Phillies take utility man Mike Martinez in the Rule 5 draft

I was going to do a bigger writeup on him, but I’ll save the words. As you can see from his track record, he has a limited offensive skill set. His batting average has fluctuated wildly, he doesn’t draw many walks, strikes out a fair amount, and hes capable of swiping a few bases. His greatest strength is his ability to play all over the field. With Wilson Valdez making the league minimum in 2011, it would seem Martinez will be in camp to compete for the 25th spot on the roster. The Phillies will, almost assuredly, go with 13 position players and 12 pitchers. So…

C (2) Ruiz, Schneider
INF (5) Howard, Utley, Rollins, Polanco, Valdez
OF (4) Ibanez, Victorino, Francisco, Gload

SP (5) Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt, Worley, Blanton
RP (6) Lidge, Madson, Contreras, Reyes, Baez, Bastardo

That’s 22 of 25 spots. If Brown makes the team, or if another OF is brought in, that is 5, and will leave one spot open for a utility infielder. Last year, Dobbs would have been the extra infielder. So Martinez could fill that role. Who knows. The roster is still wide open, 3 spots are uncertain. We’ll see what happens.

22 thoughts on “Phillies take utility man Mike Martinez in the Rule 5 draft

  1. Martinez appears to be the same type of player as Valdez, good field no hit, so I can’t see both of them making the team. The second utility infielder should be someone who is more offensive so he can serve as a pinch hitter. What we need is a 2008 version of Greg Dobbs, Amaro just needs to find him.

  2. I don’t see any way Valdez doesn’t make the team, considering what he contributed last year. Martinez is intriguing because of his flexibility, but Valdez is a true SS. We need a guy like that ready to go.

  3. I disagree. You can keep a true SS stashed at AAA. Valdez did some nice things but he KILLED the Phillies’ offense with his low OBP and tendency to ground into double plays. I want a guy on the bench who can actually hit.

  4. But its unlikely you’ll find a guy like that who is willing to come in and sit on the bench and maybe place once every 2-3 weeks. With an infield of Howard, Utley, Rollins and Polanco, they’re going to play 18 out of every 19 games. The backups are gonna play very very rarely, which is a tough sell to get a guy to sign here as a free agent.

  5. Contreras is also making the team and
    They will have a RF type (Brown/Mayberry/FA)
    leaving one pitching opening (likely Durbin or Mathieson)
    and one bench opening (e.g. Willy Aybar).
    I agree that a ‘2008 Dobbs’ clone would be great but that is very difficult to find.

    I would really like Mayberry to have a chance early season with Dom in the minors. He has been getting some time in CF and might get in a grove. Francisco seems better to me than any other cheap free agent out there. Though it will be interesting to see who bats 5th.

  6. I’ve seen enough utility infielders to know that Valdez is a pretty good one. His main job is to be placed, at any given moment, at any position on the field and to look like he’s competing for a gold glove and he needs to get his bat on the ball when he’s at the plate without popping up (hello Eric Bruntlett) or strikeout out all the time. Valdez does all this and he’s happy to be in the position and playing major league ball. He really was invaluable to the team last year even if he had about 200 at bats too many.

  7. Is Valdez signed for next year? Is not he a free agent still? I would think he would want to come back but who knows. And, by nature of the beast, most Rule 5 drafts are a failure. They are taking a shot on another Victorino find????

  8. “The Phillies will, almost assuredly, go with 13 position players and 12 pitchers. So”

    Probably true but with the starter going long as the season progresses, 12 not only seems like a waste but someone (or ones) are going to sit.

  9. I think they took Martinez because they felt that if offered back he would be refused and so the Phillies could keep him.

  10. Martinez is a pretty underwhelming selection. Probably about 100 AAAA free agents available I would have preferred.

  11. We also took Chris Frey (27), an OF in the AAA phase, and Justin Friend (24) in the AA phase. None of our players were selected.

    From Rockies online: “Frey is an outstanding defensive center fielder, who bats and throws left-handed but lacks power and was seen as an organizational player by the Rockies. Last season, Frey hit .288 for the Sky Sox with one homer and 25 RBI in 101 games along with a .351 on-base percentage and .396 slugging percentage.

    The Rockies drafted Frey in the 11th round in 2005 out of the University of Arizona.” Sounds like Rich Thompson again.

    Friend, was 3-3 with a 3.70 ERA on Oakland’s double-A team. Friend played in the AFL last year, where he clocked at 92.2 mph max on his FB (detailed pitch fx data is available on last year’s AFL.

  12. Worley over Kendrick. Not so sure about that. Im hoping Kendrick puts it together this year. He is still a young pitcher with alot of wins under his belt. Sorry off topic.

  13. an awful lot of noise about Durbin in the last 24 hours….between him and the younger pitchers (Mathieson et. al.) I will go out on a limb and say Baez’s contract gets eaten…

  14. Actually his strikeout to ABs ratio is not that bad—-approx 2200ABs to 300Ks–plus as a switch hitter he gives you some flexibilty in the latter stages of a game.

  15. I just noticed on the Phillies website that Mike Marinez started off playing professional Basketball in the Dominican Republic. I suppose that may have contributed to his not signing as a baseball pro until, like, 21 y.o. Knowing this , I like him incrementally better than I did before.

  16. The Reyes move made no sense . He is a fat over the hill pitcher that LH hit over .300 and his control was horrible . Why not just keep Romero ?

  17. Keeping Valdez and Martinez on the same roster is reminiscent of Valdez and Castro last year. I agree Valdez is the obvious choice, but the redundant no/hit utility player just kills in the National League. There are too many decent hitters in AAA who for whatever reason can’t crack the bigs to waste another spot for a redundant backup middle infielder. For example, I don’t see any reason why Jeff Larish wouldn’t make much more sense. We’ll see though, they did go with Castro & Valdez last year, so obviously there is something about that roster construction they are drawn to.

  18. I heard this guy can play centerfield and so here might be our backup for Victorino. He hit .325 at his last stop in triple a and he had 11 homeruns for the year as well as 20-some steals, although it is definietely small sample (in his last stop at triple A). He’s 28, so maybe he’s starting to blossom.

  19. Agree with Will. Dan, that .325 average came with a horrific K/BB ratio, so I’m certain it was a sample size fluke.

  20. I imagine Reyes is a lot cheaper than Romero and that was the key selling point.
    I can see both Valdez and Martinez on the bench in Philly. Martinez may be the guy who just sits on the end of the bench and allows Cholly to make whatever other moves he desires, knowing he won’t be caught short defensively late in the game. He could also pinch run.

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