July 16 Discussion

Happy Friday. Last night’s box scores

GCL Phillies lost 6-5.
Williamsport lost 2-1.
Lakewood won 6-5.
Clearwater lost 8-7.
Reading lost 3-2.
Lehigh Valley lost 8-7.

* Jiwan James extends his hitting streak
* JC Ramirez with a CG in the loss, 9 K and 0 BB. That makes 3 straight solid starts for him at AA
* Brody Colvin gives up 3 unearned runs, 0 earned, which makes 5 unearned runs in his last 2 starts. One wonders what his hit totals would look like if his defense behind him was a bit better. Still, his last 10 starts; 62 IP – 1.60 ERA – 37 H – 15 BB – 55 K – 1.25 GB/FB. Absurd. With the scouting reports indicating he’s been 93-95 this year and has hit 97 at times, I’d argue that he’s actually our best pitching prospect, just ahead of Cosart. If Cosart was 100% healthy, I might go the other way, but Colvin appears to be more refined with better secondary offerings, even if his fastball is a tick less than Cosart’s.

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  1. I’m glad to see some good strike out games from Ramirez. If he keeps it up, he will be making a run at the number 6 spot on the prospect chart.
    01. Brown
    02. Cosart
    03. Singleton
    04. Colvin
    05. Gose
    06. JC Ramirez
    07. Valle
    08. Gillies
    09. May
    10. James

    James is improving his BB% and decreasing his K% this month. It would great if he continued this through August.

  2. Angelle also had another great game. 6IP, 5H, 1ER, 4K. the league is hitting .165 against the lefty.

    Williamsport is a tale of two teams. They are pitching rich and hitting poor. They are 1st in the league in least hits allowed and saves. 2nd in ERA, Ks, WHIP and least runs allowed.

    With the club in their hand, they are last in the league in BBs (by a large margin), OBP, CS (meaning they have the most) and HRs. they are next to last in runs scored and 3rd from the bottom in slugging %. they are in the middle of the pack in BA and on the plus side, they are 2nd in SBs.

    Looks like Stumpo was thrown to the wolves. He’s 0-12 with 6Ks since being pushed to CLW. He’s only there because of injuries but he’s finding it’s a long way from West Chester U to A+. It’s a good learning experience and I hope he uses it in the future.

  3. James is beginning to show signs of consistency. After coming out of the gates on fire, he suffered through periods of inconsistency. Hopefully, he is beginning to put it together. Colvin is very impressive, also stringing together a really strong run of starts. Amazing how fast the system has shown signs of replenishment.

  4. Attended the last 2 Wport games (and going tonight as well). Here are a few observations (sorry if anything I say has already been reported as I am a bit behind on the site):

    1) Cameron Rupp has minor tendinitis in his throwing shoulder which is why he has been only DH’ing rather than behind the dish.
    2) Eric Pettis has been shifted to the bullpen (after 5 awesome starts). One of the relievers (Jacob Borup) told me they were trying to limit Pettis’ innings because he threw a lot in college.
    3) Chris Truby is about as laid back a manager as possible (not necessarily a bad thing). I asked him the secret behind the 7 game winning streak (which ended last night) and he said “I just let ’em play.”
    4) Offensively, we have gotten 9 hits total in the 2 games. Nobody has stood out. Santana has looked pretty lost. He takes a lot of strikes then swings wildly and misses at the 2 strike offspeed stuff. He did sneak a double right down the RF line Wed night and make a hard out in his last AB yesterday. He is very athletic and made some fairly tough plays look routine in RF.
    5) Rodriguez looked very good in relief (4 IP, 6 K’s only 2 baserunners). Interesting that Fritsch who had only been used in relief, started while Rodriguez who been starting, relieved. Looks like they may be stretching out Fritsch for the rotation. He pitched well but was a bit wild.
    6) Last night Angelle pitched quite well. He didn’t seem to be throwing overly hard but kept them off-balance. Lots of pop-ups, and ground outs. Lead-off batter in the 1st (a lefty named Dietrich)hit a HR, but that was the only run given up.
    7) The long lost Julian Sampson pitched the last 2 innings in relief and looked very good. He only gave up one hit in 2 innings. The bad news was an errant pick-off throw to 1st allowed the runner to go to 3rd and score the decisive run.

