Phils Select JP Crawford…

The Phillies selected Lakewood High School, CA SS JP Crawford as their first round pick in the 2013 draft.  Crawford is a tall left handed hitting shortstop that is expected to remain at SS throughout his career. Crawford is committed to USC and it is expected that the Phils will need to commit very close to the $2.2M max to sign him.  From all reports, Crawford is already ahead of the curve defensively.  Thin and wiry, it may take his body some time to catch up offensively, but he has good speed, very good baseball instincts, a good eye at the plate and has hit for average.  Crawford started as a freshman at SS in high school and has a very good pedigree as his sister plays College softball for Cal State Fullerton and his cousin is Carl Crawford.

Crawford’s scouting grades, per are: Hit 3/5; Power 3/5; Run 5/5; Arm 6/6; Field 5/5; Overall 3/5.    Note: First number = current/second number = projection

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  1. The probably were gonna go with a bat but they were all gone early. kind of disappointed we have some many young middle infielders and no outfield bats

        1. Then I don’t understand what you are complaining about. The team has a few guys in Clearwater and Lakewood that could develop into nice OFs. Also guys in extended spring training in Cozens and Pujols who are OFs.

            1. Ok. Well then you are disappointed for nothing because the Phillies couldn’t do anything to change that. Strange thing to be really disappointed about at this stage in the game.

  2. Fantastic. The #1 player on my wish list. Now maybe someone good will fall to 53.

      1. The Phillies are never in position to select the best middle of the field players. When you are in position to get the best SS in the country, you take him. Those player are premium.

          1. Why he is a good field no hit player with average speed. A reach at # 16 . Plus isn’t Roman Quinn the SS of the future ?

      2. Additionally, I read something last week from his HS coach, that said Crawford was the best position player he had ever coached. The Lakewood coach has a storied history, so that is not a small compliment. Travis D’arnaud and other major leaguers went to that school, and the coach says Crawford is the best.
        If I can find the link, I will try to post.

        1. Damion Easley, Chris Gomez, Mike Carp, Travis d’ Arnaud (it’s small d – BIG A) and Shane, since Coach O’Neil took over about 30 years ago. Before that was the great John Herbold who had many guys drafted and major leaguers as well in his 20 plus years at Lakewood HS, Craig Grebeck, Larry Casian are just a couple that come to mind. Plus he coached at Poly HS before that which produced big leaguers, some of which you might have heard of Chase Utley, the Gwynn brothers and many more. You can google it to find more but those two school along with Wilson HS just down the road have produced an insane amount of baseball guys.
          Back to your original comment Coach O’Neil has said in his time at Lakewood he has had ONE PLAYER start and play on varsity for all four years and the Phillies just drafted him last night.

            1. Yep. Good guess but you won’t see me posting here much, if at all anymore. This just happens to be a one-in-million / unique situation, with both of these two playing together since their childhood, travel teams, high school and now this. I seriously can’t believe it actually worked out this way.

  3. I realize that teams don’t draft based on need but … wonder what this means about their assessment of Quinn’s chances of sticking at SS long term. Of course, if it does work out, having two stud SS prospects in the system is a very good problem to have.

    1. It doesn’t mean anything. Texas has Andrus and Profar. Last I saw, they were both on the field together. In 4 years, whoever is the better defender, stays at SS, the other goes to CF or 2B.

    2. The Rangers had a 20 year old Elvis Andrus BLOW through their farm system and be their starting SS in 2009 when they spent over $1.55M to sign Jurickson Profar halfway through Andrus’ rookie season and kept him at SS through the minors and now he’s playing some 2B in the majors. These things can work themselves out.

  4. Bleh. I know he is young and has time but this pick scream average. Gotta get someone who projects as better than average. Is Crawford another Sterlin Castro? Don’t get me wrong, Castro is a nice player but at 16 I think you need something more than just a “nice player”

      1. + 1 … The top prep SS in the nation is now a Phillie (pending contract, of course). You can’t do much better with the No. 16 pick.

