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July DSL Update

The DSL Phillies have now completed a little more than half of their season and stand at 21-19 after 40 games, in 5th place, 3.5 games behind the Yankees and the Giants.  The Phillies are in a new division this year which appears to be more difficult, with big spending teams such as the Yankees, Mets, and Marlins among their competition.

The 2010 Phillies are not the youngest squad in the league, but they have seen some positive performances from younger players.  The better prospects in the Latin American complex leagues tend to be the younger players age 17-19 that are holding their own performance-wise.  The Phillies hitters average 18.9 years old, slightly older than the league average of 18.2.  The pitchers average 19.2 years old, again slightly older than the league average of 18.8. Continue reading July DSL Update

July 16 Discussion

Happy Friday. Last night’s box scores

GCL Phillies lost 6-5.
Williamsport lost 2-1.
Lakewood won 6-5.
Clearwater lost 8-7.
Reading lost 3-2.
Lehigh Valley lost 8-7.

* Jiwan James extends his hitting streak
* JC Ramirez with a CG in the loss, 9 K and 0 BB. That makes 3 straight solid starts for him at AA
* Brody Colvin gives up 3 unearned runs, 0 earned, which makes 5 unearned runs in his last 2 starts. One wonders what his hit totals would look like if his defense behind him was a bit better. Still, his last 10 starts; 62 IP – 1.60 ERA – 37 H – 15 BB – 55 K – 1.25 GB/FB. Absurd. With the scouting reports indicating he’s been 93-95 this year and has hit 97 at times, I’d argue that he’s actually our best pitching prospect, just ahead of Cosart. If Cosart was 100% healthy, I might go the other way, but Colvin appears to be more refined with better secondary offerings, even if his fastball is a tick less than Cosart’s.