Daily Archives: April 2, 2011

More Lehigh Valley News

Courtesy of Jeff Schuler of The Morning Call.  Tagg Bozied, Drew Naylor, and Juan Perez have been placed on the DL with undisclosed injuries.  A reminder that the DL is 7 days in the minor leagues. 

Ronnie Belliard has been added to the Lehigh Valley roster, while pitching coach Rod Nichols announced that Vance Worley would start the season opener on Thursday evening.

So, with that being said, this is where we are at:

Catchers: Kratz and Sardinha

INF: Barfield, Belliard, Frandsen, Larish, Robert Hudson

OF: Miller, Moss, Sullivan, Thompson, Young

SP: Worley, Bump, Feirabend, Bonine, Bass

RP: Mathieson, Stutes, Schwimer, Zagurski, Carpenter, Grilli, Meyer

DL: Naylor, Bozied, Perez



Matt Anderson Released

The Phils released former #1 draft pick Matt Anderson who was attempting a comeback and had been preliminarily assigned to Lehigh Valley.  Anderson last pitched in 2008, and although still throwing very hard, had little to no command and was hit around hard in Spring Training.  This leaves the current Lehigh Valley staff at:

Starters: Vance Worley, Nate Bump, Drew Naylor, Ryan Feirabend, Eddie Bonine, Brian Bass

Relievers: Scott Mathieson, Mike Stutes, Michael Schwimer, Mike Zagurski, Jason Grilli, Drew Carpenter, Dan Meyer and Juan Perez.

Two pitchers from this group will need to be either let go or placed on the DL with presumably turf toe, an injury that seems to go around the Lehigh Valley locker room when roster space is needed.