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    1. Has the “Trevor May should get promoted” ship embarked on its voyage yet? If not, I’m breaking the champagne bottle on that vessel. If not now, then soon. Let him get a couple of starts in AA to get a feel for that league now and so he can hit the ground running there next year.

        1. Trevor May is a moose of a human being. Take a look at the picture in the article. Somebody installed a fire hydrant where his neck used to be located.

        2. This seems to be the team’s MO; they like to have players in playoff races, and the fact that all of the affiliates should at least be in the discussion for awhile longer will probably keep some guys who might otherwise be promoted where they are.

          Of course, that would’ve been my argument for keeping Galvis at Reading, so what the hell do I know? May will probably be at AA next week.

        3. I love that over the past 60 innings he has struck out 1.5 batters PER INNING. He’s been getting half of his outs by strikeouts. Let’s see what he can do in a tougher environment for pitchers, because he is not being challenged in CLW.

  1. It is a temptation to push May to Reading before the Eastern Lg season ends. How much longer does that league play? Into September? If so, maybe the move would set him up for a season there in ’12…and as a possible reward for “excellence” then, a move up to LV toward that season’s end.

    A factor might be how much the org feels it needs a starting pitcher replacement on the big team. That would depend on whether Oswalt is here in ’12, whether Blanton can come back to “decency,” and whether Worley is able to justify holding on to a spot in the rotation.

    Today’s kind of start by him certainly enhances the feeling that he could be putting it all together. Absolutely a serious candidate for our post-season #1 prospect rating.

  2. Hey gang, sorry if this has been mentioned/discussed but any idea why Biddle hasn’t pitched in 10 days?

    And yes, May – nice………

    1. Biddle had a slight hip injury but it is also a combination of that and his innings pitched and the playoff race. He said he could normally pitch but they want to give him some time off so he is healthy for the playoff push.

  3. Rivero looks like a small “miracle” when you consider his pre-2011 season. Somebody saw something in him that needed correcting that could yield a player better able to realize his potential. He is possibly a Polanco replacement in ’13; only want to know about his fielding abilities………because the big club is dependent on great defense to supplement excellent pitching.

    Advantage: Phillies…and their coaches, scouts, front office.

      1. Don’t step to my boy Donald. He’s killing it in AAA. Obviously he has not done well in the majors, but an OPS of .690 (2010 in 325 PAs with the Tribe) is not awful for a middle infielder. He can be a solid utility player in the majors, though apparently he is not a good defender at SS.

  4. Good job by Bonilla tonight to make sure the Astros don’t want him after the season is over. He’s pulling the wool over their eyes.

  5. Nice games for Altherr (3 steals!) and Lavin.
    Good game for Santana.
    Valle walks but has an otherwise poor day batting. Dominant start for Trevor May.
    Don’t like the walks/HBP for Tyler Cloyd.
    Nice appearance for Savery.

    1. Altherr now has 30 steals in 33 attempts. Only Thompson and Hewitt have more steals in the organization (top to bottom). If Hewitt could get on base more, he might surpass Gose in steals. If you look at power & speed guys. Mitchell and Hewitt are leaders in the minors (J-Roll, Vic and Utley score very high in the majors). Mitchell has 17 HRs and 16 SBs. Hewitt has 12 HRs and 31 SBs. If you add 2B, 3B and HRs in combination with SBs, then an interesting name jumps onto the list. Freddy Galvis is high up on that list. Three other guys who shouldn’t surprise you are James, Collier and Thompson.

      1. Yeah, I really like Altherr’s steal rate. Seems like a lot of fast minor league guys get caught stealing at such high rates that they might as well not be running. But 30/33 is terrific.

  6. Trevor May looking like a top prospect!! He has 178 Ks in 131 1/3 innings and .214 average against. Don’t remember any minor leaguer in the system ever w/200ks.

  7. Crap! Looking at the R-Phils schedule. they’ll be in my neck of the woods from the 22nd – 24th. I try to catch them when they’re up here in CT. But I have to take my son back to College during that period so I won’t catch them this year. Double Crap! But if the lineup stays the way it is, I wouldn’t have seen many prospects anyway. If May gets called up and pitches during that period, I’ll be ticked off.

