7 thoughts on “Domonic Brown’s RCF HR Video

  1. I’m at work so I can’t see the video but is this one of his homers for his rehab in Clearwater?

  2. Hands are still kinda high. Will this still be a problem when he gets called up again? Hopefully with consistent playing time, he can make better adjustments to ML pitching.

    1. Hands look lower to me than they were last year (at least when he first came up to Philly; they did lower them slightly after arriving). Not as ridiculously low as they tried to have them at in spring training though. Would be easier to tell if looking at him from behind the pitcher’s mound, but the sound of that HR told a pretty good story.

  3. Saw the Threshers last night for the 8th (and final, heading north tomorrow) time this spring, and actually saw Cosart for the 4th time. He threw 91 pitches, 59 for strikes, his best command was obviously his FB, lesser with his change-up(I think, hard to tell, might have been a slider) and his curve his worst. Looks to me that’s the pitch he’ll be working on as most young pitchers usually do. Of the 8 hits he gave up, 2 were infield hits, one was a blooper, but the other 5 were well hit, one off a curve the others off his fastball. He kept his FB down on those hits so either they were over the plate or they are just good low ball hitters. Just a comment on Cosart’s last start, it really shouldn’t have been as bad(5er) as it was. In the 5th he had 2 outs and a man on 2nd (already down 2-0) and a 1-2 count on a guy he already twice struck out, but he hit him , then gave up back to back doubles making the score 5-0. So he could have been out of the inning but instead gives up 3 runs.
    Just a few comments on the hitters:
    Singleton- First time I saw him hit was 2010 ST when he was with the EST group playing a college team and what impressed me right away was how hard he hit the ball. Well 2 levels up he still doing the same thing and I hope he continues right up the ladder.
    Castro-Everybody knows he doesn’t take pitches but he also hits the ball very hard and has a good arm. I think his ceiling is as a 4th OF
    Savery- He could end up a Ross Gload type, with less power. He’s not afraid to take pitches or hit with 2 strikes and hits a lot of balls the other way even though the 1 homer I saw him hit went to RF.
    Ruf- He surprised me with his athleticism at 3rd(he made one great dive to his right and hopped up and threw the runner out) but not sure he’ll ever hit enough for any position.
    Mattair- He surprised me with his bat this year especially after his season at Lakewood, he’s actually looked very interesting. Just have to see how he progresses.
    Valle- worried about him, he really has an upper cut swing, and not many of those are in the big leagues.
    James- I still have a lot of hope for him despite his low average, because he hits a lot of balls hard just needs to lower those K’s.

  4. Consider the uppercut swing that Ryan Howard uses.

    It seems that Valle is on his way to becoming a good defensive catcher who will hit home runs but not with a high batting ave. Taking walks COULD be in his game IF he learns the strike zone on his way up…because anybody who can hit HRs will be carefully pitched to without much of a high BA but maybe a good OBA.

    That’s how he appears to me.

    Now that Galvis (bless him) has been showing some life with the bat, I hope Mattair makes similar progress during the season…

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