BA’s midseason Top 25 + more tidbits

Baseball America is doing their midseason reports, and with it comes their Top 25 still in the minors, 25 more in alphabetical order, and then a chat. Some Phillies content here.

1. Domonic Brown, of, Phillies (Triple-A Lehigh Valley): The power has come through as the Phillies predicted, as Brown has started to fill out at age 22 and surpassed his career home runs total in his first 65 games at Double-A Reading. Then he went out and hit four in his first 13 games after a promotion to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. He ranks 10th in the minors in OPS, and he’s doing it with big tools at upper levels. His still-raw defensive skills (his defensive tools are fine) are his only major flaw.

Brown is a beast, and I think the qualms over his defense might be a bit overstated. He’ll be fine defensively.

Cosart and Singleton were both listed in the 26-50 range.

Check below for the comments given by John Manuel in the chat

Chat link here.

JAYPERS (IL): If the Phillies were to trade either Ibanez or Werth before the 31st would Brown step right in, or would they give him more time at Lehigh Valley first?

John Manuel: He’s showing that his bat is ready. He still needs polish defensively, where he has tools to be above-average but remains a bit unskilled. Offensively, he’s as ready as any prospect in the minors.


Tom (NJ): With all the trades the Phillies have made, I think their system is still quite strong. Are they top 5 in your mind?

John Manuel: The subcriber-only piece I did (Prospect Pulse) as a companion talks a bit about that. Not sure if they’re top 5 but the system is definitely replenished. I would assert no other org has as much talent in its two A-ball full-season clubs as the Phils, and their best prospect is getting ready at Triple-A in Brown. Everyone I talked to mentioned how good Clearwater and especially Lakewood are, and Lakewood probably is the most talented roster in the minors, especially when Cosart was healthy. Cosart & Colvin were quite a combo — got a report that Colvin touched 97 in the seventh inning of a recent start — and Pettibone has made significant progress. The hitters got all the attention at Lakewood early this year, and the pitchers deserve some as well. Then Justin DeFratus hit 98 in the FSL all-star game and Clearwater started getting almost as much praise.

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  1. I understand that Casey Kelly is young for his league, but what does he have to do to lose his spot in the top 25.

  2. I was somewhat worried when we lost Arbuckle but it seems, from the report on our A teams, maybe we will be ok

  3. Hilarious ….
    ‘Get traded away from the Red Sox….

    … but not the Yankees or Mets!!!

  4. I think the knocks on his defense is more of a “looking for something to get on him” more than anything. Like they’re afraid to say he’s as good as he is.

    Colvin has really settled in…pretty dominant in his last 10 starts now.

  5. Think the knocks on his defense are an honest assessment of some deficiencies in Brown’s game.

    Not sure why its such a terrible thing to point out that Brown or any other prospect isn’t outstanding in all aspects of the game.

  6. Yeah, I agree with 3up3kkk about Brown. It’s not like people had any problems proclaiming Weiters or Heyward or Strasburg the second coming, so I doubt they’re all suddenly gun-shy.

  7. The highest a prospect ever ranked in an offseason BA list is Pat Burrell at #2. Gavin Floyd is the only other to rank in the top 10. So Brown may legitimately be our best prospect in the last 20 years. When is the last time a Phils’ prospect was legitimately #1 in baseball? (I’m guessing Dick Allen.)

    I’m curious though. Does Bryce Harper supplant Brown once he signs?

  8. I can only speak from seeing one game in Reading, but Brown does look raw defensively. He’s got a gun and range, but his routes and jumps could be a lot better. He’d still be better than many ML RFs and most LFs I think, but it is a legit area that needs work.

    Also, 97 for Colvin is pretty impressive. I think he could surpass Cosart by the end of the season. He’s obviously got an explosive fastball, and his numbers since that awful April have been pretty ridiculous. Aside from one really awful outing (it was 5 ER in either 0.2 or 1.2 IP), he’s been unhittable since the beginning of May. Judging by his vs. LHB and vs. RHB splits, it looks like he could really use a good changeup. Luckily, the one thing that this organization has repeatedly proved is the ability to teach a changeup.

