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    1. Biddle needs to decrease his walk rate significantly next year to really distance himself from the field. He brings his walk rate down to 2-3 BB/9, he will be an absolute force to be reckoned with.

  1. Saw both Gcl league games, quite a treat! Wanted to see the draftees but obviously they hadn’t made it to Florida yet. Although Knight was in uniform. I would like to settle the discrepancy on the kids size if I can. He is a shorter Arron Altherr with a tad thicker upper body, I can see him filling out much more than Altherr. Okay to the games

    Pitching: Oviedo
    Much more raw talent than his stats showed I would say he sat 90-92. His fastball has a slight dip in it and he throws it on a downward plane, but couldnt locate it anywhere but down the middle. He also throws a curveball (not quite 12 to 6) that he threw for a strike very few times. I saw him throw one change up that had the batter quite off balance that he never threw again. He’s a big lanky kid, with really long arms, And quite emotionally on the mound, really lost his composure when he wasn’t getting calls. Location Location Location….everything the kid throws bends(he just has to harnace it).

    No other pitcher stood out in game

    Batting: very mediocre (all lat kids mostly) have to point out that Marshall has the best pornstache I’ve seen since the 70’s (truly remarkable for a 20 year old) has to be the product of a lost bet(hoping)!
    One standout:
    Valenzuela – the kid hit the Ball hard pretty much everytime through and adjusted well on curveball.

    Overmatched :
    Castillo – He looked horrible diving out of the box on curveballs (embarrassing)

    Game2: (the Treat)
    Warner – Decent sized kid, very strong base, with tree trunk arms (very long). He threw about the same speed as Oviedo but could reach back and add a tick or two (as he did on occasion). The only problem Is everything is straight with no downward plane for such a big kid. Also changes his arm angle when he tries to throw to hard. Curveball was ok and changeup was unspectacular but the problem was he couldn’t keep them off his fastball which was so straight it looks like a bowling ball coming in!

    Serrano – unspectacular, very pedestrian

    Rios – now we are talking, threw 89 – 91 I would say with nice movement down. Threw a modest curveball that had some tilt to it as opposed to 12-6. the good thing about this kid is he is so young and throws tons of stikes…he has a nice base (so not lanky at all) I could see him adding a few ticks to his fastball and refine the curveball. Defintely for me the most impressive of the bunch.

    Batting: I’m only gonna touch on those worth reviewing

    Villalabos – I really like this kid. Has an idea at the plate stays back on curveballs which he saw alot. Did strike out once but didn’t look bad doing it, looked as if he was trying to protect the plate was on a 2-2 count.

    T.Greene – Man this kid is really working on being patient at the plate didnt see less than 4 – 5 pitches in any a bat. Very nice swing with really quick hands. Ball got deep a couple times and he fought it of as a foul. Didn’t hit much really hard but I think that’s coming. He was very selective! He did try to steal on bag but pointer fouled the ball off, so I did see the speed that everyone talks about, would like to see him get much lower while running he could really drive his hips into the ground that way.

    Pointer – Wow!! – he hit the ball hard at each at bat, didn’t see him taking a lot of pitches, although he did get his bat on alot of balls. He hit one down the rightfield line that left the park in a hurry it just happened to be foul. This kid is built like a brick house, he reminds me of a left handed Jeff bagwell (body frame not stance). Very impressive

    Thats about it sorry if it was too long! Oh yeah I was surprised I didn’t see Giles being he signed a week before the deadline. Just saying

    1. I find the comment about Rios throwing a ton of strikes to be one of the funniest things in a while, just based on his stats this year (and today).

    2. Thanks for the summary and observations. They have probably been working on Rios with some results. He has really been wild, but today seems better. I’m hoping they promote Valenzuela as they did Hillman. He needs to be challenged. You confirmed some thoughts I had about Oviedo; i.e., good stuff but lacks control. He has pitched well when his control has been better. It is great to be able to get a better image of the players at this level. Thanks again. Please keep reporting.

  2. Like to see Jack Cust go deep. Looking forward to his September tryout.

    Another great start by Jesse Biddle, if it weren’t for the great strikeout #’s May’s posting, Biddle’s my #1 prospect.

      1. I’m not going off numbers though… I’m going off the fact that he’s a lefty that has great stuff, the will to succeed, and has dominated after a slow start.

        I basically said if May wasn’t putting up great numbers in High A that Biddle would be my #1 prospect.

  3. Just reporting what I saw bro. Rios gave up a fluke hit, over the 2nd basemans head and was victim to batter fouling off tons of pitches on his walked batter. This kid is better than his stats atleast from what I saw!

  4. Hudson had a good game. Altherr made the most out of a HBP. Garner’s line tonight looks fantastic. Good lines for Pointer and T. Greene.
    Great beginning to Lakewood for Hillman. Also a really good night for Biddle.
    Nice start for Pettibone.
    Carlos Rivero had another good game. Glad he’s not slumping after being sent back down to Reading.
    Don’t like Galvis striking out twice but like the steal after the hit. Nice relief appearances by Perez and DeFratus; Mathieson terribly wild.

    1. Hudson is on fire right now. .405 in his 10 games but he’s had 4 multi-hit games in a row. He’s 11 for 16 in those games with 4 being doubles. He needs to walk more but I like the streak.

    2. Didn’t see the LVIP game last night, but wonder if Mathieson was terribly wild or effectively wild?

      1. I get a sense (could somebody confirm), that he is working very hard on his command and on establishing breaking pitches that could make him effective in the big leagues. In other words, I would hope that his wildness is a symptom of his efforts to improve his arsenal, rather than just an inability to throw strikes.

