Hot and Not, Sardinha to be Called Up

A look at who is up and who is down during Week Three of the season (4/22–4/28)

Hot Hitters (min 10 AB’s): Carlos RIvero (.471, 5R, 2RBI),  Brian Gump (.412, 5R 1HR 7RBI)Kevin Frandsen (.391, 5R, 3RBI, 2SB), Fidel Hernandez (.389, 5R) Joe Savery (.375, 4R)James Murphy (.360, 3HR 10RBI)Geancarlo Mendez (.357, 8R, 8RBI), Steve Susdorf (.353, 3R 2HR 8 RBI)Troy Hanzawa (.353)Derrick Mitchell (.350, 4R 1HR 3RBI) Honorable Mention: Freddy Galvis, Cameron Rupp, Rich Thompson

Cold Hitters: Ronnie Belliard (.049), Miguel Alvarez (.091), Delwyn Young (.087), Mike Spidale (.095), Cory Sullivan (.154), Domingo Santana (.167), Matt Rizzotti (.143)

Hot Starters: Jon Pettibone (W, 7IP 4 H 0ER 1BB 7K); JC Ramirez (W, 7IP 3H 0ER 1BB 4K), David Buchanan (W, 7IP 7H 0ER 1BB 3K), Chris Kissock (W, 7IP 7H 0R 3BB 1K), Trevor May (W, 7IP 4H 1ER 0BB 6K)

Hot Relievers: Garrett CLaypool (6IP 3H 0ER 1BB 6K)Brian Gordon (4IP 0ER); Jordan Ellis (3IP 1H 0ER 0BB 5K); Juan Perez (2.1IP 0H 0R 1BB 3K 1SV); Eric Pettis (4IP 1H 0ER 1BB 3K); Chase Johnson (2W, 3IP 1H 0R 0BB 4K); Justin Friend (2IP 1H 0R 0BB 3K, 1SV), Justin DeFratus (2.1IP, 0ER)

Not Hot Pitchers: Ryan Feireabend (2 starts, 2L, 8.2 IP 14H 10R 2BB 6K)Jesse Biddle (2 starts, L, 6.2IP, 8H 7ER 9BB 7K); Jordan Whatcott (2.2IP 6H 5ER 2BB 2K)Nate Bump (L, 5.2IP 7H 5ER 2BB 2K); Tyler Cloyd (3IP 6H 3ER 1BB 4K); 4ER 2BB 3K); Hector Neris (1.2IP 4H 3ER 1BB) Michael Schwimer (2.2IP 4H 3ER 3BB 3K), Phillipe Aumont (2.1, 2H 3ER 2BB 6K)

Reports out of Philadelphia are saying that catcher Dane Sardinha will be called up to Philadelphia from Lehigh Valley today to act as backup catcher in the short term, as Carlos Ruiz recovers from his back injury. Sardinha, 32, spent some time in Philadelphia last year but has struggled both offensively and defensively in the early going in Lehigh Valley, hitting just .088 in 41 at bats, and is without an RBI.  He provides emergency relief should Brian Schneider go down.  It appears as if catcher Joel Naughton will join Lehigh Valley from extended Spring Training to fill the Lehigh Valley roster void.

42 thoughts on “Hot and Not, Sardinha to be Called Up

  1. Kind of ridiculous, Kratz deserves a shot. Looking at his minor league career, I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten more of an opportunity to make the majors as a backup catcher. Hopefully he gets a shot sooner or later.

  2. I’m guessing in the short term they will use Sardinha, but he won’t see much action. If Ruiz’s stay on the DL were longer term then Kratz might have been the choice? Thats another RH bat out of the lineup.

  3. Kratz deserves to be the player called up based on his performance as opposed to Sardinha’s. It isnt close.

  4. Sardinha was likely solely called up due to more fammiliarity with the Phil’s pitching staff.

    If this was a longer-term assignment or one in which more action was expected, the selection may have been different.

  5. Didn’t Kratz miss a game with a toe injury. Maybe in true Phillies fashion it is worse than stated. It would be a no risk try for Kratz otherwise.

    But I would LOVE to hear Sarge try to say the brother’s name
    Bronson Kiheimahanaomauiakeo Sardinha. That would be worth the price of admission.

  6. I’m a big fan of this feature, thanks Gregg. I think Savery plans on staying on this list all year…

    1. I get your point, BP. But then I think how often in late August, things seem so different and April is such a distant memory of unspoiled times.

      My hope is that Savery does not hit a wall as Singleton did last year. If he just levels off to .280-.300 hitter the rest of the year, I’ll be thrilled. That means a promising prospect in the Rick Ankiel vein. Agree with many he needs some time in RF.

      1. Hey DD, I was really just joking around. Savery has been smoking hot and there’s no way he will maintain this all year. It was just funny to see him still on here despite cooling off of late (relatively) as 3up3kkk points out.

