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Box Score Recap – 4/24/2014

Maikel Franco with his first home run of the year as he was a triple short of the cycle. Sean O’Sullivan and Hector Neris pitched well in that game, and you should probably stop at that point and move on to the Clearwater box, unless you enjoy feeling super sad and shaking your head real slowly.

Logan Moore with three singles tonight, he’s hit safely in six of his last seven games. Also for CLR, Malquin Canelo had two doubles, giving him three on the year to go with no singles, triples or home runs. He may be trying to challenge Cameron Perkins for the title of “That Dude Who Hits A Lot Of Doubles”. You should see the plaque they give you for that. Super classy with brass name plates of past recipients and they shine it up for you real good and let you take it home for a week before hanging it on the wall in The Carpenter Complex Clubhouse, and every June the new draftees come in for the first time and they’re all like, “Whoa, that’s way nicer than any plaque they give out at our colleges and/or high schools.” It’s pretty sweet, is what I’m saying.

And for Lakewood, Wilmer Oberto hit his second homer in three days, as Drew Anderson returned from injury to make his first start of the year, and pitched like a man just returning from an injury and making his first start of the year.

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Some Stat Lines That Intrigue Me

All of the stat lines are still very small sample size, but here are some stat lines that are intriguing me for a variety of reasons.  These stats may not continue, they may improve or decline, but nevertheless they are things that are showing me something now.

Tommy Joseph: 8.6% BB% 12.1% K% .220 ISO

Joseph is a guy that had a ton of helium last spring coming off of Spring Training.  He started slowly and then injuries ended his year.  Joseph’s line so far is a little bit pedestrian .240/.328/.460, due to a .220 BABIP.  Joseph’s hit tool is never going to be an asset, but if he can keep the srikeout rate under 20% and show the plus power, he is a big leaguer.  The reports on the defense are a bit cooler, he still has trouble with recieving, but the arm strenght is still there.  I am cautiously optimistic on Joseph.  I want to see more from him, but a full year in Reading will be good for him. Continue reading Some Stat Lines That Intrigue Me

Box Score Recap – 4/23/2014

What a gem from Jesse Biddle – 2H 1BB 10K in 7 scoreless innings. He’s got 38k to 7BB on the year. You’d like to see him throw a couple more strikes, I guess, but 67/106 will get it done on most nights. Not much else to complain about, there. Kyle Simon and Ken Giles closed out the shutout, while Tommy Joseph drove in Cam Perkins, (2-4 on the night), for the only run of the game.

Here’s something I never thought I’d say: I’m not sure why Luis Garcia isn’t in the big leagues right now. He’s allowed just 0R, 3H, 3BB and 9K in 9IP in AAA this year, including another scoreless frame last night, plus he pitched a clean inning in the bigs while he was up. They optioned him off the big club the day after B.J. Rosenberg gave up home runs to three consecutive batters, instead of optioning Rosenberg, (who was optioned himself just the other day). Not sure the logic there. Anyway, a couple more days and he can go back up (after his ten-day option period is up). I imagine we’ll see him shortly thereafter.

Dan Child notched his first save of the year in support of an OK start from Jeb Stefan, as 19-year-old catcher Jesus Posso, just over from XST, hit his first stateside homer. Alejandro Arteaga got kicked around some at Lakewood. Carols Tocci and Sam Hiciano put up two hits a piece, while Andrew Pullin hit his first bomb of the year. We heard from BaseballHQ’s Brent Hershey (@brenthq on Twitter) that it was pretty well wind-aided, and came on Pullin’s best swing of the day, but still. I’m sure he’ll take them however they come.

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