Maikel Franco #52 and Jesse Biddle #94 on Baseball Prospectus Top 101

The Baseball Prospectus list is compiled by Jason Parks with input from the various members of the prospect team.  You can read the full list here  Overall two low rankings and no J.P. Crawford makes this the least optimistic list yet.

A pair of former Phillies prospects made the list in Travis d’Arnaud at #48 and Jonathan Singleton at #57

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11 thoughts on “Maikel Franco #52 and Jesse Biddle #94 on Baseball Prospectus Top 101

  1. With all the flack that the Philliies have gotten for depleting their farm system for the instant gratification of trading for veterans – they may deserve some credit that only two of those prospects appear on the top 100 and only one marginally below #50

    1. Just a note that Jarred Cosart graduated, and Anthony Gose graduated two years ago. The only ex Phillies prospects eligible were the two that made it, Doningo Santana and Trevor May

      1. Gose and Cosart aren’t difference makers, regardless of their previous rankings. Phils at least haven’t trade away a star yet, although if healthy D’arnaud could be very very good.

        1. I still think Cosart could be very good.
          Gose has D which could keep him around.
          Villar will be a starter, his speed could keep him around.
          May is a reliever.
          Santana still has huge power and huge Ks.
          Singleton looks like an average 1B where the bat much be huge. (LaRoche?)
          D’Arnaud might be very good for a Catcher – not sure if he will be a guy who can lead a team.

          Take away Pence trade (wish) and Phillies would be doing pretty well on these trades.

          1. Agreed. Phils did very well to okay on Lee trade, Halladay trade, Blanton trade (but not re-signing), Lidge trade (but not re-signing), Oswalt trade, Revere trade. Pence trade was bad, very bad because it was also so unnecessary and set the team up to exceed the lux cap.

  2. Yeah I knew Parks would be down on Franco, but its surprising that Crawford didn’t make it. Biddle at 94 is also really low.

      1. I think the way he ended the season simply raised a few doubts, which lower him a bit. I think the reduction is perfectly reasonable. He really did look awful. Pitching on a sore foot will do that, I guess. I know that I, and I suspect some of the national rankers, want to observe him pitching as well in 2014 as he was early in the 2013 season, before putting both feet back on the Biddle express. Seeing him pitch, I knew he was hurt. Hopefully it was just the foot, with no arm difficulty — pitching on a bad leg/foot can certainly cause an arm problem.

  3. seems to me they get a little bullish on a handful of prospects yearly and it jacks the list up. I do believe Giolito is a top 15 prospect though. Sean Manea was getting hit hard by bad d1 schools… I dont care about his hip. Hes not ahead of on the cusp of joining major league rotation arms. Hunter Harvey… na

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