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Box Score Recap – 4/8/2014

Cameron Rupp did it again. Four HR in 4 games. Can I call him “Babe Rupp” without you all booing me off the site and into a shame spiral that ends with me face down in a ditch somewhere with an empty gallon of vodka?  No? Ok, then, I won’t call him that.

Jesse Biddle had a good night, earned runs not withstanding. Tommy Joseph went deep and ditto Art Charles. Phillippe Aumont walked four batters, which led me to assert on Twitter that Aumont is French for self-parody. And hey, look, I just did it again.

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Lehigh Valley Weekly Report

Welcome back to another year of the IronPigs report. This report will put out weekly most likely Wednesday mornings throughout the course of the year.  Feel free to leave any suggestions for weekly coverage in the comment area of anything that would be of interest to you.  As time permits, I expect to post a variety of interviews with members of the team as the year progresses.  Lehigh Valley began their season with a four game split in Pawtucket, and then came home for a washout Monday, followed by a 4-2 loss to Buffalo on Tuesday.  The ‘Pigs homestand continues through the weekend with two more against Buffalo followed by four games with Rochester.

Pigs Prospects–Without getting into a huge debate on the definition of a “prospect”, I am going to list the following players on the Lehigh Valley current roster as prospects: Cameron Rupp, Maikel Franco, David Buchanan, Michael Nesseth, Jon Pettibone and Kyle Simon.  They are listed as prospects based on expectations for them and their age.  Others will join the list during the course of the year.  For this group of players, there will be bi-weekly statistical updates on their progress.  I will cover several one week and then those that weren’t covered the following week. For the first week:

Maikel Franco: has gotten off to a very rough start, currently hitting .100 (2-20) going without a HR and just one RBI.  He has struck out four times in his 20 AB’s and hit the ball hard just a handful of times.  Franco got his first start of the year at 1B on Tuesday and played well, making a couple of tough plays and looked fairly comfortable. Continue reading Lehigh Valley Weekly Report

Box Score Recap – 4/7/2014

With two rain-outs and a scheduled off-day, only Lakewood was in action Monday. The bullpen couldn’t hold two leads, as Cody Forsythe gave up three runs in the ninth, and Tyler Buckley gave up two in his second inning of work in the 11th. All of this couldn’t obscure J.P. Crawford‘s 4-6, 2B, HR, 4R, or Dylan Cozens’ 4-6, 2B, 3 RBI. We’re going to be talking about that Lakewood lineup all year.

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Submit Your Questions And Reports

So if you have been paying close attention to the site, you may have noticed some new links on the side bar.  One is for you to submit your mailbag questions.  I don’t know how often we will answer them, it depends on how many you ask, but the team here will do our best to provide you the best (not always most informative) answer to your questions.  The link to the question submission is here, you can also ask us via email or on Twitter.

The other link is for you to submit your own scouting reports for games you attend.  We are looking to build a data base of trends in stats and opens that aren’t captured by other sites.  The most simple measurement are pitcher velocity readings, but hitters you can give home to first times and pop times.  However there is plenty of room to add your opinion to the assessments.  You can find the link here.  You can also email us full game reports and we will work to fit them in as guest pieces among our regular contributors.

As always, check the pages at the top, I will be working on getting all of the player pages updated.  The draft page for 2014 already has some links and I will populating it with more reports, mocks, and draft boards as we start to kick off our draft coverage.