Arizona Fall League

The Phillies announced today the players they would be sending to the Arizona Fall League, which begins play in October.  The names include pitchers Tyler Cloyd, Jacob Diekman, BJ Rosenberg, and Colby Shreve as well as 1B Cody Overbeck, 1B Darin Ruf and OF Tyson Gillies.

The big story to watch will be the health or lack thereof of Tyson Gillies who has missed close to two full seasons with a variety of leg problems.

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  1. I feel like singing “how much is that doggie in the outfield” Gillies will have to hop and jump not to be shown up by that group. Maybe it is the right thing to do but highly unlikely.
    The rest of the prospects seem well placed

    1. Did not look good at the plate in Reading last season before the injury. Surprisingly slow bat.

  2. Gillies remains a mystery. In two years these leg problems should have been thourghly investigated and a solution found. Didn’t he try some therapy on his own in this time? Has his “progress” been monitored closely by the Phils people? Have the Phils had their own advisers in on the process? Every time we hear that he is ready to go, an obstacle is found. How patient can the FO be? And even if/when he does play he will have those physical problems hanging over his head like the sword of Damocles …just hanging by a thread and ready to fall on him at any time.

    Now it would seem a minor miracle is what he/we need. Don’t have much hope that it would turn out a competent MLB player.

    Does anybody here know the details of his several injuries and why the “cures” remain failures? It should be disheartening to him…also the Phils org and we fans. Little hope here IMO. I wish him much better luck. But skeptical of a good result.

    1. ArtD…….his foot boot was removed last week according to a report. Keep your fingers crossed for something good this time for him…..or else that sword of Damocles will come down real hard.

      1. As an aside, Sword of Damocles is not an apt reference. That is a reference to people who desire power but may not realize the peril that accompanies such power. I don’t see the applicability.

        On the point, Gillies is still has time. Jose Reyes lost a couple years to similar leg problems. That being said, he’s got some work to do.

          1. They don’t even play the same position! How could he be the next Jose Reyes. You’re crazy.

            crazy like a fox.

        1. Will…….I believe the reference by ArtD was to the dangers of it and not so much to Cicero’s ideology.

          1. I’m just saying, and not that ArtD is the only one (politicians are often using it incorrectly), but the reference has a meaning and it is not that swords are dangerous. Why not say the Sword of King Arthur?

          1. That is so funny but I have not been arrested lately and go to work every day. Do you?

            1. I will admit that I am lost. Are you “nw”? Perhaps you were making a joke with your head boot comment and I didn’t get it?

              I thought you were saying his head is injured (“head boot”) which I thought was pretty rude. Were you instead referring to his arrest which was a total sham and from which the charges were dismissed? And are you now saying that your ability to function at your job is superior to his because he is hurt and can’t play but you are not prevented by your body from working and so you do go to work? If so, your head boot comment still seems pretty rude and your going to work every day comment seems pretty insensitive.

              Could someone enlighten me? I am confused (and at work).

    2. While I cannot rattle off the list of injuries he has had, if memory serves the one that kept him out the most was his hamstring(s). A while back he tweeted that a doctor had figured out what was going on and he was working his way back. He started playing again then hurt his foot.

      My impression has been that, aside from the hamstring(s), everything else has been bad luck for the guy. I feel for him.

      There were some comments from the Phils about being frustrated with him, so that implies that they have been involved in the process.

      At the end of the day, he had some promising results a while ago. He’s definitely lost a lot of development time. Let’s hope he’s able to stay on the field and that the attributes that made him so appealing in the past have not atrophied due to lack of use.

          1. That’s debatable (career splits not so goo), but Manual used him as a Loogy, which would indicate he “believes” in such.

    1. He was awful at the beginning of this year but has really come around and has dominated lefties.

      1. Same response I received the last couple years when I chimed in on Worley and Stutes 🙂
        Some guys just look better when you see them pitch. Cloud and Shreve are not just throwers–they seem to have an idea with their pitches.

        1. Colby Shreve will be close to 30 years old by the time be gets to AAA at this rate. I’m sure if you think hard, you can find 10 players with more potential than Shreve.

          1. He had serious surgery — I think the Phillies recognize that he may be an effective bullpen piece in 2013. The Phillies have guys with more talent but really no clue in terms of working a hitter and exposing weaknesses.

            1. His injury accounts for missing ’08 and ’09. It doesn’t account for having to repeat Low A in ’11.
              A 23 year old in Low A, with a 1.36 WHIP and 3.72 FIP, as a reliever no less, is no prospect.

  3. No H. Garcia. Guess his knee isn’t ready yet….seems like a decent group to evaluate to see what we have.

        1. He is eligible, just not on the Phillies list.

          That being said, the Phillies are probably fine letting their better Latin prospects play in their home country rather than the AFL.

          1. I was curious as to eligibility and found this, that may be of some interest to others:

            Each major-league organization is required to provide seven players subject to the following eligibility requirements:

            – All Triple-A and Double-A players are eligible provided they are on Double-A rosters no later than August 15.

