Phillie Sign SS K.C. Serna

According to Baseball America’s JJ Cooper the Phillies have signed short stop K.C. Serna out of the Independent Leagues.

Serna was Baseball America’s top Indy League prospect.  He fell to the 42nd round of the 2011 draft after he left Oregon following a suspension for violating team rules.  He was released in 2012 because of makeup issues.  He hit .265/.339/.354 in the New York Penn League in 2011.

Serna is a true shortstop though he has played 2B and 3B.  It appears his makeup issue have been cleared up and he is on a positive path.

Serna hit ,304/.362/.424 over 420 PAs with 1 HR and 17 SBs in 2013.  Shortstop is a glaring hole in the Phillies minor league and at just 24 years old Serna could see plenty of ABs in Clearwater or Reading this year.

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8 thoughts on “Phillie Sign SS K.C. Serna

  1. Hopefully he really has cleared up his makeup issues. Given the lack of depth at the position, especially with Quinn out, this could be a decent signing.

  2. Seems like the talent is there along with some infield versatility. He has that Matt Leinart look though, which makes me a little nervous :). Good signing?

    1. Probably, but his versatility allows him to cover games if Andrew Pullin needs a day off or Mitch Walding or Zach Green. Won’t make much difference for the Phillies, but it’s needed to fill in openings in the minors and if he’s really straightened out maybe he’s more usefull long term. Either way, pretty no-risk signing.

    1. Crawford will start at Lakewood. He could end up in CLW by the end of the year but Serna will be keeping SS warm in Florida for either Quinn or Crawford.

  3. Yeah, it makes sense to start this guy at Clwtr and should he and crawford do well, each could then be elevated one more rung up the ladder: Crwfd to Clwtr, Serna to Reading.

    Good plus at little expense. Any info on Serna’s defensive capabilities? Range, arm, pickabiliy…??

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