79 thoughts on “Phillies chatter, week of 15 August 2011

  1. 20 games in 20 days and now we play 2 and have 2 days off. Seems a little strange around here. I was supposed to see Cliff Lee on Tuesday night but now I’ll have to settle for Roy Halladay. Aw shucks!!!

  2. So, who do you think will or should by a September call-up to the Phillies?

    I would definitely like to see some of our top relief guys like Aumont and De Fratus get some big league innings, especially if it will help keep Amaro from overpaying for some mediocre relief pitcher(s) in free agency.

    1. Schwimer, Kratz, maybe Mathieson. No clue why they got Cust as he has no power anymore and cannot field at all. Would love to see Thompson up just to give the OF guys a rest in the 8th/9th and pinch run here and there, but I know it’ll never happen.

        1. Cust may be a replacement at AAA for Brown when he is called up, Or in case the Delaware river swells and swallows the stadium

          1. I see where Brown is hitting .100 (3 for 30) over the last 2 weeks or so with only 1 extra base hit and 2 RBI’s.

  3. If Blanton and Contreras come back (which I don’t think either will since they aren’t even on a minor league rehab assignment at this point) I would say maybe one reliever gets called up. Probably Perez and maybe Schwimmer. A third catcher. Brown, Orr and probably Cust.

    They never like to crowd the club house and I don’t think this will be any different.

  4. Do you people ever read the line scores from the game? You’re like Obama – you just say something that has no basis whatsoever and state it as fact.

    1. you say obama i say bush but who really gives a crap this is a baseball site not a political site…hit the road and shut your yap

  5. I know this shouldn’t bother me but it does. From Tyson Gillies Twitter. I wish he would work up a sweat rehabbing or playing baseball!

    “TysonGillies21 Tyson Gillies
    Oh man does everyone need to find their inner rock band! Straight sweating on these drums!”

    Also tweeted about looking forward to the offseason at Mathison’s Pig Roasts? How about offseason of winter leagues or something. I know these guys are entitled to their private life and he has every right to play video games and eat pork, I just wish he wouldn’t share it with the public.

    1. They’re not allowed to do anything us normal people do? You probably don’t prepare yourself for your job 24 hours a day?

      Playing rock band for a few hours isn’t going to set his baseball career back any… heck, Cole Hamels plays COD with guys like Justin Verlander (I think I saw that somewhere).

  6. The state of the big league team is terrific. It seems that the Phils will have no drama with a divisional rival this year. There is an interesting series with Arizona coming up. Arizona may very well win the AL West. We are really, however, the class of the NL. Other contending teams do not match up with us. The Braves can’t pitch or hit with us, although their bullpen is a little better ( although it seems they surrendered a large lead today, maybe all those games are taking a toll). The Brewers can’t pitch with us (starting), but their lineup is probably little better and the back end of their bullpen is very tough. The Cardinals hit better but are very distant in terms of pitching. The Diamondbacks have a good lineup and somehow they came up with some pitching after last year. The Giants have two really good starters, a great bullpen and three other pretty good starters and a lineup with two guys you worry about (Beltran, Sandoval) and then Eli Whiteside and Aaron Rowand and the 2011 version of Aubrey Huff, among others, compose a pathetic supporting cast.

  7. Honestly, i’m not sure who frightens me more: San Francisco or Arizona and neither seem to match up very well with the Phillies. As we all know anything can happen during a short series, and the Phillies have struggled against both SF and Arizona a lot over the past few seasons. The Brewers are looking very formidable as well, so it seems like the Phillies will have some tough matchups regardless of who they draw in the post-season.

    Even the best teams are beatable if caught at the right time, and that can work both for and against the Phillies.

    1. Arizona is a different team than they were even early this year. They scare me because they have a legit offense… but it’s the kind of offense that our pitchers like to face.

      Typically, they struggle in CBP and Phillies struggle in Chase Field.

  8. Astros Choose Santana To Complete Pence Trade
    By Tim Dierkes [August 15 at 12:01pm CST]

    The Astros have selected outfield prospect Domingo Santana from the Phillies as the player to be named later to complete the Hunter Pence trade, tweets Alyson Footer. The Astros had previously acquired prospects Jarred Cosart, Jonathan Singleton, and Josh Zeid from the Phillies for Pence and $2MM on July 29th.

    Santana, 19, is hitting .269/.345/.434 in 391 Low-A plate appearances this year while playing right field and DH. Baseball America ranked him ninth among Phillies prospects prior to the season, praising his athleticism and raw power.

