Daily Archives: April 1, 2011

Clearwater and Lakewood Rosters

Clearwater: Catchers: Sebastain Valle, Kyle Lafrenz, Joel Naughton

Infield: Joe Savery, Cesar Hernandez, Troy Hanzawa, Travis Mattair, Darin Ruf, Alan Schoenberger

Outfield: Leandro Castro, Jiwan James, Jonathan Singleton, D’Arby Myers, Brian Gump

SP: Jarar Cosart, Brody Colvin, Trevor May, Jon Pettibone,Julio Rodriguez

RP: Tyler Cloyd, Jordan Ellis, Joe Esposito, Justin Friend, Derrick Loop, Ebelin Lugo, Jordan Whatcott


Catcher: Cameron Rupp and Torre Langley

Infield: James Murphy, Jeremy Barnes, Edgar Duran, Geancarlo Mendez, Carlos Perdomo, Stephen Batts

Outfield: Aaron Altherr, Miguel ALvarez, Zach Collier, Anthony Hewitt, Domingo Santana

SP: Jesse Biddle, David Buchanan, Colby Shreve, Eric Pettis, Mario Hollands

RP: Jake Borup, Garrett Claypool, CHase Johnson, Tyler Knigge, Ervis Manzanillo, Bryan Morgado, Juan Sosa

Lehigh Valley and Reading Current Rosters

Rosters were posted this morning in CLearwater and this is where we are currently at:

Lehigh Valley: Catchers: Erik Kratz and Dane Sardinha

Infield: Tagg Bozied, Josh Barfield, Jeff Larish, Kevin Frandsen, Robby Hudson

Outfield: Matt Miller, Rich Thompson, Brandon Moss, Delwyn Young, Cory Sullivan

Starters: Nate Bump, Drew Naylor, Vance Worley, Ryan Feirabend, Brian Bass, Eddie Bonine

Relievers: Matt Anderson, Drew Carpenter, Jason Grilli, Scott Mathieson, Michael Schwimer, Mike STutes, Dan Meyer, Mike Zagurski, Juan Perez.

Lehigh Valley will need to cut three players from this list by opening day, next Thursday April 7th. Continue reading Lehigh Valley and Reading Current Rosters