    One more WP game tonight, then on to Reading/LV next Thursday/Friday (boy I love summer).

  5. In case anyone missed it D.Brown has a nice line in the box score last night after tweaking his hammy in the futures league game.

    I’d say that last start by Ramirez is pitching is more than just solid given his age in AA it is very impressive too me. I like his K to BB ratio, and that he is adjusting really well to AA for advancing in the middle of the season.

  6. “One wonders what his (Colvin) hit totals would look like if his defense behind him was a bit better.”

    Well he has been the beneficiary of some good defense as well. I was at his start last Friday (my first LWD game). In the first inning James made one of the most amazing diving catches I’ve seen….anywhere. Some runs were saved that inning. Also some nice plays in LF saved his bacon too. He had a mound visit (by coach) in each of the first three innings as he struggled with command. Although he locked it down after those visits. When he was focused and throwing with command, the hitters were overmatched.

    As a result of the game, I am now a big follower of James. He plays a very nice CF and I hope he can continue to develop with the bat.

  7. Something I just noticed that I really like about Singleton is that he has found a way to be productive despite being in a little slump. Last 10 games only hitting 219 but he is still getting on base at a clip of 409 which I find pretty impressive. I’d consider that a pretty good indication that he has a good approach at the plate, maybe he could be slightly more aggressive but I’m sure he will work it out.

  8. Snakster,

    I was at that game in the first when james made that catch. I was right behind home and I couldn’t believe he got to that ball. I couldn’t name a single player in baseball right now that could have gotten that. Looks like a young torri hunter.

    That game I felt colvin just wasn’t really pitching that well but still only allowed 2 unearned runs in 5 innings. He only allowed like 2 or 3 hits. I think that says something. The great pitchers are still able to have solid outings even when they don’t have their best stuff.

  9. Thanks for the update maniac. I’ve been wondering why Rupp wasn’t catching.

    I’ve got to get up to Lakewood this summer. It isn’t that far!

    I’m loving what we’re getting out of JC recently.

  10. Is it just me or are the icons (blank faces for most) covering the poster’s name?

  11. Its time to add Rizzotti and Hyatt to the mix of top prospects

    Rizzotti : .360 BA in 203 AB with 12 hr and 48 rbi ..Other than Dominic Brown , what prospect has better stats ?
    Hyatt : 3.73 ERA ( one game 9 ER in 1 inn ) 94 IP / 26 BB /122 K / 1.18 Whip

  12. I was at the Reading game last night (at Trenton). JC was impressive. He showed poise even when there were some miscues behind him; Michael Spidale made a bad/late break on a liner he should have had which resulted in a couple of runs. And Galvis struggled with a nasty hop on a grounder up the middle that would have resulted in a double play. Galvis later made a great play in the hole on a ball that got by Overbeck at third. Reading’s line-up seemed punchless. Ramirez was clearly their best player on the field. They don’t have a radar gun at Trenton’s stadium, but he seemed to be throwing hard and with a breaking ball that broke straight down late. He threw it to both lefties and righties as his punchout pitch.

  13. Two more doubles, one to center and the other to left for Rizzotti. Soon he will have enough plate appearances to qualify for the Eastern League batting lead. Then for a few games while D. Brown still qualifies, he (1.048 OPS) and Brown (.993 OPS) would qualify for one, two in OPS in the Eastern League. Should give Rizzo a shot at AAA before the season ends. Maybe Tracy can retire early.

  14. I remember reading about James on this site earlier. I believe he is thought to be one of the top athletes in the system (as we know how much the Phightin’s brass love athletes), and he was converted to OF from pitcher.
    Who is the best athlete? Hewitt? Gose? James? Someone else?

