Around the System, Starters, Top Half

A look at the current starting rotations for the top half of the minor league organization.  Lakewood, Williamsport and GCL to follow next week sometime.

Lehigh Valley

JA Happ, 27, Makes his first start (other than rehab) for Lehigh Valley Saturday evening.

Andrew Carpenter, 25, 16 starts, 7-6 with a 3.21 ERA; 89.2 IP 85H 30BB 63K; 1.28 WHIP; .252 opp. avg., 1.11 Go/AO; .192 vs. LH, .301 vs. RH, .218 with RISP.  Carpenter has once again been very solid and has been denied any meaningful opportunity at Major League work whether starting or in long relief.  Maybe in time.

Nate Bump, 33, 16 starts, 7-4 with a 2.55 ERA; 95.1 IP 102H 22BB 46K 5HR allowed; 1.30 WHIP; .277 opp. avg., 1.36 GO/AO; .301 vs. LH, .257 vs. RH, .240 with RISP/  Bump is far from overpowering but simply knows how to pitch. He is deep insurance for the Phils.

Brian Mazone, 33, 18 starts, 5-9 with a 3.87 ERA; 104.2 IP 109H 18BB 70K, 13 HR allowed, 1.21 WHIP; 0.68 GO/AO; .264 opp. avg., .278 vs. LH, .258 vs. RH, .222 with RISP.  Mazone has pitched well, even with his 5-9 record.  The home run ball has been his biggest issue, being served up at very inopportune times.

Brandon Duckworth, 34, 15 games, 9 starts, 3-3 with a 3.75 ERA; 57.2 IP, 51H 21BB 61K, 1.25 WHIP; .242 opp. avg., 1.08 GO/AO; .238 vs. LH, .245 vs. RH; .245 with RISP.  Not much more can be asked of Duckworth who has bounced between the bullpen and the rotation and has done it professionally and effectively.



Vance Worley, 22, 18 starts, 8-4 with a 3.44 ERA; 104.2IP 111H 35BB 80K, 9HR allowed, 1.45, WHIP; .274 opp. avg., 1.17 Go/AO; .250 vs. LH, .296 vs. RH, .225 with RISP. Worley has now made 45 starts at the AA level and he is an above average AA pitcher.  Is he ready for the next level?  Thats a big question mark.  He is far from overpowering and allows a ton of base runners but has managed to get it done in the long run.

Drew Naylor, 24, 17 starts, 8-6 with a 4.01 ERA; 107.2 IP 110H 27BB 63K 10 HR allowed, 1.26 WHIP, .267 opp. avg., 0.79 GO/AO; .216 vs. LH, .311 vs. RH; .206 with RISP. Naylor has pitched generally well, but the second half of the season will tell the story as his innings add up.  I would expect him to finish out the year with Reading.

Yohan Flande, 24, 17 starts, 6-6 with a 4.35 ERA; 97.1 IP 107 H 25BB 50K ; 1.36 WHIP; 1.67 GO/AO; .276 opp. avg., .255 vs. LH, .285 vs. RH; .276 with RISP; Flande has been adequate this year.  He has been mired in mediocrity since his move to Reading from Clearwater last year.

JC Ramirez, 21, Clearwater, 11 starts, 4-3 with a 4.06 ERA; 64.1 IP 63H , 17BB 53K, .259 opp. avg., 0.63 Go/AO.  Reading: 4 starts, 2-1 with a 4.62 ERA; 25.1 IP 29H 8BB 17K; .294 opp. avg.  TOTALS: 15 starts 6-4 with a 4.22 ERA; 89.2 IP 92H 25BB 72K; .267 opp. avg.; 0.63 Go/AO. Ramirez has thrown well according to most who have watched him this year.  With unrealistic expectations placed on him due to his involvement in the Cliff Lee deal, Ramirez, as a 21 year old at Reading is progressing as expected in the world outside of Cliff Lee.

Mike Cisco, 23, 6 starts, 2-4 with a 3.27 ERA; 33IP 28H, 7BB 15K; 0.95 GO/AO; .224 opp. avg.; 1.06 WHIP; Cisco has pitched well in his action this year which has been significantly limited due to a lengthy DL stint. 


Jesus Sanchez, 22, 17 starts, 7-5 with a 2.86 ERA; 104.1 IP 84H, 29BB 66K; 0.84 GO/AO; .221 opp. avg., 1.08 WHIP; .240 vs. LH, .206 vs. RH, .179 with RISP; A member of the 40 man roster, Sanchez flies well below the radar for some reason in discussion of Phils prospects.  The converted catcher acquired in the Bobby Abreu deal has put up both excellent and consistent numbers.