      1. Where my son goes to school there’s 10 months of winter and 2 months of damn poor sleddin’. To get there would take 2 trains, a bus, a rickshaw and a dogsled. Or maybe a a Cessna with high altitude package and a parachute.

        1. I bet that’s where Jesen Dygestile-Therrien’s going to go if he doesn’t sign. Oui, Monsieur.

          Sorry, had to French up that Canadian reference. That’s how I roll.

  8. I have seen altherr play 5 or 6 times now and he is becoming a really interesting prospect. In my uneducated opinion, he might be our best position player prospect in the system.

    For those that haven’t seen him, he is a very tall, lanky guy. Nobody has tons of muscle in low a, but he really stands out as far as a guy that has tons of “growing into his body” to do. In comparison to guys like franco, hudson, and dugan, altherr looks way mor raw.

    His base stealing really amazes me. He’s not that fast (or at least doesn’t look it). He seems to be very smart though and get good jumps. Even if his steals decline as he gets bigger, this speaks well for his baseball iq in my opinion.

    As far as the bat, he just always seems to be hitting line drives or the ball hard somewhere. If all goes well, there line drives will turn into hr as he gets bigger.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts. I wouldn’t be shocked if he is our top position prospect this time next year.

    1. Thanks Jared, that’s great to hear. He’s certainly up there for me, though I think Galvis might have to get the nod based on his proximity to the majors. No doubt Altherr may have more upside at the plate, though.

      1. I like galvis myself, but I wonder if he will ever be the starting ss on a championship caliber team. That isn’t to say he wont be a good player, or valuable to the phillies. I just question whether he will be as good as one needs to be to be a starter for the phillies.

        *that doesn’t directly relate to altherr, just a thought on galvis that’s been on my mind for a while.

        1. Been awhile since we did the whole Galvis vs. Andrus debate, right? Let’s check in on those numbers:

          Andrus, age 19, AA: 295/350/367, 54/70 SBs
          Galvis, age 21, AA/AAA: 272/322/397, 20/31 SBs

          This season, Andrus has a 673 OPS for the first place Rangers. I still think Andrus is the better player, but I hope somebody gives Galvis a shot for a full season (and I think given his glove, he’ll get one).

            1. Ten years ago? No. Today? If the team were in first place? Sure. As fans, we’ve been spoiled by how consistently excellent Jimmy Rollins has been, while other teams have suffered through players who couldn’t play either at the plate or in the field (or, in the case of Yuni Betancourt, both). Expecting another SS of his caliber might be a lot to ask.

              Andrus’s OPS ranks 15th in the majors for shortstops this season . . . he is exactly average for his position. The names in front of him are either superstars (Tulo, Hanley, Reyes, J-Roll), future superstars (Starlin Castro), or below-average defenders (J.J Hardy, Johnny Peralta, Derek Jeter), with a few journeymen having excellent seasons mixed in.

              Would you like the next Phillies shortstop to be a superstar? Of course. But that guy isn’t in our system. There are maybe two in the minors. The future of the position is in glove-first guys, and that’s what Galvis brings. You make up the offense at another position.

            2. I’d be a little disappointed with .675 OPS every single year, but if there was reason to believe that the individual would improve I would certainly live with it for one year. Additionally, Andrus has 31 SB. His OB% is .330, which is in-line with J-Roll right now.

          1. I don’t see why he couldn’t be a solid #8 hitter. The Phillies won the world series with a 7 and 8 hole of Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz… don’t see why they couldn’t with Galvis hitting behind Ruiz.

      2. finally somebody correctly didn’t put close in front of proximity as that would literally mean close closeness. Kudos lol.

    2. What I like about Altherr is his high SB % for a minor leaguer. He is 30/33 in stealing combined this year. I have seen too mant prospects in this system with caught stealing issues.

    3. Altherr will definitely be one that I will keep my eye on this weekend…the Cutters are coming to Aberdeen, MD for a 3 game set against the Ironbirds. Definitely going tomorrow (Friday) night and may even try to go Sunday as well.

      Add Dugan, Martinez, Hudson, Asche and the relievers as those who I’ll try to pay extra attention to. Not sure who is starting yet, need to check that out.

