Clearwater and Lakewood Rosters

Clearwater: Catchers: Sebastain Valle, Kyle Lafrenz, Joel Naughton

Infield: Joe Savery, Cesar Hernandez, Troy Hanzawa, Travis Mattair, Darin Ruf, Alan Schoenberger

Outfield: Leandro Castro, Jiwan James, Jonathan Singleton, D’Arby Myers, Brian Gump

SP: Jarar Cosart, Brody Colvin, Trevor May, Jon Pettibone,Julio Rodriguez

RP: Tyler Cloyd, Jordan Ellis, Joe Esposito, Justin Friend, Derrick Loop, Ebelin Lugo, Jordan Whatcott


Catcher: Cameron Rupp and Torre Langley

Infield: James Murphy, Jeremy Barnes, Edgar Duran, Geancarlo Mendez, Carlos Perdomo, Stephen Batts

Outfield: Aaron Altherr, Miguel ALvarez, Zach Collier, Anthony Hewitt, Domingo Santana

SP: Jesse Biddle, David Buchanan, Colby Shreve, Eric Pettis, Mario Hollands

RP: Jake Borup, Garrett Claypool, CHase Johnson, Tyler Knigge, Ervis Manzanillo, Bryan Morgado, Juan Sosa

88 thoughts on “Clearwater and Lakewood Rosters

  1. No 3rd baseman on the Lakewood roster.
    If they plan on playing Barnes at 3rd base, they could have played him there at Clearwater. Seems unfair to me that Mattair quits for a year, then gets promoted over Barnes.

    1. Life aint always fair my friend.

      Get your head out of the clouds.

      Talent gets you chances. Fact of life…

          1. ethics – the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

            1. In this case Catch 22 is right. Barnes has one work ethic which is a set of rules. In the context you used he has variations of the set of rules and chooses each day from multiple work ethics. I get what you meant but it doesn’t come off the correct way in the context you used it. You have a work ethic, I have a work ethic, society has work ethics. (I could have helped myself but chose not to)

            2. Excellent dictionary skills, anonymous, but Catch is correct … the phrase is “work ethic,” not “work ethics.” (Could have helped myself; chose not to.)

            3. I was just joking around – I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings and I’m sorry if I did.

    2. Because of the weather from yesterday Lakewood played Clearwater in a simulation game this afternoon with only a ball and strike ump, no base running and the infielders stood on the edge of the infield on the outfield grass. The Lakewood infield was Barnes at 3b, Duran at ss, Perdomo at second and Murphy at first with Rupp catching Shreve. Clearwater had Mattair at third, Hanzawa at SS, Cesar Herandez at second, Ruf at first with Valle catching Bass and Savery as dh, Singleton in lf, Gump in center, and Castro in rf. James was walking around out of uniform and Schoeny was standing around in uniform behind the bench.

    3. extremely unfair.
      Barnes has outplayed Mattair at every level including this years spring training.

    1. Possibly Northwest Arkansas. They could start with John Lamb, Mike Montgomery, Danny Duffy, Chris Dwyer and Aaron Crow. Four Top 100 BA prospects and a first round pick beyond them.

      1. Usually a rotation weakens when it graduates 3 top 100 prospects to the next level. That’s besides the point that Biddle, Pettis and Hollands all have pretty high upside, anyway.

        1. Let’s call a spade a spade here. FreeAEC might have his “eccentricities” but outside of Biddle, that is not a high upside rotation on paper. Pettis is a short righthander with average velo, Hollands is a lefty with average stuff at best and a funky deliver and both Shreve and Buchanan are big righties without big K numbers.

          I’m hoping Perci Garner makes it up within a month or two and maybe push one of high school signees, musser or walter, if they are up to the challenge. Otherwise, as AEC says, there’s Biddle and what are at this point, some middle relief prospects.

          1. But at the same time, complaining because the low A rotation is weak due to the High A rotation being very strong is just a case of whining for the sake of it.

            1. What name should be in the Lakewood rotation but isn’t?

              I’ll give you two clues.

