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2013 VSL Phillies – Early Season Update

Both of the Latin American complex leagues have started in the past few weeks.  This post and a subsequent DSL post will look at the new players on the roster and highlight some of the players to watch for this season.

The Phillies won the Venezuelan Summer League last year with a 48-22 record.  The team did have a handful of prospects who have won promotion to GCL and above (Severino Gonzalez for example), though it was not a team with a great number of top tier prospects. They were a dominant team primarily because the quality of the rest of the league was relatively poor.  The league dropped down to only 4 teams because of the political unrest in the country with most organizations sending their prospects to the DSL and even starting a 2nd DSL team to give them playing time. Continue reading 2013 VSL Phillies – Early Season Update

3rd – 5th Round Analysis

I will go more in-depth at then of the day, but are some quick notes.

3rd Round – Cord Sandberg – OF

It is going to take a bunch to sign Sandberg but it looks like the Phillies saved some money in the 2nd and they have been on Sandberg long enough to know what it will take.  Sandberg has plus tools except for the hit tool, which due to his limited time playing baseball is really unknown.  this is a boom or bust pick but he could be a Top 10 player in this draft if it works out.  He is a typical Phillies pick but they got him in 3rd not the 1st. Continue reading 3rd – 5th Round Analysis