        1. Yeah, did not mean to be argumentative. Your thought just stimulated my memory of so many August/Septembers when the situation in April seemed so Edenic–or alarming–for the player or team, and things turn around 180 by end of season. I don’t think Savery will do an about face. He hit too well in college, and as a pitcher in recent years. He seems to have a classic line drive stroke with good gap power and occasional long ball potential. He needs to prove it over a season, but I see his upside as a .290-.300+ hitter with good plate discipline/OBP, maybe 35 2Bs, 15-20 HRs, smooth fielder at 1B or LF/RF, based on his solid athleticism for a bigger guy.

  7. No big surprise I was just saying yesterday I hate seeing this guy getting called up when we have other Catchers in the system just as good if not better.

  8. Can Savery really be added to the Hot list since his average for the period is below his season average?? 🙂

    Good to see so many bats starting to heat up as the weather does.

  9. Who gets taken off the 40 man to make room for Dane? It makes sense to call up Dane rather than Kratz. He will be dfa’d in two weeks and the phils won’t lose him. Kratz is better and another team may pick him up if he went through waivers. It’s unlikely some team would at this point pick up either but the odds are much greater for Kratz than Dane. For sitting the bench for two weeks and getting one or two starts it’s the right move in my opinion.

    1. Three good points in this thread refuting the argument for promoting Kratz. 1) Backup C will not play much–they may like Kratz better and want to keep him playing for a possible longer term stint, 2) Sardinha more familiar with staff, and 3) Kratz may not clear waivers returning to minors (is this true, or does he have options?)

      1. Kratz would only have to clear waivers if he was outrighted off the 40 man roster. He has at least two option years left, I believe.

        The easiest way to clear a spot is probably either to transfer Utley or Lidge to the 60 day DL.

        1. or put Harold Garcia on the 60 day DL. Or possibl Bocock but I’m not sure what type on injury he has.

  10. Power, speed and throwing are tools that are not easy to coach up. Derrick Mitchell had a good series in Erie this week displaying these tools. In one game he showed off his arm with a one hop strike throwing out a runner at home from center. In last night’s game it was his power and speed when he hit a ball off the top of the 20 ft. fence in left to circle the bases for an inside the park home run without a throw to give Reading its first inside the park home run in almost two years.

    1. Hi Rickey, I have been intrigued by Mitchell ever since he started coming on at the end of last year. Anyone know how to see partial year results for minor leaguers? I am curious to see Mitchell’s first half / second half splits from last year.

      Anyway, he’s always had the tools, he just has had trouble putting it all together. He’s 24 and in AA and not exactly tearing it up in a good hitters’ park, so it’s hard to get too excited. Still, there’s a glimpse of promise here. Let’s hope he keeps it up over a longer time span.

        1. If I had to guess, looking from his BABIP in August, September, he just really got lucky those months. I like the kid, and I’m rooting for him, but .400 and .375 BABIPS are just not sustainable

        2. Thanks a lot GregA, I really appreciate it. Clearly I’m remembering August, when (as DR points out) his BABIP was off the charts. Intersting that in his two months with good power his k rate went way up. It’s like in May and August he decided to swing for the fences, contact be damned. On the flip side, his BABIP is not so much of an outlier this month.

          Anyway, he has to produce probably better than what he’s doing now and sustain it for the whole year in order to become really interesting. Here’s hoping he’s found the magic elixir that turns tools into skills…

      1. I am curious to watch what happens the next couple of weeks when they play some home games. Currently he only has 12 at bats in Reading. However I do not know if the entire league is a hitters league or just where the R-Phils play.

      2. “Not exactly tearing it up in a good hitters park.”

        Yes, because an .805 OPS from a centerfielder is just terrible.

        Look, I get that he’s too old and that he will probably not sustain this OPS over the course of a season. But, if he were younger and his track record indicated that he would sustain this level, though, this would be a good number and would suggest that he has at least a shot at the majors.

  11. Updated Standings
    Lehigh Valley 10 11 .476 4.0
    Reading 13 7 .650 –
    Clearwater 13 8 .619 1.5
    Lakewood 9 11 .450 5.0

  12. I’m a little tardy today because of seven hours of draft coverage last night, but better late than never.

    Go Freddy, Go!

