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  1. Lakewood could use some old cleats to dig themselves out of the hole they put themselves in tonight. They have come a long way. They ran up against some good pitching tonight. I hope they find their bats and win the rest of their games. Bonilla pitched well.
    Scott Mathieson pitched well also. Bass is suffering from what Blanton had last year. First inning runs. Esposito had the same problems for Reading.
    Great job by Pettibone and the Thresher hitters, especially Tripp. What a pick-up! He is carrying them toward a playoff spot.
    Williamsport should send a thank you note to the Scrappers’ Krasne and Smith. That win was gift wrapped.
    With the GCL over, I was impressed by Pointer’s power, Valenzuela’s average, Villalobos’ bat, and Oviedo’s stuff. All but Pointer were a bit old for GCL. I hope they move them quickly to a more appropriate level. The GCL takes the luster off good performances by older players, like Duffy, who seems unable to persuade the Phils that he may hit OK with players his own age.
    Sorry for the sarcasm. It’s late.

    1. Scott Mathieson pitched well?!? 4 runs on 8 hits in 5 innings with 0 strikeouts in a loss is a “good” outing for him?


    2. Puddnhd….forgot to mention…on the bright side, Anthony Hewitt–no K game (first game of the doubleheader), thats a rarity, maybe a handful all season.

  2. Great game for Franco (triple, three walks!, single) and three hits for Lavin. Kleven had nice results but was wild (two walks, two hit batsmen).
    Good start for Pettibone.
    Galvis doubles and walks in five plate appearances. Nice day.

  3. Back from the grave of workload!

    Reigning No.1 – OF – Domonic Brown (LHV-9/13/87) – (.265) 0 for 6 with 4 K’s

    Current Mid-season Top 30

    5. OF – Zach Collier (LWD-9/18/90) – (.251) – 1 for 6 with an RBI (33), BB, 3 K
    6. RHP – Jon Pettibone (CLW-7/19/90) – (10-10, 2.94) – 6 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 1 ER, BB, 3 K (win)
    8. SS – Freddy Galvis (LHV-11/14/89) – (.313) –1 for 4 with a 2B (4)
    9. 3B – Maikel Franco (WIL-8/26/92) – (.297) –2 for 4 with a 3B (1), 2 runs, RBI (35), 3 BB
    12. OF – Jiwan James (CLW-4/11/89) – (.267) – 1 for 4 with a run, 2 RBI (38), BB, K
    15. RHP – Lisalberto Bonilla (LWD-6/6/90) – (4-5, 2.94) 5.2 IP, 6 H, 3 R, 3 ER, BB, 3 K (loss)
    16. 3B – Harold Martinez (WIL-5/31/90) – (.262) – 1 for 5 with an RBI (28), K
    18. C – Cameron Rupp (LWD-9/28/88) – (.267) – 0 for 3
    22. 3B – Carlos Rivero (REA-5/20/88) –(.283) 0 for 3 with a run, BB
    23. 1B – Matt Rizzotti (REA/12/24/85)– (.289) – 1 for 4 with an RBI (75)
    25. OF – Kyrell Hudson (WIL-16/6/90) – (.272) – 1 for 6 with a 2B (8), BB, SB (26), 3 K
    26. OF – Aaron Altherr (WIL-1/14/91) – (.274) – 1 for 7 with a run, 3 K
    28. 2B – Cesar Hernandez (CLW-5/23/90) – (.269) – 1 for 3 with 2 runs, RBI (36), BB
    29. 2B– Cody Asche (WIL-6/20/90) – (.188) 0 for 6 with a BB
    30. OF – Derrick Mitchell (REA-1/5/87)- (.262) – 1 for 4 with 3 RBI (76), SB (18)

    Other names of interest

    1B – Cody Overbeck (LHV-6/5/86) – (.255) – 1 for 4 with a BB, 2 K
    OF – Anthony Hewitt (LWD-4/27/89) – (.237) – 2 for 6 with a 2B (18), K
    OF – Miguel Alvarez (LWD-8/27/89) –(.263) – 0 for 5 with a BB, 2 K
    RHP – Juary Gomez (WIL-5/23/90) – (4-0, 3.00) 3 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, o BB, 2 K
    RHP – Colin Kleven (WIL-4/15/91) – (3-4, 4.65) – 5 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB,6 K
    RHP – Colton Murray (WIL-4/22/90) – (1-2, 2.22) 3 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 3 BB, 4 K (win)

    1. I am already looking forward to following a Reading rotation with May, Pettibone, and J-Rod in it. It will be an interesting test as J-Rod and May have fly ball tendencies and that does not usually play well in Reading.