    1. Really curious how Santana was not protected. This trade is a fleecing which is frustrating since master negotiator Wade just gave Bourn away for nothing.

      1. btw, three of the braves’ big four pitching prospects – minor, vizcaino and delgado – are now in the majors with tommy hanson on the DL.

  9. Cole Hamels had an MRI on his left shoulder… hopefully it’s nothing serious. I don’t understand how Charlie Manuel and Rich Dubee can justify risking the health of one of our starters with an 8.5 game lead in the division.

    1. Tonight was as blatant as I’ve ever seen when he kept him through the entire 9th inning. I wondered why he even went out there to start the 9th; then I figured he’d go after the first hit, or 2nd hit, and for sure when Overbay came to the plate. 120+ pitches down the drain.

      1. The start of the ninth was the key. He struck out the side in the eighth. Why not let him pitch. Charlie won’t show up Halladay by taking him out once he starts an innings unless he just can’t continue. It’s a loss. They happen sometimes. Tip your hat to the D’s hitters.

      2. Give me a break, this isn’t just some pitcher, this is Roy Halladay. If Madson came in and blew it, there will be others crucifying Mauel for taking out Halladay when he was cruising.

  10. agreed but doubtful. It will turn out to the same thing only different.

  11. now it’s clear why the phillies signed jack cust. gload has been an automatic out since the all-star break.

    1. I woild prefer Jim Thome now that he has reached 600 home runs and the Twins should realize that they have no chance to win their division.

      1. It would be a nice favor to Thome, Manuel and the team. Trust me, the Phillies will remember and would return the favor.

    1. Before all the ‘insurance’ questions come up on his contract—he is NOT insured for this year—-but is insured for next year, the third year and final year of his contract.

  12. Not sure that Blanton’s done for the year. There’s a chance he could still pitch iin September.

  13. Blanton can still pitch this year. They can retro back to when he pitched last. So if he is ok in September my guess you might see a Perez or Zagurski get dropped or they can add Naylor or Garcia to the 60 day DL

  14. Padres pick up Pedro Feliz, assign him to Triple AAA—why in the world would they do that!!!
    Retribution perhaps. Phillies are gazing for a Polanco temp replacement and Pedro could foot the bill. Ahhhh—-but last year when the Pads and Giants were neck and neck in the last week vying for the playoffs and division and the Pads were fading fast—Charlie decides to pull Cole Hamels in a game in the last wekk of the season in the 4th to ‘ save’ him, and the Phillies lose the game. This factor iin denying the wild-card opportunity to the Padres, instead the Braves got it.. What goes around comes around.

    1. Ron, the Padres have no one to blame but themselves for not winning the NL West last year as they had a large lead and lost it. Pedro Feliz has no range anymore and his bat is worse than before.

      1. Perhaps Pedro is not the same player as 2009….but it makes me wonder the reason behind why, a team going nowhere this year, like the Padres would do such an absurd move like that!

        1. This should only be seen a favor to the Phils. They would be much worse with Feliz’s bat and glove out there. Guess the Pads needed some organizational depth, as they have had injuries on the big club (Headley, in particular) that forced some infield callups from AAA.

  15. You have to love what Mayberry is doing. He is a dramatically improved player – he has become far better than I ever imagined he could become. And, by the way, Charlie is right about how much stronger he has gotten. I happened to pass him in the King of Prussia Mall last Sunday (after the rainout) and he is an enormous man and impressive physical specimen. He looks like an NBA power forward.

    I expect that they will probably pick up another lefty bat to platoon with Mayberry next spring. It sure as heck seems that they don’t need to rush Domonic Brown anymore.

    1. Jayson Werth, version 2.0

      Sure, he’ll likely never be a high OBP or hit for high avg but his defense and power are both very real.

    2. Catch…………….rush Domonic Brown!!!!!——he turns 24 in a few weeks. I guess we can let him develop more in LHV next year and bring him up in the Sept 2012 call-up as a 25 year old.

      1. Ron. Dom Brown is a super athlete and, I believe, will improve gradually over a long period of time. But he needs to play and needs to work on a lot of things, including his fielding and fixing the holes in his swing. You have to balance his long-term development with the major league team’s needs and its ability to have him learn on the job while it competes for championships. It seems to me that he could greatly benefit from more time in the minors where he can play more and work on things so that, the next time they bring him up, it can be for good. If you forced me to guess, I would think a winter of training and a few more months in the minors would benefit him more than being in some type of limited role or platoon in the majors (they are NOT going to make him the regular in left field right away). But what the heck do I know?

