Monthly Archives: October 2009

Three Phillies in the FSL Top 20

Yesterday BA put their Top 20 in the Florida State League up, and the Phillies are again well represented. Domonic Brown (3rd), Kyle Drabek (5th) and Freddy Galvis (19th) all made the top 20. In a 12 team league, having 3 guys is pretty solid. Brown was the 2nd outfielder behind Mike Stanton (Marlins), Drabek was the top pitching prospect, and Galvis was one of only 2 shortstops on the list of 20. As I said before, please do not post the full scouting reports.

Three Phillies make the SAL Top 20

BA continues with their league Top 20’s, and the Phillies end up with 3 guys on the list; Gose (13th), D’Arnaud (17th) and May (19th). The list is here. Again, the scouting reports are subscription only, do not post them here.

The SAL is one of the biggest leagues in the minors, so for the Phillies to grab 3 guys is mildly impressive.