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With all the Phillies injury issues, this seems as good a time as any to take another look at the Middle Infield throughout the system,  Note: The players listed under a particular affiliate are those players on the CURRENT team roster that have played a majority of their games at a particular position.  For example, although Cody Ransom seems to be the current starting SS for Lehigh Valley, he was already covered in the Corner Infield post as the majority of his games have come at 3B. It is still very early for Williamsport and GCL, so just the names, without stats.

Lehigh Valley

Melvin Dorta, 28, 176 AB’s at Lehigh Valley. .307/.347/.380  1HR 18 RBI, 4 SB, .325 vs. LH, .302 vs. RH, .289 with RISP, 7% bb rate, 14% k rate. .333 in June. 41 games at 2B, 5 errors (.971); 4.07 R/F. 15 games at SS, 2 errors (.967), 2.93 R/F; 5 games in the OF without an error. Dorta has given Lehigh Valley all they expected and then some, contributing solid hitting with decent defense. 

Keoni DeRenne, 31, Has played in 23 games (63 AB’s) throughout system. Hitting .333 with 0 HR and 5 RBI.  DeRenne will now complete the minor league “cycle” when he plays a game in Lehigh Valley, having seen time in all three other affiliates this year.  He is obviosuly viewed as the guy who fills in where needed.


Freddy Galvis, 20, 274 AB’s, .237/.276/.307; 2 HR 26 RBI, 6 SB, .214 vs. LH, .243 vs. RH, .368 with RISP, 3% bb rate, 15% k rate; .266 in June. 76 games at SS, 3 errors (.991); 4.30 R/F. Galvis has started hitting a bit in June, knocking in some key runs while continuing his superb defense.  Look for him to finish the season in Reading.

Ozzie Chavez, 26, 178 AB’s, .208/.305/.270; 1HR 18 RBI; 3SB 4 CS; .129 vs. LH, .224 vs. RH, .298 with RISP, 12% bb rate, 15% k rate. .242 in June. 59 games at 2B, 3 errors (.986); 3.68 R/F.; 4 games at SS without an error, 2.25 R/F; 4 games at 3B, 1 error. Other than adequate defense, Chavez has shown next to nothing this year.


Harold Garcia, 23, 156 AB’s; .340/.395/.494; 2 HR 29 RBI; 13 SB 5 CS; .292 vs. LH, .361 vs. RH; .396 with RISP; 6% bb rate, 20% k rate; .379 in June. 32 games at 2B without an error (1.000); 4.13 R/F; 7 games at 3B with 2 errors (.875). Has simply been on fire since coming off the early season DL.  The brass may be considering a move to Reading at the conclusion of his current 32 game hitting streak.

Troy Hanzawa, 24, 221 AB’s; .213/.275/.258; 0 HR 25 RBI; 1 SB 3CS; .240 vs. LH, .199 vs. RH; .293 with RISP; 6% bb rate; 17% k rate; .191 in June. 70 games at SS, 12 errors (.955); 3.66 R/F. A disappointing season for Hanzawa thus far, who the Phils thought enough of to send to the Arizona Fall League.

Fidel Hernandez, 24, 73 AB’s; .274/.299/.315 with 0 HR and 7 RBI.  19 games at 2B without an error; 4.11 R/F. Hernandez was just activated after being suspended for 50 games for testing positive for performance enhancing substances.


Jeremy Barnes, 23, 212 AB’s, .283/.380/.387; 1HR 22 RBI; 8SB 6 CS; .304 vs. LH, .273 vs. RH; .286 with RISP; .176 in June; 13% bb rate; 20% k rate. 54 games at 2B, 8 errors (.966); 4.15 R/F. Has struggled with leg injuries in June, but with the show of health, a promotion wouldn’t surprise me. He has been productive offensively and solid defensively.

Jonathan Villar, 19, 271 AB’s, .284/.348/.362; 1HR 28 RBI; 30SB 9CS; .261 vs. LH, .295 vs. RH, .282 with RISP; 7% bb rate, 27% k rate. .250 in June. 74 games at SS, 25 errors (.929); 4.39 R/F. Very impressive thus far in ’10 for Villar who must work on his fielding and cutting down his k’s.  I would think the 19 year old completes the year in Lakewood.

Alan Schoenberger, 20, 108 AB’s; .306/.356/.398; 0 HR 17 RBI; 3SB 1 CS; .240 vs. LH, .325 vs. RH, .412 with RISP; .318 in June; 6% bb rate; 19% k rate.  20 games at 2B, 2 errors (.976); 4.15 R/F; 7 games at SS, 2 errors (.900), 2.57 R/F; 4 games at 3B without an error. Schoenberger has done all that has been asked of him and done it well.  Look for increased playing time in this seasons second half.


Cesar Hernandez, 20

Edgar Duran, 19

Matt McConnell, 23


Matt Payton, 22

Carlos Perdomo, 20

Nerio Rios, 18


10 thoughts on “Around the System–Middle Infield

  1. Dorta should have been sent to the Phillies instead of Bocock and Garcia should be promoted to Reading

  2. bob_m: I agree. I think people are just starting to notice him because of all the talk about Brown and Rizzotti. He is really sneaking up on us.

  3. They sent Bocock, because he can be easily sent back without losing him. They only need him until they figure out how to proceed. If Bocock gets claimed, who cares.

  4. If someone is brought up because of injury don’t they get a mulligan after the player returns??
    For that matter who cares of Dorta gets claimed. He is here to fill in.

  5. Although I think Villar’s SONAR score will decline this year, due to the high K rate and relatively low BB rate, he has some good numbers. Didn’t realize until today that Villar has more steals than Gose. Villar is 30 for 39 in steals. Gose is 26 for 48.
    Villar just turned 19 and is in full season ball with a .348 OBP, playing a premium position. Combine that with the 50 steals he is likely to have, he is close to top 10 in the system next year.

  6. I didn’t realize that Schoenberger was only 20. And he’s an Aussie too, so probably age appropriate considering that he’s not from a baseball hotbed. He’s done pretty well so far and at least merits keeping an eye on.

  7. PP,
    What is your opinion of Harold Garcia? The Phils need a good utility infielder who can give Utley and Polanco a day off now and then, and fill in when either of them is on the DL. Garcia seems to be high average hitter who can hit both LH and RH pitching, exactly what the Phils need to increase their BA with RISP and their OBP in front of the power hitters. Can Garcia fill that role this year or next year?

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