  15. Rodeo, I think it has to do with your browser. I have the faces covering the names at work but on my home PC, everything is fine. We’re using Internet Explorer-6 at work and I have IE-8 at home. I’m also on Windows 7 at home and XP in the office but I doubt that’s the issue. If you can upgrade to IE-8, that might do the trick. In my office we can’t upgrade yet because some Oracle application tools upgrades are needed. We’re in the process of updating those and then we can upgrade to IE-8.

    If it’s not that, then someone else may be able to chime in.

  16. Thanks whoever you are (I can’t tell). My work browser is pretty awful so that makes sense to me.

  17. Dom…Rizzotti has 3 errors this year, that is 3 too many for him to be considered a prospect. According to most (who haven’t even seen him play) the kid’s defense is comparable to someone without any limbs. If he raises his average above .500 for the year, he may crack the Top 10. But as for defense, you won’t see him get a fair shake here…

  18. * James is improving his BB% and decreasing his K% this month. It would great if he continued this through August. *

    I love to see stuff like this. Bodes well for the future with more chances to secceed at higher levels.

  19. I forgot to mention this – maybe someone else has and I missed it – but Crosscutters reliever Juan Sosa is nasty with a fastball at 95 and a pretty good slider.

  20. I dont see how Gose is a top 5 prospect at all. If you look at it hes having a pretty bad year. Awful OBP, KK/BB and not to mention hes getting very close to being below 50% in his stolen bases.

  21. Peco Pick, Just continue to bash Rizz. 3 errors and he’s not a prospect. I think you way over exaggerated his defense. You just don’t want to believe what you are seeing. Sometimes guys take off at different levels.

  22. The only way to be any kind of prospect is to be young for the level, super athletic, and never make a single mistake. I’m right there with you peco pick.

  23. Saw rizzo play last night and he should have not been given and error he dove for a ball that was out of reach. Give the kid a break peco!

  24. Im all for Rizz, guess my sarcasm was taken literally. What I meant was his defense is way over exaggerated on this site, by people who have never seen him play. 3 errors more then halfway through the season seems more then acceptable in my book. Especially for someone who has a hand on the ball most of the time while fielding.

  25. No one on this thread said anything negative about Rizz when you felt the need to preemptively defend him. Please chill out. I believe there was a long thread a few days ago regarding this.

  26. To me, James has cracked my top 10 and has possibly surpassed Gose who also has lots of ability. Both could be gold glove winners in the majors at some point. Riz contines to hit in a big way. I’m sure the Phils, and other teams, have taken notice. Colvin is already getting his innings and # of pitches reduced, only throwing 65 pitches last night. I’d really like to see Hyatt go to Reading to see what he can do there. If you exclude a handful of terrible starts in the middle of his season (was he hurt?), his stats are amazing but he’s a little old for Hi A. As for the question of who is the better athlete, according to Schwim, D’Arby Myers had a faster running time than either Gose, Gillies or James, all of whom are very fast. Btw, Hewitt is not in the same category of athlete, he’s just not as fluid as the others, he’s more mechanical.

  27. I don’t think the assessment of his fielding came from his error totals… probably more from the organization’s choice to use him more often as a DH than 1st basemen.

  28. Got it Peco, misunderstood. I enjoy watching him light it up. The Phillies may eventually not have a need for him, but he might wind up in MLB as a first-baseman or DH.
    Wilhelm VPG 4 – Peco cleared it up. There’s been comments ripping his defensive play. He’s not bad, when you look around at some of the bodies playing first. If Howard can get by, anyone can. Just relax. We don;t need you getting worked up.

  29. 3 errors is 3 too many!!!? Since when did the Phillies (or anyone else), adopt a zero tolerance policy on fielding errors? I get your points, but, fella, use your statistics a little better.

  30. Sorry – I see you retracted (or clarified) this comment. Rizzotti sure has become an interesting player, however. If you look carefully at his statistics, his power and walk rates have actually not changed that much – he’s just gone from being a .260 hitter to a .360 hitter, which, in the baseball world. At this point, he needs to move up a level. He’s now gone past a statistically significant number of ABs. If he can keep lighting it up in AAA, the team will have some interesting decisions on its hands.