  9. It would seem to me that Brown is the Phillies’ best outfield prospect since Luzinski (don’t laugh younger guys – Luzinski was an absolute beast in the minors and in his first 8 or 9 years in the majors – a power hitter with a high average and a good eye – if he hadn’t gotten fat, who knows what he could have done – as it is, he hit 307 homers in a career that ended when he was 33. I Still remember when he came up. He was not fat at all – he looked like a middle linebacker from one of those 1960s Giants or Packers teams. Not hard to see where the “bull” nickname came from).

  10. Vance Worley’s performance tonight reminded me of Rick Wise’s no hitter in 1971 against the Reds. The difference: 3 more hits given up and 1 less HR hit.

    I took my screen name from my first post on this site when I compared Worley to Wise so count this as my second one.
    It would be nice to continue the trend as he progresses.

  11. Catch the best outfield prospect wasnt luzinski at the time, it was mike anderson, still cant believe anderson never became great. with his numbers, triple a mvp I believe, and he never hit in the majors.

  12. Glad to heat that Lakewood and surprisingly, Clearwater are so highly regarded. Lakewood is loaded with all kinds of prospects. Bob Villa would be blessed with all of the tools in that shed. As for Clearwater, I am guessing most prospects are pitchers, outside of Gose?

  13. Don’t really expect much news on Cosart for a couple weeks when he starts a throwing program. Shut down for the time being.

  14. Some other BA stuff from yesterday–Cosart and Singleton were among seven prospects in the ‘Up’ section of BA’s Midseason Stock Report, Aumont was among others receiving votes in the ‘Down’ section (Michael Taylor was one of the four players listed). The Phils system as a whole was also categorized as ‘Up’.

    The Midseason Report (no news here) lists Brown as the system’s best player, Singleton as the biggest leap forward, and Aumont as the biggest step backwards.

    Also, this morning’s Inquirer reviews the system team-by-team in a best player, best pitcher, most disappointing format. Also lists a current Top 10: Brown, Cosart, Singleton, Gose, Villar, Valle, DeFratus, Aumont, Way, Rizzotti. No typos on my part–no Colvin on the Inky’s list.

  15. Wow—Way over Colvin—don’t expect that to pan out. Just the Inquirer though.
    Having watched many minor league games this year and seeing the Phillies on tv, I would have to say Dom Brown is better than most in right.
    Werth has been terrible with his jumps and judgement. Brown has more speed and a stronger arm.

  16. mikemike, you are absolutely right. Mike Anderson was a bigger prospect than Luzinski and his minor league numbers are off the charts. You look at those numbers and wonder how on earth this fellow could not even become an average major leaguer – in fact, I know of very little historical precedent for someone who performed that well, that young in the minors, at every level and did not become a good major leaguer. I am sure there are others, but I can’t think of any. Anyone who is curious should look up Anderson on the baseball cube, you will not believe those numbers. Just a complete disconnect with his major league stat.s.

  17. Brown’s defense shouldn’t even be questioned. He’s had two outfield assists since arriving at AAA (That I saw) and his arm hasn’t been challenged since. He hustles, unlike other outfield prospects in LV, and is very alert during games.

  18. Luzinski was a 1B in the minors though. Anyone know who was the last real outfielder the Phils drafted and developed? Burrell was drafted as a 1B. So that leaves him out.


  20. Monk – mikemike brought up Mike Anderson – Anderson was a fabulous prospect – as good a prospect as Brown (note, I said prospect, not player). However, he was a washout in the majors. I would be surprised if Brown didn’t at least become a very good major league player and I think there’s an even chance he could develop into an All-Star.

    Brown really needs to be promoted soon. He could help provide an extra jolt to this team – a team that needs to get back to doing what it does best – scoring runs.

    I’m not against adding a decent starter (I think Ben Sheets sounds like a good gamble if he’s not too expensive – Oswalt is another good option as any opportunity to fleece Ed Wade should strongly be considered – seriously, how does that dufus still have a job?), but I firmly believe that, between the good arms in the ML bullpen and the extra arms at LvH, the bullpen is going to sort itself out very soon and may even become a significant strength of the team.