      1. My guess is you probably won’t see Dugan. He was pulled out of Tuesday’s game because of a back that’s been bothering him. It doesn’t sound as though it’s DL worthy, but something that needs to be rested. I can see them giving him the weekend off and then the All-Star break to add on to it.

        Been real impressed with Pete Lavin in his short time here. Lots of pop in a small frame (may have the best pure, raw BP power on the team right now). Plays solid defense. Not the run-producer Franco was, but a good fit for the lineup nonetheless.

        1. Thanks for the heads up Mitch. You and Slasher going to be there? My son and i are excited to go!

    4. I think Altherr is a back end of the top 10 prospect. Still raw, plate discipline needs work. But he’s still age appropriate, and his upside is HUGE. He leads the Cutters in both HRs and steals, has the highest slugging percentage among all regulars. Altherr has five tool potential, probably more than any other player in our system.

  9. Interesting article up on BP today about best CF prospects in the minors. Jiwan James makes the cut, with scouts remarking that double digit home run power is possible down the line (if only just into the double digits), and all the other tools we already see actualized on the field. Parks (the author) was surprised by how many in the industry brought up his name, so he’s obviously well-regarded. Something to think about.

    1. I think it’ll be interesting to see what he does next season in a better hitter’s park(Reading) and league (EL). I was impressed with him last season given that it was his first full season as a position player. He hasn’t done anything this year to lower my opinion of him, although I’d like to see someone work with him on basestealing.

    2. Ashe does nothing for me. Keep an eye on lavin though and see if he does anything as well. I have seen him hit the ball hard a bunch.

      1. While he might ultimately end up being a guy like Buschini, I will reserve judgement on Asche until next year. He was a guy that had a real strong junior year at Nebraska and is still fairly young (recently turned 21).

        He was lauded as a hitter-first, and some felt he would have to transition from 3B to 1B/OF. Instead, the Phils have been using him at 2B and his fielding % has been stronger than other WPT 2b/ss/3b, with a very solid RF/g (if you put stock in that stat). He has a good BB rate (10.2%), and his K rate (17.3%) isn’t bad either. His ISO hovering around .100 isn’t awful, but something that would need to improve. His BABIP is pretty bad, at only .250 — the question is if he is getting unlucky, or playing poorly for any number of reasons (tired, new environment, or just isn’t that good).

        1. Ashe could very well turn it around. I didn’t mean to sound so negative. That being said, he needs to have a big year next year to stay on the radar.

          Fwiw, I love taylor black. Kid probably wont make it, but he still wears his blue kentucky batting gloves and is always professional. Just seems like a guy I would want my daughter to date (if I had a daughter)

        2. I think Asche has spent so much time working on his defense at second base (which is drastically improved from the opening of the season) that his hitting has fallen off. What concerns me with Asche is he doesn’t make very solid contact a lot. He hits a lot of lazy fly balls, pop ups and weak ground balls. He had a 4 for 4 night the other night where I don’t think he squared up one ball, just a couple bloops and bleeders.

          He’s got some pop to where if he can make consistent solid contact the way Dugan was during his hot streak that I think he could be plus-power for the second base position. I think he’s still a bit of a project, but I don’t put him in the Adam Buschini category at all, but I can see where one would want to.

    3. Can’t say I’m shocked. I’ve heard nothing but raves about J.J.’s defensive ability and he’s young enough that he could develop some power done the line.