      1. Is it time to bring in a breaking ball teacher for Ramirez? He needs total immersion in breaking stuff in FIL, then maybe the winter off conditioning only, then back yo work on breaking stuff all spring, even if he has to do XST.

  4. Seemed like an extremely uneventful minor league day except for Franco’s very good night and Manzanillo’s very bad one.

      1. In four days he turns 24, he still is age-approp for AAA, however soon he will become a suspect more then a prospect? Hopefully come April/May of 2012 the light goes on for him.

        1. OBP of .400 since he’s been sent down, including his slump. Last ten games is .294 / .359 / .382. during said slump.

          Yeah, he’s ‘suspect’.

          I swear, some of this Dom Brown hate must be trolling, but I can’t tell for sure.

          1. Let’s not get carried away in defense of him either. His SLG% is abominable, however he does still have a decent OBP and his eye is still good/ improving.

            I don’t think you could classify him as ‘suspect’, but he needs to have a good showing in September to build back some lost confidence.

          2. The reality is that we can say all we want about how great he is going to be or how terrible he is going to be, but the truth right now is that he is no longer a “can’t miss prospect”. His upside is huge and his downside is far more significant than we all thought a year or two ago. Hopefully next year he can begin healthy and compete in Spring Training and make the team and play a significant amount in LF and demonstrate his potential and win the full time job and go on to do great things for us.

            1. There’s no such thing as a can’t miss prospect. Brown was and is the next best thing – a guy who could be a star, and will almost certainly be at least a decent regular absent (a) injury, or (b) lack of a fair opportunity.

              Nothing that has happened this year changes that prospect, at all.

            2. “Can’t miss” as in we don’t know if he’ll be league average, very good, or a superstar, than fine.

              “can’t miss” as in he might never be a regular, than no, he is still can’t miss. He will, with hardly a shred of doubt be a decent MLB starting OF. Whether he can tighten his game up enough to be a real difference maker remains to be seen.

          3. Howling Fool…..He will not be in Philly-LF if he hits as he did in June/July. Correrct? Or do you think he should?

            1. Chewy59….talking about his MLB stats in Philly for 2011…..246/.335/.393…though small sampling of under 200PAs

            2. Right. You asked if he should be the LF if he hits as he did in June/July. I showed you his MLB stats for July. I see nothing wrong with them that should preclude him from consideration for LF.

            3. Lets hope it works out for him next spring and he is patrolling LF at the ‘Bank’ and swinging a good bat.

          4. I don’t think it has anything to do with “hate”, nobody mentions anything about hate. DBrown simply playing his way down from the ranks of propsect to suspect. When you look at what he has done since the middle of last season when he was promoted to MLB, he has digressed for whatever reason, at Philly, his aborted stay in the Dominican Winter League, his injury prone Spring training followed by a horrible few months trying to keep a job he was literally handed. I think John Mayberry has passed DBrown as the bright (no so) young prospect on the Phillies. He plays with poise, he plays defense well, he is a patient yet aggressive hitter. He has improved tenfold while DBrown has imploded, why, I haven’t a clue

            1. TboneCFP……ditto that……when the Asst GM says he ‘needs to get away from it all after the season is over’ it tells you something is amiss with the young man. He needs to get confidence and as they say, his ‘swagger’ back

    1. That’s a little tough on him. His 0-3 with 3 K’s – they spared him a 4th by removing him from the game – has to hurt, but he’s 2 days removed from a 4 for 5. He’s clearly not what the hype led you to believe, but he’s still got a chance to be a really good corner OF [offensively I’m speaking of course].

        1. Yeah that sux. No need to eviscerate the kid when he knows he screwed up. Hope he bounces back tonight with a solid effort.

        2. Things seem to have a way of spiraling for Dom Brown. It might be better for him if he does not play with the Phillies any more this season or post season and starts fresh in Spring Training.

  5. How about Alonzo going 3 -4 with 3 BBs, a run scored and a SB? Unfortunately, it was all in a lost double-header. Who does he think he is – Pete Rose?

    1. Might not be as good but he’s that type of hitter. Just grinds out singles and doubles, once in a while gets one over the fence. Will be fun to watch if he can advance and be more age appropriate in a year or 2. See if he has any holes in his swing or he becomes the next Gregg Dobbs.

    1. not to diminish his numbers, but i think the astros’ minor league teams play in hitter-friendly leagues.

