42 thoughts on “Phillies send Aumont to Clearwater

  1. Where he should of started in the first place with all the changes and drama. Good luck to him.

  2. Still age appropriate – I think this may be more to get his confidence up than anything else. He’s really been struggling lately.

  3. My only comment is this: They finally realized their mistake from the start of the year and hopefully, now he’ll be able to work on his mechanics without getting massacred every 5th day.

    He should have started the year in Clearwater and now he’s there so its not a big deal. Hopefully, he figures things out.

  4. I know some thought that he should stay at Reading, but I could not see any positive allowing a kid to continually get his brains beat in every 5th day……especially since he was getting worse not better(his numbers through his 1st 4 starts were pretty good)…..hopefully he gets it together in Clearwater……I know some people have judged the Lee trade just on these kids results this season, but I realize the deal cannot be judged for another 3-4 years.

  5. I would be surprised if we see any of the guys from the Lee trade ever play for the Phillies

  6. It’s good that Aumont got demoted. Getting beat on will take it’s toll, I don’t care who you are. He needs to have some positive moments as he moves forward.

  7. We have had months to complain about the deal but every single time 1 of the prospects has a set back you all bring it back up. Just let it be everyone feels the exact same way its over move on and lets just follow and support the kids we have.

  8. This move was overdue. It is hard to rationalize what kind of development a starting pitcher is receiving when he is routinely getting yanked in the 4th and 5th innings.

  9. We have a ton of Rub Jr. apologists on this site, what do you really expect?

    This was a horrible trade for the Phils. I agree that trading Lee had to be done for payroll purposes, but they should have gotten a stud prospect in return. They played their hand too early and blew it. I don’t think anyone can dispute that.

  10. Agre with points above. Lee is history. Aumont, Gillies, and Ramirez are our guys. Pull for them, provide your opinion of what’s going on with them, etc.

    Like my best boss ever used to say: “Don’t whine. Get mad. Get glad.”

  11. And on an unrelated note, Gose so far today is hitting 2/2 with another CS. Paging Davey Lopes…

  12. This is very good. I haven’t lost hope in Aumont. He’s got too much raw talent to ignore. Someone needs to find a way for him to hone the nasty stuff I’ve seen on video. I have to believe it’s still there somewhere.

  13. I agreed with re-stocking the farm system. Getting Halladay and Blanton required dipping into the system.

    My problem is that these 3 guys don;t seem to be any good. I’d have rather gotten 1 good prospect than 3 so-so ones.

  14. Another note about the “none will make it to the majors” Im willing to bet Aumont makes it to the majors at least as a RP unless his arm falls off.

  15. “This was a horrible trade for the Phils. I agree that trading Lee had to be done for payroll purposes, but they should have gotten a stud prospect in return. They played their hand too early and blew it. I don’t think anyone can dispute that.”

    Aw, for the last time, the Phillies did not have to do the Lee deal for payroll purposes. What are you talking about? If it was strickly about payroll, they would have non tendered Blanton and or Durbin. If the deal miraculously came about at the last minute(after they offerred Blanton arb), they could have traded Blanton for nothing and kept Lee.
    They (rightly or wrongly) thought that the organization was better off with Blanton and these 3 prospects that were conceivably 2 years away, rather than Lee for 1 season and 2 draft picks that were 6 years away.

  16. “My problem is that these 3 guys don;t seem to be any good.”

    So, I guess Michael Taylor is no good either since he is batting 232 .292 .381 .673 in the PCL.

    He is making adjustments, just like these guys are making adjustments, and it has been two months. Taylor has had success at that level before over a short period, just as Aumont has had success at AA over a short period before.

  17. PP:

    I am willing to eat crow if I am wrong. I will conceded that 2 months is a small statistical sample. But the early returns are not good.

  18. Do you guys who keep bringing up the Lee trade realize that no matter how many times you do so, it cannot be re-done? It’s very annoying hearing the same nagging from you guys and it would be much more helpful (because we all know that a good amount of the players read this site and others like it) if you could get behind our players and stay positive as opposed to your negative attitudes littering this otherwise perfect site. We all know you think that you would be the best GM’s ever, and would have traded lee for some compilation of guaranteed future hall of famer’s, but until you can act on that untapped potential you think you have, please refrain from dissing my favorite prospects (every Phillie prospect is among my favorites, as it should be).

  19. “He’s at least adjusting to AAA; these guys might not even make it that high”

    Michael Taylor is 24 years old. These 3 guys are 21. You are not making a bit of sense. Tyson Gillies has the same BA and OPS that Victorino had at the same age in AA. I guess there were guys like you that said Victorino would not make the Majors on merit either.

  20. Yes. Please. Stop rehashing it. I’m sure there is nothing new you can offer about the Lee trade that’s going to blow my mind. I’m with everyone else who just thinks it’s annoying.

  21. Why not stop talking about Custer’s Last Stand we can’t do anything about that either. Like it or not JoeDE it is likely the turning point of this club.
    Note: I had no part in starting this

    Anyway there will be many other things to distract this week.

  22. He is still just a kid people.

    He has made it farther than most of us ever have.

    Hopefully he can get some confidence back.

  23. If Aumont has the insides to be a major league pitcher , he will get it together.

  24. “turning point of the club”? Spare me the ludicrous hyperbole.

    Other than that, I don’t even mind if you don’t like the trade, but it’s annoying when people who don’t like it bring it up EVERY THREAD. It happened. No one can change and no amount of complaining is going to change it.

  25. I think, until someone from the Lee trade starts playing well, we’re going to hear the trade shouldn’t have happened. We’re REALLY going to hear about it if the big team loses in the WS by a game or 2. You can’t expect the masses to give their blessings on the trade just because it’s done and can’t be reversed. Heck, I’m older than most and I know some people who still bring up the Ferguson Jenkins trade now and then (along with Ryne Sandberg but at least he was a minor leaguer when the trade was made…Jenkins was not).

    At this point all we can do is bitch about the trade (just a little) and pull for the guys we have. Maybe Gillies and Ramirez will turn into good players…who knows. Hopefully Aumont gets his head on straight and starts dominating in high A. That’s the first step.

  26. nowheels: I don’t think anyone is up there on a soapbox vehemently arguing that Custer should not have gone to Little Big Horn and dang it, I hold this sorry ass govt accountable.

    Terrible analogy.

  27. How about the dreaded and moaned about trade for Eyre for Schlitter? You would have thought the earth was ending based on the comments on this board!

  28. I think halliday would not be a philly today if Lee wasnt traded. If thats the case I dont care who the phillies got back. When Doc is mvp of playoffs its all good. Everybody hated the Blanton trade. One world series ring later not so bad. Has more MLB wins than Outman and more world series homeruns then Cardenas and whats his name.

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