        1. He will be the regular in left next year. That’s certain barring injury. Any other result would be entirely irrational, and management, despite its faults, is not irrational.

          There is a small chance of a platoon with Mayberry. I think that would be a mistake, even though I like Mayberry as a 4th outfielder.

          1. (Of course there is an outside chance of a trade that would bring us an exceptional young LF; such a trade would almost have to involve Brown. I don’t think that will or should happen, but it could. That or injury are the onlty two things that would prevent him from being the Phillies’ left fielder next year.)

    3. Mayberry’s develop creates a great opportunity to bring up Brown next season to replace Ibanez and let Brown and Mayberry share the LF job. Keeps Mayberry as the 4th OF and allows them to ease Brown into an everyday role.

  16. Nice job by Herndon last night getting the win, no runs in his last 8 outings with only 2 hits and one walk. I know he’s our mop up guy for the most part, but he’s been going a great job as of late.

  17. Just a quick note.
    Pence walked 30 times in 399 PA with Houston (7.5%)
    Pence has walked 9 times in 75 PA with the Phillies (12%)
    I like this.

    Also, I feel good watching Herndon succeed. I remember taking a lot of flack, especially on twitter, when I defended him last year and said I thought he’d be worthwhile to keep ahold of. His slider has improved by a huge margin.

    1. Herndon—another Rule 5 success for RAJ. Vic was Wade’s I believe, but Mike Martinez is holding his own. Can’t wait to see who we select for Rule 5 next year!

    2. Too small a sample size to make any determinate yet if its a short term fluke or a long term trend but would think that Pence has less pressure now to carry an offense so he’s more willing to take the bb..

  18. Have always thought that Herndon generally does a good job at a cheap price. Not every guy in the bullpen is going to be a sub-2 era guy.

  19. I am one for sure that didnt like herdon, or mayberry,but either its just a one season wonder or these too guys have really gotten how to get better. my problem before with herdon was he was always making that one or two bad pitch mistake that hurt him. now he said last night he is not throwing as hard as before and his ball is staying down, instead of 94 or 95 he is 92-93 and not leaving pitching up, good explaination from him, mayberry just looks like he isnt chasing the bad breaking ball, hope it continues, dont mind being wrong if it helps the team.

  20. We can get Thome. If someone claims him during the waiver process, and a trade is negotiated, he can refuse it and become free agent. He can then sign with anyone, forfeiting the remaining half mil of his current contract. Phils can offer him reasonable compensation to sign with them. This is true for Giambi also. Could happen.

  21. It was mentioned in today’s Inquirer that the other players on the list, whom the Astros could have picked if they passed on Santana, were Jiwan James, Juan Sosa, and Lendy Castro.

  22. I cannot for the life of me believe that Aumont or Savery are not better than Brad Lidge. It is impossible to watch him pitch. Game over, Brad. We still love you, but it is time to hang ’em up.

  23. Catch 22, I was impressed with Schwimer today, at least. I hope he gets to stay when Polly is activated. Bastardo just made one horrible pitch today, and it cost the team dearly.

    1. Yeah, I’m assuming Schwimer stays. But I guess I didn’t do the roster math.

      It will all be academic soon anyway. The rosters expand in 10 days (meaning Schwimer will be here at that time one way or another) and Lidge won’t be here next year.

  24. Yeah, I think Fransisco should be sent down when Polly returns (if Polly returns). He’s doing nothing. Another thing I would do is DL Gload and replace him with Moss. Gload is decrepit right now and also doing nothing. He had a chance to give us some insurance today and struck out. Moss is a guy who is younger, he is having a nice year for the Ironpigs and he has power. And who knows, maybe he plays his way into more than a bench guy. He was once a pretty highly regarded prospect. Schwimmer has a live, young arm (unlike Lidge) and I think he could help us.

    1. I think the injuries are piling on here. Rollins and Polanco should be given time to heal up until roster expansion in September. Call up Pete Orr to fill in for this month. We are reaching stretch time and the boys need to be healthy as possible for the playoffs. Atlanta only 6.5 back, things are getting interesting with two series against them in September?

  25. It was a great Cinderella story ,almost. Cinderella gives up a home run on her first visit to the castle but lives . Then …. oh hell you know the rest.
    Way to go Schwim. He does have an unusual approach but Ruiz seemed to adjust as the inning progressed. Nice job for Ruiz too.

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