    1. Starlin Castro is widely considered one of the most exciting young players in major league baseball. He’s a 23 year old two time all-star having a slightly off year with spectacular career numbers and nearly unlimited potential. Seriously, if you think Castro is just a “nice player” you’re either smoking meth or thinking of someone else.

    1. [Dr. Evil] How about noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo[/Dr. Evil]

      Stanford hitters patoeey

    2. scouting reports sound pretty decent if they can alter his swing away from the stanford template. but i just have visions of other guys with similar tools from stanford that we’ve seen (mayberry, taylor) and i just have a gut feeling of dread.

  5. Wish the best for Crawford but as other projected, I see him as a #2 hitter as best, not enough power or speed to leadoff or bat third.
    I hate picks with questionable hit tools!
    I cannot believe that 14 of the Top15 I had charted went ahead of the Phillies pick. Obviously concerns on Stanek dropped him significantly.

    1. It was a 15-16 player draft and the Phillies got the last one. Crawford could easily have average power or more. Out of your SS that is really good.

      1. Agreed. I think it was a good pick for them.

        I am not too impressed with Woelever’s prediction of .280 with 10+ HR and ~15SB though. As only an above avg fielder that does not seem like much more than an above average player. I was really hoping for an All-Star type projection from the Phillies pick.

        I do like that he appears to have good baseball instincts rather than being a toolshed.

        1. A SS that hits 280 and hits 10 HRs has a chance to be an Allstar. Jimmy Rollins isn’t a career 280 hitter.

          1. If his name is Ozzie Smith or Omar Vizquel.

            I guess with his hitting profile I would prefer to see a descriptor of his defense something closer to ‘exceptional’ rather than pretty good. I know it’s not like he was a reach, and he’s a guy that’s good to add to the system, he just wasn’t the kind of player I was hoping they’d go after.

  6. It seems to me that in making this choice, the FO did an assessment on Quinn and may think that his short-stopping is problematical on a projection. After this season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Quinn moved to CF. Just sayin’.

    Though I had been hoping for a solid pitcher at #16, the FO may believe (I hope) that they have a line on some good pitchers that have sneaked by the top 100 list and beyond.

    Crawford is a good choice at #16. Lots to like—> the assessment that he is skilled enough at SSing that he will stay there though the way to MLB. Speedy, too. And with good bat-to-ball contacting and a frame that would add 15-20 lbs on his way up thus adding some power along the way.

    Now, let’s go get those pitchers!

    1. Agree with Matt. There is no effect on Quinn. Everyone who is trying to find something where there isn’t anything needs to settle down.

  7. We can nitpick the selection, but I fully expected us to take some guy ranked as a second round type that was affordable.

    They landed the best middle fielder in the drat at No.16. Good, year, bad year… that’s good value.

  8. “his cousin is Carl Crawford”

    Something that both Crawford’s were just recently informed of.

    J.P. looks like he has some power potential to me. 20 HR guy.

    Now if the Phillies can get Drew Ward…

  9. I like the Crawford pick. However, the 2nd round pick, Andrew Knapp, looks terrible on paper – fringe prospect.

    1. Everyone had Knapp in the top 100, with most having him in the 50-70 range. He went 53.

    2. i don’t get your concern. we bash phillies for taking guys with no hit tool and that is Knapp’s strength. seems to have some position flexibility if he doesn’t stick behind the plate. seems like a good pick to me.

  10. There is no college catching in this draft — it has to be the worst crop at that position in at least 15 years, maybe more — with Knapp the only catcher at a four-year college who projects as even a possible everyday backstop in the majors.

    He’s a solid receiver with a quick release and above-average arm strength, although he’ll have to show he can handle better-quality stuff than what he’s had to handle this spring. His swing has good rotational action, but he strides early and gets his weight out front, finishing by rolling over his front foot, which will limit his power output.

    I think his likely ceiling is a solid regular, a catcher who can help limit the running game and hits for some average but not power. In this draft class, that’s a second-round pick.

    1. He is supposedly a bad defensive catcher. They may believe he is a good enough hitter to move to another position. Nice to see the Phillies draft an advanced switch hitter.

      1. Not a bad defensive catcher, simply a somewhat raw guy with the tools to be a good defensive catcher, but who just switched back to catching this season.

