Box Score Recap – 4/16/2014

Maikel Franco with his first two hit game of the year, as David Buchanan couldn’t keep men off the base paths. He allowed six hits and walked five over five innings, but managed to only allow three runs. That’s pretty impressive, I guess. Cameron Perkins only had one hit. Wonder if he’s feeling ok. Perci Garner was pulled after four innings and just 67 pitches. He wasn’t pitching poorly, either, though he wasn’t throwing a ton of strikes. Not sure what the story is there. Ken Giles allowed a hit and a walk and struck out two in his inning of work.

Brian Pointer was back in the lineup, while Aaron Altherr had his second triple in as many days, plus his first steal of the year. Miguel Nunez stuck out six in seven innings – he’s got a 16/1 K/BB ratio in 18 innings this year. Stellar. He’s a guy to watch this year, as he’ll need to be protected on the 40-man roster in December to avoid being exposed in the Rule 5 Draft. We’ll see if he earns a spot.

And for Lakewood, Gabriel Lino went deep, and Zach Green had two hits and a walk in support of a quality outing from Tyler Viza – he gave up six hits, walked none, and struck out three in seven shutout innings.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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        1. thats because nobody else is hitting. Its young group but it could get ugly or they could go on big power surge.

  1. Good to see Franco finally have a productive day at plate. Viza with another impressive outing. No runs and a lot of grounders. On the flip side Pullin 0 for 4 with 4 ks. Yuck

        1. Of course. There are the guys who are around 86-89.

          But seriously, hopefully Viza can add some mph in the next couple years. He’s still young and is one of those guys with a projectable frame (based on his listed height/weight).

    1. His breaking ball looks like a low 80s slurve, he’s known to have a good change but he didn’t throw many real good ones when I saw him. looks like he hides the ball well- makes for a good fastball-change up combo as they look the same coming out of his hand. He looks a lot like Pettibone to me- before they lengthened his stride.

  2. Franco’s two hits were both grounders, and one was an infield hit. Still waiting for him to start making good contact. On the plus side, he also walked.

    In ex-prospect news, Singleton is scalding hot…

    1. I didn’t want to post that, saw it too, Houston will have two or more starters out of that trade. Cosart is already up and doing pretty well, at 23, Villar isn’t a start but a good fielder. Springer was just brought up, next maybe Singleton .

      1. dont forget Domingo Santana , already playing in aaa, and holding his own Id say he will be there for atleast another year and will end up a fringy guy with a lot of power and cannon for an arm, but the phillies got a memorable quote , lets eat and very poor playoff performance from this deal , Heck in hind sight phillies would have been better off trading for Beltran and only giving up one prospect , oh well hindsight is always 20 -20 and sometimes 20-15

      2. Villar wasn’t in that trade, he was in the Oswalt deal.

        Pence was for Cosart, Singleton and Santana…all 3 of which have a decent shot at being MLB players and 2 of which could be very good MLB players.

        1. And Josh Zeid, already has been a big leaguer and remains a potentially useful bullpen arm. Not much value there unless he becomes a back-ender.

  3. With almost all our position prospects off to slow starts, I’m having flashbacks to last year. I guess Perkins is this year’s Dugan (so far).

    1. I’m not concerned. Got to give the LWD guys at least a month. That’s a big jump to full season ball. Franco is clearly going through the growing pains and adjustments predicted by many on here and the national writers. Altherr has started well and Perkins of course. Would be nice to see Dugan take off once he returns.

      The pitching on the other hand. I’m all for BPA in the draft butan do we need an injection of high upside arms

  4. Viza’s outing was very impressive and Nunez is definitely a guy to keep an eye on. Franco’s game is hopefully something to build on. I haven’t seen him this year but I’m hoping that he’s working on a much shorter swing and that will take some time. Despite the movement to bring Giles to Philly now, he’s obviously not ready yet since all he’s throwing effectively is 1 pitch. Give him time to develop because he can become really good. No surprise to me but I was happy to hear confirmation that Ethan Martin will be in the pen all year.

  5. When is Andrew Anderson going to return? How about Roman Quinn and Shane Watson? And also Andrew Knapp

    1. Sounds like Knapp has been hitting in XST games, Anderson pitching in XST games, Quinn has been hitting live BP and taking groundballs, IIRC, and Watson I don’t know.

  6. Astudillo keeps going..2/3 today. The guy just doesn’t miss many pitches…if only: he took some walks, and, firms up his body (5″9″ 182). Learning a position on the field is necessary; with a firmer, stronger body (maybe more power?) he can try the catcher position, but that is one of the hardest to learn…requiring not only physical attributes but equally important is knowing the game well and handling pitchers.

    That is a tough road…even though the FO has him playing that position sparingly along with service at 1st base.

    Who knows? But those contact skills at the plate deserve adding in some on field skills………At least a DH…

    1. His height may be 5’9″, but his weight may be a little more then the original 182 lbs that was weighed a few years ago.

  7. I was looking at last night box scores , The kid for washington barrett a ninth round draft choice, He has nice arm looking at his stats, ton of strikeouts,

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