              1) Look at last June’s draft. Biddle is first. Now scan down the list of picks. You don’t have to look far down at all to find who should be at Lakewood this year. He has a 1st round fastball and wanted to be paid up to his ability.

              2) Dave $$$ Montgomery told him to go enjoy college because $$$‘s goal is to make Bud Selig happy.

  2. I thought Dugan would make Lakewood at least. Was he playing 1b at all? Maybe he gets some time in extended ST and he gets more work there. I think he would be a better option then Murphy. I also would not be shocked to see Barnes playing 3b at Clearwater in a few months. There are a lot of names in extended ST (or not assigned from what I see;Dugan, Eldemire, Hudson, Franco, Duffy, Way, Hernandez, Alonso, Klocke, Lanning, Murray, Wertz, Garcia, Velasquez, etc

    1. Out of that group, Dugan, Eldemire, Klocke and Duffy probably don’t need to be in extended spring training. Unfortunately they are playing at positions where the Phillies seem to be stockpiling alot of similar talent. The garbage up and down the LV and Reading rosters seems to be pushing some players backwards. Lots of AAAA catchers and 1B/DH types. Catching, I understand the need, for these types. Klocke is just caught in numbers, because there is no time for him with Valle and Rupp needing serious playing time.
      The need to stockpile potential AAAA 1B/DH types like Bozied, Rizzotti, Overbeck, Savery and Murphy, I really don’t understand. Ruf, Dugan and Duffy stuck behind that.

      1. Klocke threw no one out at second when I was watching him. One of his throws to second wound up in shallow center field on the fly and he appeared slow on his release. So Ernie was coaching him up so hopefully he improves. His left handed bat is keeping around.

        1. Thanks for the first hand account on Klocke. I thought I recalled reading he was the best defensive catcher in his conference. But then again he didn’t play in a major program.

        1. He was not last year after he spent the year in extended Spring Ball. It worked for Singleton, maybe it works for Dugan.

          1. Dugan is a full year older than Singleton. They were both drafted in 2009. Singleton was supposed to to stay in extended spring last year, at his age and experience. Dugan should be in his first full season at Lakewood this year. He is behind in relation to HS guys.
            But you are right, he could still be ok. Even if he has to play at Williamsport again this year, he will be younger than the college guys.

  3. I would be absolutely shocked if Clearwater didn’t win the Class A Championship this year. That team is stacked beyond belief.

  4. Here’s something , don’t know if it’s on another thread, cause haven’t looked yet, but eh.
    Previously unconfirmed releases from BA-
    High-lighted by Marlon Mitchell, C

  5. Also- Drew Erwin, RHP, Marshall Schuler, RHP, Andrew Snowdon, RHP, Andy Wells, LHP, Orlando Garces, LHP, Sebastien Boucher, OF, Luis Beltre, OF

  6. Very interesting to see what the Phils decided. As far as Dugan, hopefully he’ll play 1B in XST for a month and then take Murphy’s spot. I’m very surprised that Murphy is back here instead of Duffy. Hudson just lost the numbers game. Eldemire needs to be in XST as he’s not really healthy yet (per him). W Port outfield will be Eldemire, Hudson, and Pointer, not bad. Matt Way and Nick Hernandez will get placed after they’re found to be healthy. Hernandez is on the Lakewood roster. Barnes may be moved all around the field to get him conditioned to be a Ute. Lugo the closer at C Water? Chase Johnson at L Wood?
    Fun times!

  7. So before I was banned here a few weeks ago I was trying to post a question about Phillippe Aumont. There are people here who were in Florida and must have seen him pitch. Does Aumont still have the great stuff -98 MPH fastball, 94 MPH sinker, 12-6 curveball?

    Second. Does anyone know the story on Heitor Correa? I see that he was released after a terrible season last year. But he disappeared for a year in the past and I’ve never seen any reason for that posted. He once seemed on track to be the first Brazilian in MLB.

    Also, does anyone know if the Phils have signed any other Brazilians? I’ve not heard of any.

      1. Good question.

        I don’t know except the blogmaster here sent me an e-mail about two weeks before complaining about complaint e-mails from other posters. What am I supposed to do about that? I’m just being me, posting what I think.

