Reader Top 30 #16 – Cameron Rupp

Week 3 of the list brings us into the second half

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16 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #16 – Cameron Rupp

  1. its time for the large grouping of young lottery tickets to take their turn at the podium. I went with Grullon to start it off. Encarnacion, pujols, sandberg, hernandez, pullin in no particular order.

    1. I also went with Grullon, but agree with your assessment that maybe one or more of these youngins’ can really explode out.

  2. Went with Andrew Knapp again but there are a whole bunch of defensible picks at this stage, including Grullon, Sandberg, Morgan, Rupp and Mecias.

    1. I keep going with Knapp too as he is borderline top 10 for me. Probably Sandberg after that as I do not know where to put either Morgan or Encarnacion. I think Knapp moves quickly once he is healthy (and probably DH’s from the beginning of the season).

  3. I’m going with Watson here. I don’t think his surgery is that bad and he’s due back mid season and expected to pitch. If that’s true, he has considerable upside.

  4. Going with rupp here again. Close proximity to majors. Although he is a backup he is going to be there for awhile and has some pop in the bat

  5. Grullon – most likely (due to defense) of the short season guys IMHO.

    Really all these guys are just scouting lottery tickets with SSS data if any at all.

    I will say that I do not think much of Pullin anymore. 2B with avg d, avg bat, a at best avg power does not exite me.
    Sandberg is much like the other athletes Phillies hasve takend. He could be great but I will need to see it to believe it.

  6. I’m still voting Rupp, for the 4th time.

    It is time to add Kevin Munson to the ballot. He’s about as good as anybody else. With a good spring training, he’s in the majors. He has a good fastball and a hard slider. He just needs better control, and last year he made strides in the direction, bringing his BB/9 down to 3.6 while keeping his K/9 around 11. Are his chances of closing someday that much less than Giles or Martin?

      1. Jon Mayo, MLB has Munson at 20 on his list with the following:
        Fastball: 60/60 | Slider: 50/50 | Control: 40/40 | Overall: 40/50

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