Box Score Recap – 4/15/2014

You guys were a stellar Aaron Altherr performance and a “curious early removal of Brian Pointer” away from getting another limerick.

Altherr was 3-5, a home run short of the cycle, and scored twice. Pointer had a hit to lead off the first, and was pulled for a pinch hitter in the third. No word from the club or from @BaseballBetsy, who was in attendance at Tampa, as to what happened there. One more note – Deivi Grullon made his FSL debut and had a single and an RBI in four trips to the plate.

Everyone else was rained out.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

4-15-14 boxscores

22 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/15/2014

  1. Rain outs!
    This is exactly why all minor league stadiums should be domed.
    Or at least roofed with a hole in the middle.

    1. Spring baseball combined with 3 affiliates being in the same geographical location can make for slow days. But on the other side of the ledger, you can make a baseball trip and hit 3 minor league affiliates and then see the big club in 4 days. One year I made the rounds in 3 days because Reading was playing at 10:30 in the morning and I hit Philly that evening.

  2. I can’t imagine Altherr in CWater for long. Altherr, Dugan and Perkins has some real potential in Reading

    1. They’re keeping Altherr in CLW because the rehab staff is there and we had an inch of snow last night in my neck of the woods. Cold weather can cause an injury to be more painful. He’ll get to Reading soon enough.

  3. Colton Murray is in his 3rd year at CLW. He’s a little old for the level but James, the original leader of this site, had him as a breakout candidate a few years back. Maybe it’s the start of something or just a head fake. Stay tuned…

    1. Used to be a hard thrower, (very well may still be), and he really didn’t have good top-line results last year, with a 5.02 ERA. His FIP was 3.43, and his BABIP was .332, so he got a good bit unlucky. K Rate was ok, though his walk rate did rise over 2012. Also, he gave up a couple too many HR for my taste, though that’s a reliever’s sample, so it’s not perfect.

      1. Murray was on the AA (Group 2) list until just about the very last day. I think that when Giles moves up, Murray will move up to Reading.

  4. If Devi can play all year at CLW (at 18) and hit something respectable, then he becomes a top 5 prospect and maybe even higher. Hope he sticks.

    1. He isn’t sticking in CLW. This is a temporary thing while they get their catcher injuries sorted out. His bat just isn’t ready (the way it was described this spring was the glove is now ready, the swing is still that of a teenager).

      If he does well, then you could see him go to Lakewood to finish out the year.

      1. I guess a response to that though is ya never know…didn’t Sev get placed at CLW last year as a fill in, he blew it up and that put him on the fast track?

        1. Pitchers are a different thing than hitters. There is probably better raw stuff in lo-A than in AAA, regardless of the experience level, if the stuff plays the pitcher can be fine (and Sev’s advance feel for pitching allowed him to move quickly). When it comes to hitting that feel takes a lot of repetition, to this point Grullon can probably count on one hand the number of times an opposing pitcher had a reliable secondary pitch against him. If Grullon was a guy who had a bunch of reps in the DSL and the Phillies were bring him over I would say there is a chance. But right now hitting is Grullon’s weak spot (and will always be his weak spot), lets not rush him along too fast, let the bat develop up to the defense.

          1. Fair enough. I like to see guys be given a chance to exceed expectations, as long as it’s not at the expense of proper development, so I couldn’t agree more with what you say Matt.

  5. I’m still surprised that so many of our hitters are doing so poorly. I totally expected Parr to come out blasting and he’s really struggled. We have very few hitters hitting over 300 at this point. Perkins, Pointer, and Lavin… who else? I had a hunch that the LWood team would struggle initially. They’re very young and its a tough league with lots of travel and lots to absorb but their hitting has been terrible. And then there’s Franco…… PS – Milner continues to look like a legit prospect to me.

      1. It was pretty chilly there last night…perhaps the weather had something to do with him loosening up.

      2. That certainly tempers my enthusiasm for the guy but that was early. Maybe someone can get us a report from his next start. I agree that he looks a lot like one of those guys that gets lots of outs from knowing how to pitch and hitting spots but who will have to be perfect to pitch in the majors (Tyler Cloudesque). The only hope might be that he fills out physically (he’s very skinny) and adds a few mph to his FB.

        1. I doubt he gets any bigger. He was a reliever in college and has literally not put on any weight since he was drafted out of HS. That is 5 years without putting on any weight, some guys just can’t do it.

  6. Tough luck for Pointer to go out when he’s been hitting so well. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

  7. When do you think that Andrew Anderson will be sent to Lakewood or maybe even Clearwater(highly unlikely but look at Sev.

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