Austin Hyatt, 24, 17 games, 7-5 with a 3.99 ERA; 88IP 82H, 26BB 113K; 1.00 GO/AO; .246 opp. avg., 1.22 WHIP; .238 vs. LH, .253 vs. RH; .263 with riSP. Hyatt dominated at the beginning of the year, was awful in May and has since bounced back for an impressive overall line.  Hib bb/k rate is extremely impressive as he leads the FSL in k’s.

Matthew Way, 23; In Lakewood: 15 starts, 7-4 with a 3.65 ERA; 86.1 IP 80H, 26BB 81K; 1.49 GO/AO; .252 opp. avg., 1.23 WHIP.  Lost his only start in CLearwater, going 4 innings and giving up 3 runs on 5 hits.  Way did all he could do over parts of 2 seasons in Lakewood.  What he can do at this level is still to be determined.

Heitor Correa, 20, 17 games, 5-9 with a 5.65 ERA; 87.2 IP 105H 12HR allowed, 33BB 58K, 1.47 GO/AO, .300 opp. avg., 1.53 WHIP; .254 vs. LH, .345 vs. RH, .284 with RISP.  Pretty ugly all around for Correa who came in with a lot of hope after a very nice ’09 in Lakewood.  Correa is getting pummeled by right handed hitters.  Still young so I wouldnt give up yet.

 Phillipe Aumont, 21, Reading: 11 starts, 1-6 with a 7.43 ERA; 49.2 IP 55H 38BB 38K; 1.16 GO/AO; .284 opp. avg., 1.87 WHIP. In CLearwater: 6 games, 1-0 with a 4.35 ERA; 20.2 IP 15H 14BB 25K, 1.69 GO/AO, .208 opp. avg., 1.43 WHIP; TOTALS: 17 games, 2-6 with a 6.53 ERA; 70.1 IP 70H 52 BB 63K; 1.27 GO/AO; .263 opp. avg.  Aumont has shown rays of hope since his demotion to CLearwater.  His issues are clearly his control along with the frustration he shows when he allows baserunners.  Things tend to spiral out of control quickly for him once a walk is allowed.

9 thoughts on “Around the System, Starters, Top Half

  1. Not impressed with the AA rotation. This level will hopefully have your upstart starters and none of those guys look to project much better than a fringe major leaguer. None seem to be strikeout pitchers so I wonder if any of them can be useful relievers either. It is strange that I think all of them are decent players having okay seasons but really see little to be excited about.
    Worely seems like he will replace Carpenter as the AAAA controllable starter after he is out of options in 2011. Naylor only has one more option year so I have no idea what the plan with him is. Flande might be removed from 40-man but lefties always hang around. Ramirez just needs to keep getting innings but I was hoping he would push for a rotation spot next year and that certainly won’t happen. I think Cisco has done well at every level including AFL and might could be either a solid guy for AA or AAA next year.

  2. The current crop of AA pitchers are so-so with the possible exception of Ramirez, who continues to do better and better.

    Speaking of better and better, does anyone have a first hand report on Austin Hyatt. ?Why the bizarre mid-year struggles? Why, when he’s on, is he so dominant? What, precisely is he doing that allows him to be successful on these days? Is it a sneaky fastball? A dominant breaking pitch? He’s an intriguing prospect but a bit of an enigma to me and probably others who frequent this site.

  3. It was nice to see J.C. Ramirez have another strong outing tonight…that’s 2 in a row for him now. Hopefully, he continues to build on that and takes off in Reading for the rest of the year. That’d go a long way towards shutting up some of the criticism of the Lee deal.

  4. Hyatt- there is a long article on or the Threshers webpage , it is the Florida State League roundup , something like that, recent. It says his change-up was messed up for a period, but then he got his grip back, something like that. Also says he has a good fastball , and breaking ball,also.

    I know when he started out in Williamsport in relief, he could do 3 innings, take a day off, and then come back and do another 3 innings. That should be another asset for moving up.

    Worley, most impressive thing about his shutout the other day, 88 pitches. Also hit 2 R – HR to win game. See they use him as PH as well. Might earn a September call-up someday as a long relief option that can augment the pinch-hitting group. If he could work up to spot MLB starter, maybe that could strengthen the bench, there.

    Perhaps the entire Reading and Clearwater are promoted en mass next season, as Carpenter is traded for a player making so much money their team will take anyone, and Savery is snapped up in the Rule 5 Draft, and the minor league veterans are put out to pasture. Okay with that.

  5. Nobody is going to waste a Rule 5 pick on Savery and, if they do, he’ll be tendered back to the Phils b/f ST ends. He’s just not a prospect anymore.

  6. I gather that Worley’s stuff is on the fringy side, but his numbers for a 22 year old at AA are just fine, and the article linked above suggests he has a clue about how to pitch. Is it so implausible that he becomes, at the least, what Kendrick is?

  7. I think Worley has the potential to be as valuable as Kendrick, perhaps a little more, but not much more. To me it is more likely he will be converted to a reliever at some point and have some success in that role.

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