  31. snake and catch — i’m not sure if you are trolling or what but that was clearly sarcasm, maybe try reading slower and thinking about the post before jumping on here and rambling on about the slightest comment.

  32. Knoles – see my prior comment acknowledging the retraction. As for seeing comments as sarcasm – if you read enough posts on this site you will see that, unless you are very familiar with the poster, it is often impossible to discern someone’s intent. But I agree it’s probably just better to ignore silly comments – it doesn’t advance the discussion.

  33. You gotta hand it to Rizz, just a couple years ago he wasn’t even playing full-time at Lakewood and his numbers were nothing special. Hope things have clicked. Perhaps, his hot year could make him trade bait since 1st base is kinda blocked for a while. As a side note, one of my former high school students was a teammate of Rizz at Manhattan.

  34. really impressed with jiwan james. still very raw, but a hitting streak this long shows real talent as well as focus. he is coming to the park every day. it is really great to see this consistency. obviously he is still a way, but this shows a real ability to advance his skills.

  35. Domingo Santana makes the BA hot sheet this week

    Team: short-season Williamsport (New York-Penn)
    Age: 17
    Why He’s Here: .385/.448/.615 (10-for-26), 6 R, 3 2B, 1 HR, 5 RBIs, 3 BB, 10 SO 0-for-1 SB
    The Scoop: It’s hard to know just what to make of Santana. The Phillies made him by far the youngest player in low Class A to open the year by aggressively pushing the raw player to the South Atlantic League. The experiment didn’t go so well, so the Phillies bumped him down to Williamsport, where he’s still one of the league’s youngest players. Strikeouts are always going to be a problem for the 6-foot-5, 200-pound Santana—he has 34 in 26 games for the Crosscutters—but he outstanding raw power for his age and a surprising amount of patience at the plate. With the gap between his raw tools and on-field skills, the Phillies will have to exercise patience in bringing Santana along.

    JC Ramirez makes the team photo

    Phillies RHP J.C. Ramirez weathered a tough first month in Double-A (5.40 ERA, 10-6 K-BB in three June starts) to sting together perhaps his best run of pitching as a pro. The 21-year-old flamethrower, who joined the organization as part of the bounty from the Mariners for Cliff Lee, has gone 1-1, 2.45 over his last three starts for Reading, running up 20 strikeouts against just four walks in 22 innings. He struck out nine in eight innings against Trenton last night

  36. should be interesting if Ramirez makes a push for the 5th spot in the rotation next Spring Training.

  37. Unless Ramirez starts lighting up AA, I seriously doubt he will have a shot at the #5 job in 2011. He already moved up a level this year to AA. I think he might start 2011 in AA. Worley and Naylor are likely candidates to move up to AAA next season.

  38. What’s really exciting about the system right now is the sheer number of guys getting attention from the experts. It’s not just the top guys in the system, but with Villar, Santana and JC getting props from BA. Good time to be following the minors.

  39. Rich (NJ): Jonathan Singleton has certainly cooled off which is expected – do you still think highly of him and do you think he could be traded since other organizations like him as well? Thanks,

    Ben Badler: Still one of the best hitting prospects in the minors. If I’m the Phillies, I would have to be getting a premium major leaguer with a favorable contract in return to part with Singleton.

  40. I am on the James bandwagon, but earlier someone said that James has passed Gose on the prospect chart. I can’t go that far. James is 21, playing in low A. Gose is 19, playing in a more advanced league. I prefer James as a personal favorite, but I can’t say that he has outperformed Gose.

  41. Gose went up a level, to a harder pitchers league and raised his OPS over 30 points. He’s doing fine as a prospect. He’s a good example of where stats dont show a prospect’s true level.

  42. Tough for Rizzotti to commit too many errors as a DH but using errors to rate a players defensive abilities is about the same as using a W/L record to evaluate a pitcher.

