work. When his throwing is in sync, he shows above-average arm strength, but it is inconsistent. If he can’t stick behind the plate, Sweaney is athletic enough to play the outfield, and he is an average runner. He generates good righthanded bat speed and has a short, compact swing, and if he can improve his plate discipline he could be an average hitter. As he matures, he could also grow into average power potential. Sweaney comes with risk, but his upside could persuade a club to draft him as high as the third round and buy him out of a commitment to Oregon.

            1. From that report I almost wonder why he was ever catching in the first place. With his athleticism he seems better suited to elsewhere unless his bat won’t play anywhere else. Catching also could not have helped his offensive development. Might as well see if he can hit now. Probably should start him really slowly at GCL.

            2. For those who don’t follow college football recruiting, 6 interceptions in a year is exceptional. Demonstrates elite athleticism. Makes sense Oregon wanted him.

      2. As for Walding, the Third baseman in Clearwater in Harold Martinez, so he’not exactly blocked. I would expect Walding goes there and Martinez goes to Reading or another Org.

  2. With all the bad news with injuries, it’s good to hear about Quinn. Seems to be way ahead of schedule. When he’s ready I think Phils almost have to send him to CWater. Especially, with Crawford around at LWood.

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