    3. Difficult to get excited about Garner given his age and limited game action. He’ll be 23 in the less than 4 months and has yet to build up his innings since being drafted. Another guy possibly headed to the bullpen? I hope not, but he needs to log 100 innings plus at Lakewood next season

      1. If he is dominant over the next few weeks and performs in instructional, he could get skipped to Clearwater next year. If he stays healthy he would be in a position to catch up.

    4. @Anonymous: I didn’t see the game either; I just called Mathieson terribly wild because of the 5 walks, hit batter, and 50-47 ball/strike ratio.
      @Steve: I’m mostly noticing Garner because of the scouting reports we have on his profile page. They say he has plus potential on his fastball and curveball with two possible average other pitches. You’re definitely right about age/level, though. He really should be destroying WPT because he’s old for it, but it’s still nice to see a guy whose stuff is highly touted get on the field.

  5. Valle may have seen .300 for the last time this year. Hopefully he can keep that average in the .290s the rest of the way.

    1. Valle is tiring out. I’d like to see him skip the winter leagues and work out with Galvis and the Philly trainers this winter. Build strength and stamina. It’s a long season and catchers get worn down more than any other position.

      1. He’s also still very young. He has to work on being more patient at the plate. His ISO is down this year, while his K and BB rates are both up. His .337 wOBA is an improvement on last year, but when his BABIP regresses to the mean it’ll drop.

  6. I understand pitchers being out a long time, but Eldemire has basically not played since he was drafted. What on earth is going on with him? It would seem to be quite serious.

  7. Yes. IMO, until he learns to shorten his swing he won’t be an effective MLB hitter. That may well be why the Phils have been trying to alter his swing this season. Right now his swing takes a LONG path to the ball which makes its contact ability take place at a very small aspect of the entire swing. A shortened path to the ball would mean more time in the zone to hit the ball.

    He has a lot of athletic ability but right now it is “disorganized.” His whole game is a little too loosey-goosey. It all needs tightening up.

    Hope he can do all of that; then we’d have a better ballplayer.

    1. Brown never had high K rates in the minors. He only topped 20% in rookie ball and when he was first promoted to AA. He didn’t have high K rates with the phils this year (34 K and 25 BB in 209 PA). His problem this year was a lack of power (.148 ISO) and low BABIP (.276 versus .330+ in minors). This was likely due to a combination of a power-sapping wrist injury, and his timing being off due to missing time with the injury and the Phils trying to change his swing.

      He’ll be fine. If his swing was a problem, he would have shown contact problems at some point during his minor league career or this year in the majors.

  8. Hey guys, i really enjoy this site and reading all of the posters on here….Can anyone give me a little report on Diego Gonzalez in the DSL..

  9. I think brown will be fine. I hope he will. He’s my favorite right now because of the upside he has. His injury in spring training definitely hurt his power this year also.

  10. Thought experiment of the day: if Aumont reaches that potential, and if Ramirez and Gilles never become effective big-leaguers, how does everyone feel about the Cliff Lee trade? How would you feel if he’d signed with the Yankees in the off-season? Also take a look at the relative lack of success the guys we sent to Cleveland and the guys Texas sent to Seattle are having. How much value should we assign to a young closer? (And yes, I know one could use WAR etc to “empirically” answer these questions; just curious how others feel in their guts, so to speak.)

    1. If Carassco becomes a solid #3, which seems quite possible, Aumont and Ramirez will have to become a solid closer and set-up man for the Phillies to break even.

    2. Considering Cliff Lee helped Ryan Howard carry the Phillies to their 2nd consecutive pennant, the original trade was worth it.

      Considering dealing Cliff Lee also resulted in trades for Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt as well as the eventual resigning of Cliff Lee… I love both trades. Anything they get out of the prospects from Seattle is just a bonus.

      1. For the record, we traded Lee AFTER we acquired Halladay…and AFTER we tendered an offer to Blanton.

        1. You’re correct with the timing but the Halladay trade wouldn’t have happened if their plan was to keep Lee and try to sign him long-term.

    3. I think the second Lee trade could be a lesson in prospect attrition. Aumont looks like the one sure thing of the group and even he has yet to prove himself in the major leagues. I’m not saying Ramirez and Gillies couldn’t be major league players, even stars. But it’s not looking good right now. Trading an established player for minor leaguers is much riskier for the team getting the minor leaguers. Tools don’t matter. All three of these guys have tremendous tools, but health is never a sure thing and having things click is never a sure thing. Sometimes teams get a brilliant return for an established player. Cliff Lee was part of a trade for Bartolo Colon. He was a prospect at the time, and he was sent away with Brandon Philips and Grady Sizemore, a couple of kids with star potential at the time. The Rangers got three brilliant players for Mark Texiera. But it makes sense that the team with the greater concern is the team getting the kids.

  11. Under your scenario of Aumont becoming a dominant closer/reliever, the trade is a slight win for the Phillies. Basically 1 year of Lee vs. 4-5 years of cost controlled closer.

    I consider it a slight win for the Phillies because the of value of a young closer based specifically on dollar cost/position value. War and other stats aren’t really important since the basis of your question assumes both guys will be very good.

    The Phillies are paying Brad Lidge $11+M per season to be their closer while the Braves are paying their guy $420,000. Over the next 3 years, the Braves will save around $30 million that they can allocate elsewhere. The cost difference between Kimbrel/Lidge is the $$$ to pay a Tim Hudson or Jimmy Rollins.

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