    As such, bringing up Brown and getting some middle or corner infield help would be huge. This team really is not far away – if a couple of things break right, they could go on one of their famous 20 wins in 25 games streaks and they’ll be sitting in great position for a postseason run. But there’s no reason to panic and there’s no reason to trade our top prospects unless we get great value in return.

  21. Mike Anderson was a beast. Unfortunately, he stepped in the box all the time and couldn’t hit a right hander’s offspeed stuff. I believe Joe Lis had awesome numbers also in the minors. Old memories…… As for minor league outfielders more recently, Burrell had a few terrific years. As for Inky’s top 10, I give it no creditability without Colvin. Th article lists Way as being promoted to Reading… from C Water. Come on dude, get with the program…

  22. Drafted as an outfielder huh (other than JD Boo), how about Bourn, he’s doing pretty well. Before that, all the way back to Lonny Smith

  23. Yesssss. I forgot about Bourn. Good pickup. If we have to go back 30+ years to find outfielders the Phils developed, maybe they should change some drafting methods. That’s a terrible record of drafting outfielders.

  24. In regards to Brown’s defense. I can honestly say I’ve been to alll but 6 or 7 of Reading’s games this year and have even followed them on the road a few times. Domonic does have these excellent tools the potential is there to be a great outfielder but even just a couple days before his promotion to AAA LV he was still giving example of his mistakes. Of course this is about the route running. Specifically his jumps. In comparison to Berry and even Spidale it would take Brown much longer to make a jump towards fetching the ball, other times he would start a jump but in the wrong direction or angle. What’s ironic about this is that his raw talent is so good that he often was able to compensate for this, sometimes making what looked like spectacular catches and plays, but if one looks at the begiinings of said plays numerous times it was obvious to me that the remarkable plays should have been very easy plays to the ball. His hesitation or wrong decision though made it much harder for him. That said through out the season he was getting better, but still even just a couple days before his promotion he had 2 very bonehead plays (berry collision and 2 days later the deer in headlights I’m frozen and the ball is going to drop)
    I’m not so sure why everyones wants to rush this, the guy is special and what he can bring to the team. I’ve not seen him in LV yet but I will ina week or so. Just let the kid develop, that’s the whole point of this expansive system that baseball has. Rushing leads to bad things.

  25. I think Brown’s defense has improved since spring training. I haven’t seen enough of him to know if his routes have improved majorly. He just looked smoother the other day.

    His skills are off the chart. He made a great leaping grab against the wall the other day. Think he made a great diving catch the other time I saw him too. His throwing arm is definitely strong. Was hoping someone would challenge the arm.

    Offensively I’m impressed. Seems I’ve seen him work the count full after falling in an 0-2 hole a lot. I’m also not sure I’ve seen many players smoke so many singles through the middle. His AAA homers have all been impressive.

    Really excited about this kid.

  26. hello everyone. mike anderson was the phillies top prospect, even more so than michael jack and the bull. what happened to him was that he suffered a devastating beaning , i believe in aaa, and never could recover. he became gun shy at the plate. he was a great rightfielder, with a terrific arm.

  27. “hello everyone. mike anderson was the phillies top prospect, even more so than michael jack and the bull. what happened to him was that he suffered a devastating beaning , i believe in aaa, and never could recover. he became gun shy at the plate. he was a great rightfielder, with a terrific arm.”

    Actually Anderson had a loop in his swing that was exploited by the better pitching in the major league. Lis just had a slow bat. Slider speed bat as Bill Conlin would say.

  28. Don’t forget Roger Freed as well. Rick Boselli was another OF that the Phillies thought would be terrific. Larry Hisle was a great talent that bombed out with the Fightin’s but her recovered to have a good ML career in Minnesota.

  29. I suspect Anderson’s numbers were partly a PCL illusion as well. Looking up the league I caught an interesting contemporary player, Charlie Manuel. Manuel had a 1.008 OPS in his AAA career, mostly in the PCL. In the Majors, his OPS was almost literally cut in half.

  30. Who remembers a phormer Phillie pharmhand who went on to be a 1 year wonder? He was rookie of the year in the AL. He was traded out of the Phils organization for the immortal Cardell Camper (who???). Super Joe Charboneau is the man.

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