  11. If they save money that is good. Why’d they go after another Catcher though?
    Lino has not played yet, Neither Grullion. C is a singular position that needs significant development. As shown in Reading, getting time for a pair of Catchers is difficult. I do like that he is supposed to be a quality hitter though.

    Unless Knapp was their consensus BPA, I certainly would have preferred their highest rated HS or college pitcher, especially when Devin Williams was available (and went next). Also some decent lefties who the Phillies seem to develop well in Windle and Ziomek went shortly thereafter.

    1. Knapp is 21, Grullon is 16. They won’t play at the same level. If Knapp impacts anyone, it will be Numata and Lino. Two players that weren’t even considered top 25 prospects in this organization.

      1. Fair enough. Of course Valle now has zero trade value. That would probably be true regardless but he certainly is going to have zero value as a backup in AA to another mid-rated prospect in Rupp. Also, not good that he was not promoted to AAA when Joseph went down (ugh).

        I suppose the Phillies could give up on Moore, Numata, and/or Lino to get Knapp playing time. Seems like they have already given up on Ludy by signing Dalles for LWD. For this year I figured Lino at WPT and Grullon in GCL. I just do not see taking time away from either of those guys for Knapp.
        I do not hold much hope for Ludy or Carman but thought they’d be reasonable players through the system with a tiny chance of blossoming.

        Even if he is not a great defensive C, having a hitting backup C is certainly nice for an NL team to have as a PH. It just rarely seems to work out that well as rarely does a team want a poor fielding C in the game.

  12. cieling: left handed hanley ramirez
    floor: larry greene

    andrelton simmons is 6-2 170 lbs. who knows

  13. Not impressed at all with the first 2 picks . A defensive SS with average speed that needs work on his swing and a catcher with no power ? Why not take a HS pitcher that throws 95 and develop him. ? Amaro said at 16 they were going for a BAT , What happened ?

  14. Thanks everyone for your input. The one area where I feel incredibly challenged is the draft – so when I get the feedback of those whose opinions I respect, it really helps me. If you all are so high on Crawford and you feel he was likely the best available player, then I am satisfied with the pick. I think the comment of the Lakewood coach speaks volumes – that’s a feeder school to the big leagues, so if he says this is the best position prospect he has had, that’s a huge compliment and very meaningful. I think Quinn is a very exciting prospect so if Crawford is a better prospect, well, that’s exciting. I’d be interested to hear from our more experienced and knowledable posters who the other options were at 16 and whether you think the Phils made the best choice.

    By the way, the one thing I like about this pick is that, if you’re going to pick a somewhat raw high schooler (and by the comments, Crawford is not that raw at all), given the Phillies, it’s best not to do that with an outfielder. Do the lottery pick “tool shed” selections a little (or much) later.

    As for Amaro saying they were going for a bat, I highly doubt he said exactly that at all – it’s not his style and, really, picking outside of the top 5 or 6, he would be crazy to commit to that before things played out in the draft. Without knowing more about his comment, he probably said something like “we need to get some good bats in this draft because we’d like to strengthen our hitting in the system” and that may be true, but it’s a meaningless comment in the context of drafting at any particular spot. It’s a lot like a GM saying “you can never have enough pitching.” Which is true, but so what?

    1. Amaro did say ” we are going for a BAT ” I saw the interview in between innings of a Phillies game this past week with Chris Wheeler

        1. Exactly. And by the way, news flash, general managers in all sports lie all the time to try to throw off the competition. Perhaps he was trying to induce other GMs to draft power bats while the Phillies took the low key approach and waited for their guy. Do you really, truly, trust what GMs in any sport say before a draft to be forthright and if so, why?

      1. Dom, does your business tell its competitors of its next acquisition or marketing plans? I don’t think you tell your competition the truth so you use smokescreens.

        1. Wait, you’re saying that RAJ wasn’t telling the truth??? This is an amazing development.

          1. Riggs, nice response! The Phillies have been much tighter with news leaks since Ed Wade left. Gillick used the same tactics to mislead other teams if they were foolish enough to believe the information given out.

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