Reader Top 30 #26 – Jake Sweaney

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15 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #26 – Jake Sweaney

  1. I guess I’ll be voting for Lino until the end. Since he has 3 votes, he probably won’t be in the top 30. I can’t stop voting for him because I don’t think he’ll get a slot. For the record, I have Lino #22, Mecias #23, Perkins #24 and Sweaney #25.

  2. I’m casting my remaining votes for guys I saw who performed well from among the following – Herlis Rodriguez, Wilmer Oberto, Robinson Torres, Richard Bielski, Hoby Milner, Dan Child, Mark Leiter or Tyler Viza. Went with H-Rod here.

  3. Think I’ll go with Hiciano here. 7 home runs and a 12% walk rate as a 19 year old in W-port looks pretty good.

  4. It’s a coin flip for me between Sweaney and Hernandez, but I am going with Hernandez, based on the following thought experiment: which guy do I think I’ll be more excited about when I got to see Williamsport play in July? Unscientific, I know, but like I said–coin flip.

  5. Whoa, the whole site interface changed between the time I started writing that comment and the time I posted it. I like this, it’s much cleaner and more navigable.

    1. I figured it would catch somebody in the middle, glad you like the change, I do have to thank Bob (@sleepinggiantZZ) for walking through changes with me and providing valuable input

  6. I went with Pullin again because of his successful transition to second base. It adds to his value and I think his bat will return this year. I could have easily gone with Hiciano. I like him next.

  7. Really do not have anyone here I have any confidence in.
    I guess Jan Hernandez would get my vote on upside but purely based on being drafted higher than others and not on his play or scouting reports.
    I liked Pullin much better before his past season. I doubt he has much power so then I think he will be a lesser Cesar and that is not good enough.
    Walding supposedly will break through any year now. I think I might like Hewitt better than Walding at this point.
    Maybe Greene figures out how to hit. Maybe Collier gets just a little better at everything to be a 4th OF.
    Austin Wright was bad upon recovery and like Child is stuck at reliever. I think Gueller is done.
    Really have no issues with picking one the other super young guys because who knows.

    But at this point I have to say Hoby Milner since I think he could carve out that #4/5 starter role on the cheap for a few years. I just might have to take Collier also for the cup of coffee possibility.

  8. Sam hiciano, juandido tromp, and herlis Rodriguez all seem very similar to me. Would anyone mind explaining their differences?

    1. I think alot of us would be happy if it went down that way. But he never really adjusted to pitching after his entry level hot streak ended. There must be hole in that swing that pitchers are exploiting.

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