Ruiz Activated, Sardinha DFA

The ranks of the infirm have finally started to dwindle, with another activation from the disabled list by the Phillies, this time catcher Carlos Ruiz. To make room on the roster, the Phils designated catcher Dane Sardinha for assignment.  Sardinha filled in admirably, even knocking a few homers out of the yard during a time where both Ruiz and Brian Schneider were suffering through injuries.

8 thoughts on “Ruiz Activated, Sardinha DFA

  1. Unless I am wrong someone got to Ruiz and corrected his swing. If he stays corrected look for a .300 hitter from now on. Thus ending my screaming at the TV and start your baat
    you xdfkjfei.

  2. Vic must see himself as Paradise’s answer to the babe. The walking Hawaiian would nice to see.

  3. Vic’s OPS this season is exactly the same as his lifetime OPS. He just decided to substitute every 2 doubles with a HR and K.

  4. you just aren’t that bright if you think that Ruiz is a .300 hitter. You set unrealistic expectations then get upset when they aren’t met.

  5. RULZ I pray I will be as smart as you some day. BTW Who gets upset are you a teenager.

  6. Lets see if you can understand. Ruiz was holding his hand too close to his body and too far forward and not correcting to the standard position. Therefore his bat was slow. As far as I see someone got to him. Even a bonehead like you could see that in the emotion of the postseason he was a different hitter because the tension caused him swing a split second sooner.
    GOT IT.

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