        The complaints are ridiculous.

  8. Free AEC:
    – wasnt in florida, but from what ive read, aumont has gained a tick or 2 back on his pitches in the bullpen and has really made another turn around. hopefully that sticks.

    – If i remember correctly, correa’s original problem was getting a visa to play in the US, which is why he missed a year here, and instead played a little in one of our latin programs. Not sure of the reasoning for his release, but he was young and had potential, so i wouldnt be suprised to see someone else pick him up.

    1. I’ve only heard of Dominicans having visa problems, since their paperwork is usually fraudulent.

      I was expecting a wave of Brazilians to arrive after Correa made a splash, but I’ve not heard of anymore period. Only other news from Brazil I’ve read was Tampa opening an academy there.

      As for Aumont that write-up doesn’t tell me anything as I don’t know whether his stuff was “down” or not, or how much. I want to know whether he still has the same stuff he exhibited at the WBC pitching for Canada.

  9. Cesar Hernandez and Josh Zeid seems to have been the only two players who double jumped levels this year. I am very intrigued by both.
    The most interesting players for me this year:
    1. J Cosart
    2. A Altherr
    3. C Hernandez
    4. P Aumont
    5. J Biddle
    6. J James
    7. J Ramirez
    8. J Zeid
    9. J Rodriguez
    10. M Hollands

    1. I might also have to put Santana up there…it seems like he had a great Spring. Hopefully he has some big numbers in 2011 after a dissapointing 2010. Another one is hopefully a healthy Collier.

          1. Article seems to say that the “5th” starter role will be divided between Jon Petitbone and Joseph Esposito, with one or the other sliding into a long relief role at times. Maybe some people were overly high in the rating of Petitbone. But Cosart, Colvin, T. May, and Julio Rodriguez push ’em down a bit.

  10. Hey Mike, that is actually a really interesting topic! I wonder if there were others interested if PP wouldn’t mind making that a topic. I like your list and would also add collier, santana, walter and pointer and one last shot for hewitt. He got me excited last April then bombed.

  11. señores me parece interesante esa lista de peloteros interesante, pero del mexicano sebastian valle catcher me gustaria que me comentaran sopbre su futuro en ligas menores y como lo ven en tres años mas.
    muchas gracias….

  12. To Free AEC: While I think your long winded post with minor stats comparing to MLB stats was ridculous I would not be in agreement with banning you from the site.

    Stay clear of personal attacks and off color remarks and you should be fine. Most people here will just scroll past any of your posts or have fun disproving them.

    1. I don’t recall anything remotely long-winded from the party in question, nor anything involving stats except $$’s . I believe the post to which you are referring eminated from NEPA Philadelphia, or somesuch. Party did, however, directly accuse Domingo Santana of being a steroid abuser and fraudulently entering the United States. Tsk,tsk. But others might say far worse has appeared on here, even though other parties, may not have directly and explicitly accused anyone of anything specific.

      1. “I don’t recall anything remotely long-winded from the party in question”

        I don’t recall posting anything like that here either.

        “Party did, however, directly accuse Domingo Santana of being a steroid abuser and fraudulently entering the United States”


        I said I don’t know how old Santana or any other Dominican is and neither do you. The “buscones” are to baseball what Bernie Madoff is to financial investing.

        Two prospects at the Phils Dominican academy died from using horse steroids. That was reported in the Washington Post about eight or nine years ago (the bankrupt Philly papers have yet to discover this story). The steroids were obtained by a buscone through a veterinarian.

        Teenagers are treated just like cattle there, probably shot up by god knows what to make them look salable to a MLB team. Sordid from beginning to end.

        1. I recall that Free_AEC has on occasion been obnoxious in the past, but nothing he’s said on this thread (unless it’s been purged) seems remotely objectionable, unless you hate Brazilians. And yes he’s absolutely right–the Dominican prospect system is pretty rotten, and there’s clearly been a lot of PED abuse there in the past (as can be said for, well, just about everyplace else, including the Major Leagues). I think it’s unfair, though, to cast aspersions on all Dominican players–especially current prospects like Domingo Santana–because of what happened a decade ago. My understanding is that there’s a lot more scrutiny of the buscones, birth certificates and everything else now. Indicting a couple of Major League executives will tend to have that effect.