  6. Franco is a beast and he is only a few months older than Tyler Green and Mitchell Walding.

    One guys new top 20:

    01. May
    02. Biddle
    03. Valle
    04. Franco
    05. Pettibone
    06. Aumont
    07. Galvis
    08. J James
    09. Collier
    10. J Rodriguez
    11. Tyler Greene
    12. Schwimer
    13. Austin Hyatt
    14. De Fratus
    15. Larry Greene
    16. Lino Martinez
    17. J C Ramirez
    18. Lisa Bonilla
    19. Cesar Hernandez
    20. Aaron Altherr

      1. Colvin has fallen so far out of my consciousness that I forgot him. I guess I’d put him 8th and push everybody else back one.

    1. J. James at #8 is a stretch. The Phils clearly don’t agree with that assessment, although it would be a nice surprise if he turned out to be just that. What has Collier done this season to warrant a #9 position?

      After a poor season, seems you’re a little harsh on Colvin by dropping him out of your top-20 all together.

      The one person I’d add to your list would be Dugan.

      1. Not sure what information you have about the Phillies being down on James, but I haven’t heard that.
        Collier missed a year and a half and is still age appropriate for his level… and he is the best hitter on Lakewood… and he plays a premium defensive position… and he steals bases.
        Dugan is still in NYPenn and he barely has a defensive position. I’d rank Hudson before Dugan due to defensive position and base stealing potential.
        The other guys I might have missed and are better than Dugan are Pointer and Rivero.

        1. Not saying they were down, but listing him as a potential PTBNL in the Pence trade means they certainly were willing to live without him as a 4th player toss in.
          Agree with Pointer. I’m ready to start the B Pointer fan club. Very solid first year in GCL.

  7. What is Franco’s deal that he can hit so well in NYPL but not Lakewood? I mean we were talking a serious differential.

    1. I would vote for small sample size. NY-Penn to SAL is not that big a jump. Age-wise the league is maybe a year older at most. SAL has more prospects because it also gets high school guys in their first full year of pro ball. I suspect the in-season move for a young guy out of his comfort zone is the biggest reason for his slow start. He’ll be fine there next year with the bigger question of whether they jump Martinez ahead of Franco to Clearwater so they both can play every day.

      1. I talked to Franco before the game on Sunday…he told me the main difference between WIL and Lakewood was the amount of good changeups that he saw one level higher…he’s definitely a fastball hitter at this stage, who needs some more pitch recognition. He should be fine there next season after finishing strong with the Cutters and getting more help in instructs/Spring Training next year.

        Also, speaking of WIL infielders, Kenny Miramontes was called up to Lakewood, today, as it appears Edgar Duran went down with a semi-serious injury yesterday during the double-header.

      2. He definitely does. I just found it curious that the drop off was so severe. He’s in my top 20 but I think 4 is a little aggressive for him at this point. I think I would go Valle May Biddle Galvis at this stage.

        1. He certainly seems more comfortable in Williamsport. In the six games since his demotion (small sample size?, yes), he’s hitting .440/.533/.720 with 5 runs, 7 RBI, and only 1 strikeout. Not a bad streak.

  8. Wait, I was going to write something about Pettibone’s groundout rate dropping this year, but something doesn’t add up.

    For the season MILB says his GO/AO is 0.98. It also says in home games it’s 1.41 and in road games it’s 1.20. I think their math is off.

    1. Doesn’t add up for sure——though still have to like his other perips -WHIP-1.13, SO/BB-3.4 and BB/9—1.9.

  9. 1 Biddle
    2 May
    3 Valle
    4 Galvis
    5 Aumont
    6 Pettibone
    7 Collier
    8 Colvin
    9 Bonilla
    10 J Rodriguez
    11 James
    12 Franco
    13 DeFratus
    14 Hyatt
    15 Overbeck
    16 Schwimmer
    17 Cesar Hernandez
    18 Rupp
    19 Tyler Greene
    20 Dugan
    21 JC Ramirez

    1. I think May and Biddle are 1 and 1a, Biddle with more upside and LH and May more advanced. I think I would rank Wright and Morgan on that list as college lefties that have upside (low teens early twenties), I think JC is gone till he prove something.

      That all being said I think the glaring omissions are Altherr (late Top 10 or early teens) and Pointer (around 15 or so) as I think they have the most upside of the toolsy OF toiling in the low minors.

  10. Is it possible to post daily recaps in advance and add the boxscores later? It feels awkward discussing minor league games in progress on the previous day’s thread.

  11. matheson wasnt his sharpest but Brown flat out dropped two of his outs and misread another.
    tough to pitch when your lf makes you keep throwing

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