Reader Top 30 #25 – Yoel Mecias

Cameron Perkins at #24

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16 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #25 – Yoel Mecias

  1. The poll I see in this post is the one showing the result f or #23- As avoter forJose Pujols I admit it is an “oldie but a goodie” but still …. Of course, maybe it is a fluke of my computer. Please keep up the great work!

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  2. Time for Mecias despite injury and I did not even look at prior poll results.
    kind of like Milner though he has lower upside
    I am down on Pullin now but he could surprise.
    Collier is close but not sure he ever makes it.

    1. Nobody is really looking at wins here. They don’t matter. Nunez is an interesting guy because he missed a lot of time and came back to have a pretty solid year. His K rate was low but he was his best at the end of the year. I don’t know much about his stuff though.

    2. Wins just tell you the guy was in the game at the right time. i look at his peripheral stats, especially his K Rate, and see a guy who even wasn’t able to strike out more than 6 guys per 9 innings. That’s a big red flag that doesn’t bode well for his progress. I do like that he only gave up 5 HR in 130 IP, and his walks are very good as well, so I won’t argue against him being a prospect to some extent, but the wins don’t prove anything for me.

        1. His numbers are good, but as a reliever in SS ball he really needs to dominate and show really good stuff to be a prospect. He’s another guy that I haven’t seen any scouting reports on, but while I was looking for one I came across an interesting one from Eric Longenhagen on Yacksel Rios. He could be a guy that warrants some attention.

  3. Andrew Pullin again. He has been able to play second and his hit tool should be coming around this year after a year of learning a new position. He has done all they wanted from him. I’m looking for a breakout year from Pullin. I also like Nunez, but am more intrigued by Vargas, a lefty with a plus, plus fast ball. Maybe the control will improve this year. He’s all future, but what a gift to have. Do well Franklyn.

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