          1. Check the PED 50 game banned list for the minors. Every name I see come over the wire seems to be a Dominican. Probably because they became a prospect through PED use and can’t progress higher in the minors without continued use.


            The buscones are pimps, an organized criminal mafia specializing in human trafficking of MLB prospects. They have even paid older women to pretend to be a prospect’s mother and vouch for his fraudulent age.

            It would also be foolish to imagine that they would not pay lawyers down there to acquire fraudulent identities for a player in a neighboring island country as well. I think it’s highly probable that they have set up a BALCO lab on the island as well. It does not take a high level of medical skill to do something like that and the buscones have a lot of money.

            1. Or maybe PEDs are available as over the counter medicines in pharmacies and many of the prospects that test positive do so accidently without ever receiving much benefit from the drugs.

              Let’s try not to make sweeping generalizations on things where we do not have anywhere close to all the facts.

            2. Let’s try not to make sweeping generalizations on things where we do not have anywhere close to all the facts.

              I’m referencing the past couple of seasons. Other than the Braves former outfield prospect (HGH) and Lincecum’s connection (green leaf), everyone seems to be a Dominican.

              How many more years before these “facts” you point to become public?

              Speaking of facts that need to come to light and Dominicans, whatever happened to the broad at ESPN who wrote a book about A-Rod and his steroids and said that Dominicans in MLB were trading signs so they knew what pitch was coming and could do better and get paid better? When are those “facts” going to come out?

              How does this Dominican “thing of ours” work? If you have one Dominican infielder and the other team has four Dominicans, do you basically forfeit the game? Sit your Dominican? Open up a bank account for your Dominican in the Cayman islands so he’ll stay straight for you and turn on his brothers from the impoverished island?

              Seriously, how does that work? Cliff Lee has great stuff, he’s firing strikes but Polanco looks like he has poison ivy when the four Dominicans on the other team bat. In the post game Lee is like “I don’t know, I had great stuff but those four guys just guessed right every time.”

              I’m waiting for the details. So is Pete Rose.

  13. While given his physicallity at such a young age makes it easy to question Santana’s age, he was actually born in the Bahamas.

    1. I take that back, he was born in the Dominican- maybe spent a couple years in the Bahamas as a kid.

          1. For what it’s worth, I’ve actually talked to Domingo before. YES he’s a big-bodied kid but you can still see plenty of traces of teenager in that face.

            Additionally, he speaks fluent English and has also lived in NYC and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It’s not like some buscone dragged him out of some backwards town in the middle of the Dominican and tried to pass him off. Having also traveled to Santo Domingo, I can tell you there’s a big difference between being born just outside the city (where he was) and growing up in the middle of the jungle/mountainous area towards the center of the island.

  14. This may be a stupid question, Does anyone know why Friend is in A ball this year? He was in AAA with Oakland in 09 and AA last year.

  15. Blue Claws blog has quotes from Steve Schrenk on Lakewood’s rotation to open the season.
    1- M. Hollands
    2- D. Buchanan
    3- J. Biddle
    4- C. Shreve
    5- Ervis Manzanillo

  16. Well Lakewood played Monmouth College yesterday, and don’t see a write-up. Pass along from Blue Claws Blog and team website: Blue Claws won 3-0, Shreve starting pitcher. Say Monmouth pitcher was good with 5 scoreless innings (a LHP),
    Starting for LKW- James Murphy 1B, Carlos Perdomo 2B, Edgar Duran SS, Jeremy Barnes 3B, Zach Collier LF, Aaron Altherr, CF, Domingo Santana RF, Anthony Hewitt DH, Cameron Rupp C.
    Game featured 2 run HR by Hewitt. Also recall as mentioned as hitting well: Altherr, Duran, and Barnes. Line-up may give indication as who they will start in regular season.

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