  43. Agree with the last two comments on Gose. He’s young for his level and has shown improvement not only from last year, but since the beginning of this year. He’s doing a nice job right now.

    Also, wasn’t Hewitt a first round pick pretty much solely on the basis of his athleticism? Because of that, I would figure he’s probably the best athlete in the system.

  44. Gose’s trends, since a bad start, have been generally upwards with his stats. He’s doing decently and I like the adversity he worked through earlier in the season.

  45. Ramirez is on the 40 man so I’d expect him to compete for a 5th spot. He probably won’t be a favorite but he’ll get the shot.

  46. JC Ramirez is on the 40 man because the Phillies have to put him on the 40 man, else he is subject to the Rule 5 draft next season. Him, Jesus Sanchez, and Yohan Flande are on the 40 man to protect them from the draft, they are not ready for MLB hitters.

  47. Wow, Jiwan James looks to be breaking out in a serious way. Perhaps he’s the heir to the Phillies CF job, not Gose or Gillies.

  48. You know you’ve had a good game when you raise your avg 11 pts in one day, this late in the season. 5 for 6, including a double, triple and stolen base?

  49. I usually wait until the teenage years are over to rate players negatively. Gose is doing fine but with less than 550 ABs before tonight fatigue might be a problem.


  50. J.C. Ramirez is not on the 40 man roster because they have to protect him for next season, he was on the 40 man roster when he came from Seattle due to them having to protect him to keep him earlier, due to his time as a professional.

  51. marfis, I don’t get it. Seattle put Ramirez on the 40 man because he was approaching his 5th year right? And since he got traded to Philly, Philly has to put him also on the 40 man for the same reason no?

  52. Hewitt was picked because he has 4 of the 5 big skills (power being the one you did not mention).

    Unfortunately the 6th and 7th skills, contact (or batting eye, as it were) and consistancy, continue to elude him.

    He is a right hand hitter with power. He will get 6 years to prove he is good / not good enough.

  53. James is older than Gose and a level behind but because of his lost ears pitching, the age difference doesn’t really count. The age factor has to do with how much improvement we can expect from a player and that’s really a function of experience and age. Trust me, when you see Gose play, his ability and athleticism as well as his inexperience jump out at you. Gose is also developing and improving each year. They have very similar skill sets. Gillies is a little different in that he is bigger and stronger but just as fast. He does not however throw like Gose or James, both ex pitchers. I certainly expect our future CF will be one of this threesome while the other two could be traded. I don’t see any of them playing a corner spot but Brown will be in RF. What’s really sad to me is the status of the Clearwater lineup. The Lakewood lineup has multiple players to follow but C Water is Gose + filler.

  54. Until a prospect consistently excels at AA ball, its too early to predict where they fit in on the major league level. We have a lot of talented players, but unfornately, its mostly projection at this point. That being said, there are definitely the beginnings of a next generation core of phillies players already playing in their system’s lower levels. I’m not sure you could’ve said that last year, before we dealt away all those prospects. There could really be as many as 30 future major leaguers on our minor league rosters. I don’t remember the Phillies ever having this sort of depth or overall talent in their minor league system.

  55. Thirty is a lot. Totally agree with them getting to reading ,that’s what I look for now to see them get to double aa and then if they do things like Rizzoti you see the real potential.

  56. Philly Inquirer had a nice piece today on the top players at Lakewood. Manager Mark Parent cited 7 or 8 as possible major leaguers. We all know who they are but it was nice to hear the manager speak well of both their character and ability.

  57. Joe Savery does something right….he goes yard..they don’t keep him in the game to pitch..interesting…is this the beginning of switching him to a hitter full time?

  58. Old Tracy strained his shoulder and had to leave the game in pain tonight. Does Joe play some first base after that home run to left center or does Rizzotti get the call?