  10. Reigning No.1 – OF – Domonic Brown (LHV-9/13/87) – (.287) 0 for 4

    Current Mid-season Top 30

    1. RHP – Trevor May (CLW-9/23/89)- (9-6, 3.22) – 7 IP, 2 H, 0 R, BB, 9 K (win)
    3. C – Sebastian Valle (CLW-7/24/90) – (.302) – 0 for 3 with a BB, 3 K’s
    5. OF – Domingo Santana (LWD-8/5/92) – (.268) 1 for 3 with a 2B (29), BB
    6. OF – Zach Collier (LWD-9/18/90) – (.251) – 1 for 4 with an RBI (26)
    8. RHP – Justin De Fratus (LHV-10/21/87) – (2-2, 4.34) –1 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 3 BB, K (loss)
    9. SS – Freddy Galvis (LHV-11/14/89) – (.258) –0 for 3 with 2 K
    10. 3B – Maikel Franco (LWD-8/26/92) – (.185) – 0 for 3
    13. OF – Jiwan James (CLW-4/11/89) – (.279) – 2 for 5 with a run, RBI (28), 2 K’s
    16. RHP – Lisalberto Bonilla (LWD-6/6/90) – (2-4, 3.06) – 3.1 IP, 8 H, 7 R, 7 ER, BB, 2 K (loss)
    17. 3B – Harold Martinez, 2 RBI (WIL-5/31/90) – (.255) – 0 for 4
    23. 3B – Carlos Rivero (LHV-5/20/88) –(.167) 1 for 4 with a HR (1), 2 RBI (5)
    24. 1B – Matt Rizzotti (REA/12/24/85)– (.284) – 0 for 0 with a BB
    26. OF – Kyrell Hudson (WIL-16/6/90) – (.250) – 1 for 4 with 2 K’s
    27. OF – Aaron Altherr (WIL-1/14/91) – (.279) – 1 for 2 with 2 runs, 2 BB, 3 SB (18)
    29. 2B – Cesar Hernandez (CLW-5/23/90) – (.254) – 2 for 7 with a run, 2 RBI (33)
    30a. 2B– Cody Asche (WIL-6/20/90) – (.204) 1 for 4
    30b. OF – Derrick Mitchell (REA-1/5/87)- (.267) – 1 for 5 with a K

    Other names of interest

    3B – Travis Mattair (CLW-12/21/88) – (.240) 1 for 6 with an RBI (25), 4 K’s
    SS – Edgar Duran (LWD-2/10/91) – (.251) 1 for 3 with a run
    OF – Anthony Hewitt (LWD-4/27/89) – (.234) – 0 for 4 with 2 K’s
    LHP – Joe Savery (LHV-11/4/85) – (3-0, 2.92) –1.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K
    RHP – Tyler Cloyd (REA-5/16/87) – (3-3, 3.26) – 6 IP, 5 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 6 K
    RHP – Justin Friend (REA-6/21/86) – (0-3, 3.12, 7 SV) – 1 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 2 R, 0 BB, K (loss)
    RHP – Eric Pettis (CLW-6/9/88) – (2-2, 2.82) –0.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 K
    RHP – Juary Gomez (WIL-5/23/90) – (4-0, 2.86) –1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, K (save)
    RHP – Lino Martinez (WIL-9/17/92) – (5-2, 3.12) – 5 IP, 8 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 3 BB, 2 K’s
    RHP – Colton Murray (WIL-4/22/90) – (0-2, 3.57) 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K

  11. Over on John Sickel’s site:

    Aumont: Prospect of the Day

    If current rumors and his recent performance are any indication, Philadelphia Phillies pitching prospect Phillippe Aumont will receive a shot in the majors soon. A year ago, his career looked like it might be in trouble, but he’s made a rapid turnaround. Let’s take a look.

    Phillippe Aumont was drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the first round in 2007, from high school in Gatineau, Quebec. The 11th overall pick that year, he signed late and didn’t make his pro debut until 2008. He performed well for Low-A Wisconsin, posting a 2.75 ERA with a 50/19 K/BB in 56 innings, though he spent time on the DL with a sore elbow. Used as a reliever in 2009, he posted a 3.24 ERA in the difficult environment of High-A High Desert, with 12 saves and a 35/12 K/BB in 33 innings. He had command troubles after being promoted to Double-A West Tennessee, with a 5.09 ERA and 11 walks in 18 innings, though he also fanned 24.

    The Phillies acquired him in the Cliff Lee trade in December ’09. Sent to Double-A Reading for 2010 and placed in the starting rotation, he had massive control problems leading to a 7.43 ERA and a 38/38 K/BB in 50 innings. Demoted to High-A at mid-season, he was mediocre the rest of the way with a 4.48 ERA and a 77/42 K/BB in 72 innings for Clearwater.