    1. OF – Domonic Brown (Clearwater) – (.500) 2 for 4 with a HR (2), 2 runs, 3 RBI and a BB
    2. RHP – Brody Colvin (Clearwater)- (0-0, 9.00) DNP
    3. OF – Jon Singleton (Clearwater)- (.306) –DNP
    4. RHP – Jared Cosart (Clearwater) – (2-3, 3.81) – 6 IP, 8 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB and 3 K’s (win)
    5. RHP – Trevor May (Clearwater)- (1-2, 5.57) – DNP
    6. C – Sebastian Valle (Clearwater) – (.264) – 1 for 4 with a HR (1), 2 RBI and 2 K’s
    7. LHP – Jesse Biddle (Lakewood) – (0-3, 7.16) – DNP
    8. RHP – Vance Worley (Lehigh valley) – (2-2, 2.78) – Pitching for the big club tonight
    9. OF – Tyson Gillies (Reading) – DNP
    10. RHP – Justin De Fratus (Reading) – (2-0, 3.86, 1 SV) – 1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB and 0 K’s
    11. RHP – Julio Rodriquez (Clearwater)- (3-0, 2.89) DNP
    12. 2B – Cesar Hernandez (Clearwater) – (.160) DNP
    13. OF – Domingo Santana (Lakewood) – (.239) 1 for 4 with a run, a BB and 2 K’s
    14. RHP – JC Ramirez (Reading) – (3-0, 1.33) – DNP
    15. OF – Aaron Altherr (Lakewood) – (.179) – 1 for 4 with a 2B (3), 2 RBI, a run, a BB and 3 K’s
    16. RHP – Jon Pettibone (Clearwater) – (2-0, 0.38) DNP
    17. C – Cameron Rupp (Lakewood) – (.213) – 2 for 4 with a BB and a K
    18. OF – Jiwan James (Clearwater) – (.250) – 2 for 5 with a 2B (4), 2 runs, an RBI and a K
    19. 2B – Harold Garcia (Reading) – (.300) Out for the season with a torn ACL
    20. RHP – Kevin Walter – Season hasn’t started
    21. RHP – Colby Shreve (Lakewood) – (1-2, 4.76) – 4 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 1 ER, 3 BB and 4 K’s
    22. RHP – Phillippe Aumont (Reading) – (0-2, 2.79, 1 SV) – 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB and 3 K’s
    23. RHP – Michael Schwimer (Lehigh Valley) – (1-0, 3.72) – DNP
    24. 1B – Matt Rizzotti (Reading) – (.352) – 0 for 4 with a K
    25. RHP – Austin Hyatt (Reading) – (2-1, 3.00) – DNP
    26. OF – Leandro Castro (Clearwater) – (.313) 2 for 5 with 2 runs
    27. OF – Miguel Alvarez (Lakewood) –(.182) DNP
    28. OF – Kelly Dugan – Season hasn’t started
    29. RHP – Josh Zeid (Reading) – (0-1, 5.74) – DNP
    30. RHP – Percival Garner – Season hasn’t started


    1B – Cody Overbeck (Reading) – (.329) 1 for 4
    3B – Geancarlo Mendez (Lakewood) – (.333) 1 for 5 with a 2B (5), 2 runs and 3 K’s
    SS – Freddy Galvis (Redding) – (.284) – 2 for 4 with a HR (2), a 2B (2) and 2 RBI
    OF – Steve Susdorf (Redding) – (.283) 0 for 4
    OF – Joe Savery (Clearwater) –(.447) 2 for 4 with a 3B (2) and a run
    RHP – Scott Mathison (Lehigh valley) –(0-0, 4.97, 1 SV) – 3.1 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB and 3 K’s
    RHP – Jordan Ellis (Clearwater) – (1-0, 0.00) – DNP
    LHP – Mario Hollands (Lakewood) –(2-1, 1.93) – DNP

  13. DONT KNOW if it means anything but two homeruns by brown, when he was not suppose to regain his power for months is a good sign.

  14. Did we waste Savery’s time by trying to convert him into a pitcher? How behind is he?

    1. He did not convert to a pitcher. He was 2-way in college, generally considered to be a slightly better prospect as a pitcher than as a hitter. This was based on his stuff before his arm injury and rehab. He just never regained the stuff he had pre-injury. And he really wanted to be a pitcher, so Phils got behind him until it became apparent he was mediocre. Maybe they waited too long, but there was nothing too unreasonable in their approach.

  15. Yean, Freddy is intresting. He’s not even getting overly lucky with batting average on balls in play. A 21yr old short stop in AA OPSing 725 is pretty good. If he can keep that up for the rest of the year he’ll be in pretty far up our prospect list. There hasn’t been a whole lot to get excited about down on the farm this season. Galvis is far and away the best (hitting) story this year.

  16. Three- extra-base hits this week including two HR’s from Galvis if I’m not mistaken.

    That’s some progress, even if we’re talking baby steps.

  17. Go Freddie!

    PERHAPS our long-term SS problem is going to be solved by him.

    He, to me, is the best and most welcome surprise in our system.

    Now…how about Mattair catching on and becoming a viable 3b candidate…? Go Moose!

    By the way: is Galvis just an average runner?…or does he have some speed? My memory of his assets does not include “speed.” So far the biggest turnaround in our system.

    So far.

    1. I have little faith that Galvis will be the answer though he has been pushed to higher levels of the minors than he was ready for offensively so I guess we have to take his hitting #s with a grain of salt. That said, slash line is slowly dropping toward his career avg. Too early to get excited about him IMO.

  18. Please bring up someone who can hit a little anyway. Who is Jorge Posada? Well he is the only regular in the majors with a lower average than Raul. Would the Mets let him hit with bases loaded and the game on the line?????
    BTW barely beating out Raul(192nd) is Crawford(190) Dunn(188)(luv them FAs)

    1. The alternatives aren’t much better. That this team is carrying Dane Sardinha, Michael Martinez, Pete Orr AND Wilson Valdez frankly makes my head hurt. Four batters with a career OPS+ worse than 65! At least Raul Ibanez used to be a good hitter. Those guys have never been good hitters.

      There’s got to be waiver talent around that’s better than what the Phillies are carrying on their bench right now. Two sub-par utility infielders and the worst hitting catcher in AAA. Ugly.

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