Three Phillies make the SAL Top 20

BA continues with their league Top 20’s, and the Phillies end up with 3 guys on the list; Gose (13th), D’Arnaud (17th) and May (19th). The list is here. Again, the scouting reports are subscription only, do not post them here.

The SAL is one of the biggest leagues in the minors, so for the Phillies to grab 3 guys is mildly impressive.

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  1. I was really impressed with Gose’s speed. Hopefully he can be non-roster invitee in ST to spend time with Lopes.

  2. Lakewood was a well rounded team. They had pitching, hitting, some power, speed, fielding and a good team cohesion. They didn’t have the “super” prospect but got by with an all around solid team. Gose and d’Arnaud are very good players. May was impressive and Knapp was there for a good portion of the season. It’s going to be fun to see how these guys move through the organization.

  3. Again, can someone please provide a summary of the scouting reports and any interesting chat nuggets? Thanks.

  4. Though I think I’d switch the order of the Phillies prospects, it is nice to see that Gose gets that much respect. I do take it with a grain of salt though because BA uses a very scout heavy approach and Gose is the kind of guy who can make those types blush. I’ll be watching his BB/K ratio closely over the next few years.

  5. May knocked for subpar change. They like his fastball and curve and think he may continue to grow and gain velocity.

    Think D’Arnaud hurt in HR power by size of Lakewood park. They like his power and progression during the season. Downrated for throwing style, stand and throws instead of springing into throw. Like his soft hands and handling of pitchers. Quite a few catchers on top 20 list for SAL ahead of Travis.

    Like Gose’s makeup, speed, and defense. He rated quite well considering a sub-.700 OPS.

  6. 13. Gose – leagues most exciting player because of speed; comp is Carl Crawford; good defensively, plays shallow; free swinger; gets out of slumps because of speed; plus makeup, very confident

    17. D’Arnaud – reason they were comfortable trading Marson; defense is calling card; strong with pitchers; needs work on throwing, needs to fire out instead of stand up; improved power throughout year, uses opposite field

    19. May – similar in stature and stuff to Knapp; may have better chance of staying a starter than Knapp because repeats delivery and throws more strikes; wears size 16 shoe, may grow more and add more power … currently touches 96, sits 92-94; sharp curve; below avg change; works both sides of plate

    Will post summary of any Q & A from chat after they are up

  7. I love when the pitcher goes nuts with a Goselike creature on base.
    Congrats Charlie you are strange but we are used to ya.

  8. Gose doesn’t merit ranking about D’Arnaud, IMO. Speed is nice, but it will not help a damn unless Gose can get on base more frequently. D’Arnaud has already shown hitting ability.

  9. Gose was one of the youngest players in the league. I’m sure that played a large part in where he ranked. He does need to get on base more, but this was a very encouraging year for him. I think most of us on this site are very high on Sebastian Valle. Well, Gose is younger than Valle and was able to stick at Lakewood for the whole season.

  10. if a pitcher’s big knock is that his change isn’t great, I will take my chances that he can have some coaching over the next 2 years that gets that pictch to a decent level-certainly easier than trying to create a better fastball with more movement…

  11. In Valle’s defense his OPS at Lakewood was only a little higher than Valle’s (.676 to .644). They are one month different in age so essentially the same. Valle got sent down and played sporadically early because he was younger than D’Arnaud. He played well enough that he would have been at Lakewood all year if there was enough playing time available.

    I know BA is very tool-happy, but the ranking of Gose is nice to see. While he clearly needs more discipline and could get on base more, he did make lots of progress at a young age. What is lost in the stats is his defense (potentially very good) and power potential. He is not a little guy at 6’1″ 190. I could see him being a 10-20 HR guy in the mold of Victorino very easily. The comp they used (Carl Crawford) hit only 17 HR total in 1700+ total minor league at bats.

    3 prospects in a 16-team league with none of them being a number 1 draft pick (all supplemental or 2nd round) is a credit to the organization and their drafting. There are lots of past number 1s in the Sally league.

  12. Gotta figure May’s change today, at 19 or however old he is, is >>> Kyle Kendrick’s at age 24, a year ago.

    Knapp also was 7th on this list, which I think makes more impressive the scouting (and to some extent coaching) job done here by the Phils as an organization.

  13. may sounds impressive reminds me of drabek’s scouting report, mid 90’s fastball, sharp curve, and needs to work on the change

  14. Baseball America – Q&A

    Did BJ Rosenberg get any consideration?

    Surprised he spent so much time in league; no runs allowed from end of May to August; Sits 92-95; slider 83-85, has split-change doesn’t use often; wouldnt be surprised if he’s in Philly next year. Never mentioned whether he was considered for the list

  15. Another Q&A

    What did you see at lakewood this yr? who should we be excited about?

    impressed with D’Arnaud in playoffs, very strong defensively; Gose impressed with a leadoff HR in playoffs; sleeper would be Harold Garcia, good defensively, will be a big league utility player

  16. Not sure why there are a few here not impressed by Gose. Still not sure what’s not to like (and I am factoring in his age as many of the “issues” you see are almost givens for young players – ala plate discipline. I asked a question about Gose in the chat section and Matt Formam gave a nice long reply based upon personal exposure- I’ll summarize so I don’t get anyone in any trouble:) :

    – Saw him rip a nice HR in playoff game – right center over 20 foot high fence.
    – Free swinger – needs to tone down
    – Should play small ball more (though was given props that he turns to this when in a slump and gets himself out of slumps
    – sixth/seventh gear few have, scouts say he could be above average CF in the bigs now
    – Four tool guy (with maybe a little power to come), compared to Carl Crawford

  17. And oh yeah – this one gave me a chuckle. Was mentioned on this site that he doesn’t wear batting gloves and that wierded someone out. Forman mentioned the same but said means he’s a hard-nosed player.