    Moved back to the bullpen, Aumont began 2011 at Double-A Reading, pitching 31 innings in relief and performing extremely well: 2.32 ERA, 41/11 K/BB, 23 hits allowed, 2.05 GO/AO. Promoted to Triple-A Lehigh Valley, he’s remained extremely effective through 14 innings, with a 1.98 ERA and a 24/6 K/BB ratio with 12 hits allowed. His tenure in Triple-A was interrupted by a three-week stint on the disabled list with a sore shoulder, but he’s back in action now and pitching quite well, throwing six shutout innings since returning from the injury, with one walk, one hit, and 11 strikeouts.

    Aumont struggled as a starter due to a below average changeup and the aforementioned command troubles. His delivery isn’t smooth and he has trouble repeating it at times, hampering his control. However, in short stints he’s able to maintain his mechanics more easily, giving him better command when used in the bullpen. There’s nothing wrong with his arm: his fastball hits 95-97 MPH and has strong sanction action. He mixes it with a hard curveball, and the combination is devastating.

    Aumont’s step forward this year looks legitimate to me, and he has the stuff to be a major league closer if he maintains his command and avoids further health issues. We should see him in the majors later this year or certainly in 2012.

  12. Tough night for Bonilla….
    Anthony Hewitt with a solid “Hewitt”, 0-4 with 2 Ks

    Looks like all of our eggs are in the Trevor May basket. James with another solid night as well.

  13. I think Bonilla’s just getting tired at the end of a long season in which he prepared to be a RP. They should get him on a good S+C program over the offseason, as this is the second straight year he’s faded badly down the stretch.

  14. Stutes is starting to worry me he isnt the same, and why didnt they used him yesterday?? maybe aumont comes up in september and takes over 6 or 7th inning role.

    1. The team has made it clear that they don’t want Stutes and Bastardo to be overworked as they want them to be fresh in September and afterward. It’s not that they don’t trust Stutes, it’s that they are being forced to use Bastardo more than they would prefer.

    2. would have been 3rd appearance in 4 days. Guessing he was just unavailable.

      I’m thinking that both Aumont and Schwimmer will get called up in September so the can starting giving Madson, Bastardo, & Stutes some extra rest before the playoffs.

    3. I don’t think anybody thought he could sustain a sub 2 era all year. That said, I wouldn’t trust him in a 1 run game in the playoffs… which is what I’ve been saying all year. Hopefully Contreras comes back healthy.

  15. From the KLaw chat

    Tony (Pt Jeff, NY)
    Best up-and-coming LHP– Erlin(SD), Surkamp(SF), Biddle(PHI), Minor(Atl)?? ON stuff, not where they are in being MLB ready. Thanks as always.

    Klaw (1:28 PM)
    Best stuff there is Biddle. Minor is obviously the most ready.

    1. That is some pretty serious praise with the talent listed there. Must have forgot that Biddle didn’t get traded, cause he hates the Phillies you know…

      1. Don’t know anything about Surkamp, but Erlin and Minor are both considered back-of-the-rotation starters by the prospect people . . . it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that Biddle, who has borderline ace stuff, has the higher ceiling. Key word there is “ceiling,” though–the other two guys are near-locks to have a big league career. Biddle isn’t.

  16. Good article on the “Lee-some” over at phoulballz.com. Obviously, Aumont is doing the best, but the organization still has hope for Ramirez and Gillies.

    1. I think they are really annoyed by the Gillies situation. I am not saying they are through with him, blame him, or believe he is faking it, but they are tired of him not being on the field. I think Gillies and Victor Abiamiri should go into business together and open a new restaurant called “The DL”.

      1. Everyone is probably annoyed with his DL situation.

        In other DL news, Chace Numata got his first action of the season in the GCL today.

      2. catch………..LOL—–the restaurant bar has to be called ‘the IR”. And its band ‘the PUP’.
        Seriously, Ty Gillies, if healthy, will need to go to the AFL and then FIL and be ready for spring training and take it from there.

      3. I think the Gillies situation forces your hand to resign Victorino. Gillies was already in AA and should have made the move into AAA in order for the Phillies to make a decision. Unless James or Derrick Mitchell will shoot up the ladder as CF?

        1. I think Shane being the best hitter on the team this season forces the Phillies hand more than any minor league situation does.

          1. The point is there is no clear cut replacement for Victorino, more so in CF and top of the lineup. Maybe you entertain letting him walk if Gillies was what you expected when he came over two years ago.

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