  59. Guru- if they put in on before it was because he was eligible for the draft last season, I believe it is a 4 year limit for younger signees. Last season Philly had to protect Quinton Berry (college signee) who came in the 2006 draft. This year the 2007 draft comes due, so it is the Joe Savery draft that is eligible. That would make it 3 years for “College age” signees and 4 for younger signees. If they had to have players on before they became eligible to be drafted , I would hope they’d have Dominic Brown on there, because he was a 2006 younger signee. As to having to place a player on there, technically no, because they could move him off, but if a team trades for a player they don’t generally move them immediately of the roster, this ain’t the NBA.

  60. If Tracy’s out for a bit, Riz could get the call. Bozied’s on the DL. Mahar could move up but he’s been playing the OF most of the year. LHV could use Seller’s at 1st but there’s no way they move Overbeck up. Unless they sign someone from outside the organization, Riz would be the logical choice. That would be 3 levels in one year and so far moving levels hasn’t slowed him down one iota.

    I’m not hoping Tracy is out. He’s a class act and I hope to see him coaching in the Phil’s organization when his playing days are over.

  61. If anything, moving up a level has accelerated Rizzotti’s development. I think they should promote him to AAA RIGHT NOW to see just how good he might be.

    Honestly, if you had told me before the year started that, by the time the year ended, we would be concerned with Matt Rizzotti being blocked at the big league level, I would not have believed it. Good for him.

  62. I would trade Rizzotti for Ty Wiggington right now, if Baltimore would do it. They likely want much more since Wiggington might net them draft picks after the season.

  63. Savery with a pinch hit home run last night, could this be an experiment for the future maybe? Granted Bocock hitting 2 homers in that same game could mean that just hell is going to freeze over and kill us all, haha.

  64. Ty Wiggington has been absolutely awful the past 6 weeks. He started off extremely hot and went back to his normal self. Even Rizzotti would be over paying.

  65. Especially after Matt made Earl Weaver smile today with a three run homer in the first inning against the Trenton Yankees . This one went to right center. Last night he hit a two run blast out to left center. It’s rare to seen someone literally use the entire field like Rizzo does. I have seen him hit line drive doubles just inside the left and right field lines in addition to his patented line drive singles up the middle.

  66. I wouldn’t trade mrizz for wigginton that’s not worth the risk of mrizz developing into a solid prospect and netting us more for him next year or in the offseason. Move him to aaa and see what he does. There’s other players who can play second for us for a month and we won’t have to give up anything for.

  67. marfis, I looked more into the Rule 5 draft. If a player is signed at age 18 or younger AND has 5 years experience AND not on the 40 man, he’s eligible for the rule 5 draft. That means Domonic Brown, who was signed at 18 and this is his 5th pro season, he HAS to be on the 40 man in December. For players signed at age 19 and over, it’s 4 years experience. So Quintin Berry (who signed at 21) has to be on the 40 man this past December because he just completed his 4th full year. You are correct, Joe Savery is completing his 4th year so he would have to be on the 40 man in December.

    Now JC Ramirez was signed at age 17 and he’s completing his 5th full season. Technically, he doesn’t have to be on the 40 man until December. Jesus Sanchez is completing his 3rd pro season and yet he’s on the 40 man. Can somebody tell me why both these guys are on the 40 man? Now both these players were acquired via trades, does that make a difference?

  68. jesus spent a few years catching so that means hes prob been more than 5 years

  69. Branch…Don’t understand the Earl Weaver reference? What did you mean by that?

  70. I definately think Sanchez is pushing close to five years. He has been a full time pitcher for two years. Sanchez came over as a catcher in 2006 in Abreau deal and played as a catcher till 2008…pitched one game in 2008.

  71. toddzilla, you are correct, I forgot that Jesus Sanchez spent a few years catching. However, he signed at 18, and he’s just completing his 5th year so he too doesn’t have to be on the 40 man until December.

    I’m just wondering why teams would place players on the 40 man before it’s time (unless they will get called up).

    Quick glance: Looks like Matt Rizzotti and Justin De Fratus need to be on the 40 man by December. They will both be completing their 4th year of pro ball. The Phillies currently have 37 players on their 40 man.