  18. i really like these 3 guys. all three have a chance to be special. to me May is the big sleeper in our system. just because he didn’t pitch much last year. next year could be a break out year for him. maybe even a 2 level year – cle and then rea. never know…

  19. I’m hoping Gose can develop as he comes along like Bourn did, and become a dependable leadoff man with some defensive prowess. I’m high on May from what I saw from him in the playoffs, absolutely dominant. I agree with what’s been said, I’d much rather he have the plus fastball (with late life) and plus slider with some room to grow in terms of the change-up, than the alternative. You can teach a young pitcher to throw a serviceable change. D’Arnaud is a guy I’m not even concerned about. He had some growing pains this year in the first half, and then exploded in the second half/playoffs. I hope he just keeps improving on the throwing motion because there really aren’t many holes in his offensive game (especially for a young catcher).

  20. I was hoping that May would be in the top 10, maybe top 5. You look at his scouting report and it reads just as good as anyone.

    I think if he was a first round pick it would move him up the list.

    92-94, projectability(sp) to reach 94-96 when he matures, with a potential plus curve and makings of a change(which needs work obviously). A changeup can take a couple of years to master so I really wouldn’t be concerned.

    Makings of a 2, possible one depending on how well his changeup develops.

    May and D’arnaud are two of my favorites that aren’t one of the big three.

  21. Gose is not going to develop like Bourn. From the time Bourn began playing college ball he had great control of the strike zone–posted a .430-ish OBP as a freshman at Houston. He was actually told to get more aggressive at the plate after his 85 walk season in Lakewood.

    Plate discipline is probably one of the hardest learnable skills in baseball to master. I can’t remember the last Phillies’ non-power-hitting prospect who substantially improved his walk rate as he matured. I doubt Gose ever gets up to 8 walks per 10 ABs, which he’ll need to do unless he hits .300, which he won’t do swinging aggressively, either.

    I think he’ll be a .270/.325/.390 CF with excellent defense and great basepath speed. Don’t think he’ll be as good as Vic was this year, for instance.

  22. I’m a huge fan of guys with a good OBP. But that said, I love anthony gose. He just seems like he has a chance to be really, really scary good in the majors. I think his floor is pinch runner unless he gets hurt pretty bad.

  23. What a great draft. In response to the twit by James. I gotta go with Brown as my number 1 prospect by a hair over Drabek. I just think Brown is going to be a superstar, while Drabek is going to be a very good 2/3 starter.

  24. SteveB (Philly): A lot of the attributes mentioned for Anthony Gose normally get associated with older players (getting out of slumps, uber confidence, etc.) He’s still very young. With his physical tools what do you see as his upside/comparable player?

    Matt Forman: Since I didn’t go into detail about Gose earlier, I will now… I saw Gose hit a leadoff home run on an 89 mph fastball. He turned on the up-and-in pitch and ripped it over the tall 20-foot high wall in right center field. Still, Gose is a bit of a free-swinger at the plate and needs to tone down his approach. He chases the high fastball and breaking ball in the dirt. He can play the small ball game, but doesn’t do it enough. Often times, he chooses to slap the ball around or bunt only when he wants to break out of a slump. He’s a hard-nosed player who doesn’t wear batting gloves. His plus-plus speed translates well into the outfield, and he tracks balls down that don’t look catchable. He’s got a sixth, or seventh, gear that very few players have. Some managers said he could play an above average center field in the bigs today. Right now, Gose is a legitimate four-tool player, and has the potential to grow into his power as he fills out. The only comparison I got on Gose was Carl Crawford, a top-of-the-order guy with some pop in his bat and incredible speed.

  25. After Lakewood won the Sally championship veteran minor league manager and current BlueClaw hitting instructor Greg Legg said that “7-10” of them will play in the major leagues some day. He did not list any names. My guess for the top 7 are: d’Arnaud, Gose, May, Garcia, Valle, Way and Sanchez. The 3 other guys who might have shots are Mattair, Hyatt and DeFratus not to mention the likes of Correa, Noles, Rosenberg, Cloyd, Collier and Castro who playes parts of the season there. It will be something to watch over the next several years.

  26. 10 guys likeliest to see some major league time?
    The potential impact guys are D’Arnaud, Gose, May, Valle

    Then, you have to think the route is easier for guys who can at least fill out the end of the pen at some point: Rosenberg, Hyatt, Way, Sanchez, DeFratus

    Barring injury, a good chance 7 – 8 of these guyse make it

    Then the chancier guys: Collier, Correa, Garcia, Mattair, Garcia, Cloyd
    I guess 1 – 2 of these guys making it is a reasonable projection

  27. 8 per 100, yup. 10 per 100 is the standard for good control of the zone. Right now Gose is at about 6 per 100 in his minor league career, but he was up to 7 this year at Lakewood. He needs to push past 8, and get his BA up a bit. For him to be a plus player on a good team he’ll have to get on base at about a .350 clip (or hopefully higher). Unless the power develops, then .330 would be OK.

  28. Sorry nowhere else to put this FSL top 20 out. Phils have 3 in that top 20: Brown-3, Drabek-5, Galvis-19

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