Daily Archives: June 13, 2013

Hot or Not

A look at the time period of June 6th thru June 12th. As always, a minimum of 12AB’s for hitters to be considered.  Some random thoughts…When Utley gets activated should some thought be given to calling Asche up for a month while sending Howard to the DL and Young over to first?  I would hope Kelly Dugan is in Baseballtown come July…Tyson Gillies has fallen back into the same old thing….With his small frame, Hoby Milner is putting up some big numbers…I am beginning to get concerned about Shane Watson. Not panicked yet, but concerned….Very nice to see Diekman on the Hot list. The Phils desperately need a dependable LOOGY. Diekman isnt there yet, but another 5-10 good outings and maybe he gets the call…Finally, Steven Inch has the distinction of making the Not Hot List as a starter and reliever this week…On the bright side, he is an SAL All Star. Continue reading Hot or Not