  72. The Earl Weaver comment was regarding Rizz hitting a 3run HR. That was supposedly Earl’s managerial philosophy, wait for the 3 run Homer. Wanted to report on game 3 of the WP at Hudson Valley (which was on friday). I was waiting for a thread of Friday boxscores but it didn’t happen. Anyway, Wport won 3-2 in 10 innings. Claypool (kid from UCLA) started (his 1st start). He hit the first batter and walked the next. He managed to pitch out of it with 2 strikeouts (that after the catcher dropped a foul pop and the opponents pulled off a double steal to put 2 in scoring position. The next three innings he cruised allowing only 1 BB. overall, he allowed 3 baserunners and struck out 6 in his 4 IP. This continued a trend in this series of Wport starting pitchers who had not started all season and using guys who had been exclusively starting in relief. Not sure if this is an organizational trend to limit innings or what. Pettis who had been lights out as a starter pitched the last two innings and collected the win (and essentially closed out his own win) as we rallied to tie it in the 9th and put up one in the 10th. Hitting-wise, I was very impressed with Cameron Rupp. He scorched two line drives that were caught (one in each gap), then hit a solid single to right with 2 outs in the 9th that tied the game. I saw he also collected 2 hits last night. The other hitting star was OF Miguel Alvarez who went 3-4. Kyrell Hudson singled in the eventual winning run in the 10th and had 2 hits.

  73. Interesting to note that many believe that Domonic Brown is the best player not in the major leagues. Also interesting to note at AA this year in five fewer games and 23 fewer at bats to this point Matt Rizzotti already has more hits, doubles, and rbi’s than Brown had there. Also he has only one fewer home run and his batting average is 39 points higher than Brown had at Reading this season.

  74. It is also interesting that Domonic Brown has a defensive position, while Rizzotti doesn’t. Brown has a 80 arm, Rizzotti doesn’t. Brown is a plus runner, who steals bases. Rizzotti doesn’t. Other than ALL the other aspects of baseball, they are comparable players.

  75. Seems to me that Rickey was only comparing Rizz’s hitting stats to Dom’s hitting stats. Most 1B men don’t have a great arm, are not fast runners and are not known for stealing bases. Howard averages 2 SB a year while Rizzotti has 1. Rizzotti is having a great season and I think Rickey was just pointing out the similarity in hitting stats between the Phillies top prospect and the dark horse Rizz who burst onto the scene this season. BTW, did anyone see Howards botched foul ball catch mishap tonight? Even though it hit his glove, he wasn’t charged with an error.

  76. Dominic Brown is the best prospect in the organization. However, Anonymous I believe Rizzotti’s position is 1B (ill have to double check). Also I didn’t know a 6’5 250 Ib player was required to run like Carl Crawford. And if one day the powers that be decide to switch Rizz to starting pitcher, Ill start to worry about his arm strength…let’s not start comparing apples and oranges guy

  77. Sanchez and Ramirez- So, I looked it up. Jesus Sanchez signed on July 2, 2004. Following the rule for 16 year olds who sign at 16 , which I guess on , he likely had to wait for the beginning of the next calendar year to play professionally. So he started in 2005 and got some AB’s in the Dominican as a Catcher, and went from there. I believe time as a professional for Rule 5 draft purposes starts with signing, So 04-05, 05-06,06-07, 07-08, 08-09 (which would be 5 and when he was added to Philly 40 man roster, plus for the season 09-10. Then you add ’10 season going to start of 11. So , actually, a 7 year professional.

    J.C. Ramirez was signed on July 2, 2005. (Source for these is MiLB.com biography).
    05-06, 06-07,07-08,08-09, 09-10 (and Seattle added him prior to last season) and this season you add ’10 going to ’11. So he’s a 6 year professional.

  78. marfis, I think you are correct. it looks like its solely based on years after signing instead of actual baseball performance. That means that Colby Shreve, who has only been pitching for less than 1 year due to surgery, has 2 years of experience. That is a bummer

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