            – Each organization is now permitted to send two Class A Advanced-level players in addition to the current allowance of two “A-exempt” players (who are under contract as of August 15). Foreign players are allowed as long as the player is not on his native country’s primary protected player list.

            – No players with more than two years of credited major league service as of August 31 (including major league disabled list time) are eligible except a team may select one player picked in the most recently concluded Major League Rule 5 Draft.

            – Each team is allotted 20 pitchers but only 15 are designated “eligible” each game day.

            credit to for this information.

            1. Great information. Now this list—-‘foreign players are allowed as long as the player is not on his native country’s primary protected player’s list’.— is that for public information anywhere? And is Puerto Rico under US dominion, and not considered a foreign country?

  4. The remaining list of BlueClaws players that will be headed south for the Instructional League is as follows-
    LHP Jesse Biddle
    RHP Ervis Manzanillo
    RHP Jay Johnson
    RHP Hector Neris
    RHP Lendy Castillo
    LHP Austin Wright
    RHP Lisalberto Bonilla
    SS Edgar Duran
    C Cameron Rupp

    1. A notable former 1st round pick is missing from this list – I actually thought he was making progress

      1. An almost as notable 1st. round supplemental pick from that very same draft is missing also, and as everyone will quickly point out is even younger, so should theoretically benefit more, if it was based on that. But, if they decide a player has played enough , or too much , during the season, they may not bring them, so wait for the next minor league Spring Training and see who shows up and how they are placed.
        And Colby Shreve goes to Arizona , yet.

        1. Collier is going to FIL. He wasn’t listed in the list that was copied because the rest of the posting was about him and how he would be in FIL. The list was the rest of the Lakewood players going.

  5. I WOULD think they would shut down biddle how much you think he throws in instructional league games>

    1. Apparently he was removed from .the game with a knee injury tonight. We’ll see how he’s doing.

    2. I think they want him to get the feel for a full season, I expect to see bullpen sessions and 3-4 inning appearances.

    1. Why? They have Harold Martinez and Maikel Franco playing 3rd. When would Altherr get to play?

    2. I doubt it, not with Franco and HMart. He is a natural OF and I think they just let his bat carry him forward.

  6. Good AFL list, looking at the rosters, they should all get the chance to participate, and perhaps enhance their status next Spring Training assignment time, with the possible exception of Tyson Gillies who may have to work in with the 2 Ubers Harper and Trout and Alex Hassan. Or one of the OF can DH from time to time, or they can use Ruf and Overbeck at 1B and DH or a catcher at DH And Gelb claims the Arizona Fall League is for the purpose of checking out marginal veteran minor leaguers for the purpose of seeing who might be included on 40 man roster.

    1. not always ‘marginal’—Braves had Hanson 2/3 years ago, Phillies had Dom Brown—not sure I would consider them marginal.

    2. This is a good chance for Ruf to excel and he must to prove his prospect status. Overbeck may be playing for a chance at the roster next year. Neither can fail.

  7. Overbeck celebrates with three hit. Plus another three hits for Galvis.
    “my favorite saying” lol
    “I don’t doubt that the Galvis doubter are having new doubts.” I kill myself

  8. All these guys can be selected in the rule 5 draft next year. Which guys should be protected and which guys may be taken iof not protected? Me personally Im still high on Gillies i think he can be a big league player IF healthy. T.Cloyd has pitched great this year is he the next Vance Worley?

    1. Good point. I think that the Phillies have an intelligent AFL strategy. They use the league to evaluate borderline prospects and other question marks against the type of players who are likely headed for the major leagues in the not too distant future. In addition, it should help them in 40-man roster protection decisions.

    2. I think they will protect Cloyd. He has nice numbers. Overbeck and Rosenberg might end up getting selected in the rule 5 Draft if the phils don’t protect them.

    3. I think Diekman has a shot to help a team in the majors as a LOOGY pretty soon, so he could be claimed. Cloyd will probably be protected after the year he’s had.

  9. A more cynical board would start a pool on how soon Gillies will be injured in AFL and what the injury will be…

  10. Even though he was part of the Lee deal and garner luv from that, I think he had better show something in the next twelve months. I hope he proves me wrong for his own peace of mind.

    1. Herc-Gillies tweeted last week …… ‘the gingerbread man was running without pain and swinging outside and loving it again”. So for now he is on his way to good health.

      1. Did he mention listening to that Clapton song he likes so much, somthing or other that starts with a ‘C’

        1. To tell you the truth—-filtering through all the ’20-year old twitter language’ between all ‘buds’ gives me a headache. I only look for anyhing comprehensible enough that has a baseball connection. I know he took his younger bro to a C&W concert last week, but thats enough for me to know—-like most here, I am just focused on the minor league development of the prospects.

  11. Hopefully Gillies stays healthy the whole time! Also thought Mitchell might get a nod with the year he’s had.

  12. My vote go’s to Mitchell, Gillies hasn’t proven shit, speed means nothing if you don’t know how to use it.

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