2009 Instructional League Roster and Schedule

Instructional league starts today (9/21).  Preliminary roster and schedule after the jump.  New names from the Latin American leagues include Lino Martinez and Lisalberto Bonilla as well as the first extended look at recent signees such as Brody Colvin and Colin Kleven.PHILLIES:

Carlos Arroyo, Pitching Coach
Frank Cacciatore, Hitting Coach
Mike Compton, Field Coord
Gorman Heimueller, Pitch. Coord.
Doug Mansolino, Infield Coord.
Jerry Martin, Outfield Coord.
Bryan Price, Pitching Coach
Chris Truby, Manager
Brian Cammarota, Coord. Athl. Trainers
Aaron Eppler, Strength/Cond. Coach
Shawn Fcasni, Coord. Strength/Cond.
Troy Hoffert, Trainer
Ichiro Kitano, Trainer
Jon May, Trainer
Jason Meredith, Strength/Cond. Coach

No. Name Pos. B/T Ht. Wt. DOB Age FYP Hometown

Bonilla, Lisalberto RP R/R 6-1 165 6/18/90 19 09 Samana, DR
Colvin, Brody RP R/R 6-4 195 8/14/90 19 09 La Fayette, LA
Correa, Heitor RP R/R 6-3 222 8/25/89 20 06 Pilar, Sul, Brazil
Cosart, Jarred RP R/R 6-4 180 5/25/90 19 08 League City, TX
DeFratus, Justin RP S/R 6-4 217 10/21/87 22 07 Oxnard, CA
Diekman, Jacob LP L/L 6-4 189 1/21/87 22 07 Wymore, NE
Hernandez, Nick LP L/L 6-4 205 7/30/88 21 09 Knoxville, TN
Hyatt, Austin RP R/R 6-3 205 5/23/86 23 09 Marietta, GA
Kleven, Colin RP R/R 6-5 200 4/15/91 18 09 Kamloops, BC Canada
Lebron, Siulman RP R/R 6-3 188 6/11/87 22 09 Las Matas, DR
Martinez, Lino LP L/L 6-0 160 9/17/82 17 09 Villa Del Rosario, VZ
Pettibone, Jonathan RP R/R 6-5 185 7/19/90 19 08 Yorba Linda, CA
Rodriguez, Julio RP R/R 6-3 175 8/29/90 18 08 Toa Alta, PR
Sampson, Julian RP R/R 6-5 190 1/21/89 20 07 Sammamish, WA
Sanchez, Jesus RP R/R 5-11 160 9/24/87 22 06 Valencia, VZ
Sasaki, Ryan LP R/L 6-5 215 10/30/90 18 09 Austin, TX
Shreve, Colby RP R/R 6-4 215 1/5/88 21 08 Las Vegas, NV
Sosa, Juan RP R/R 6-2 165 10/11/89 18 09 Santo Domingo, DR
Zeid, Joshua RP R/R 6-4 225 3/24/87 22 09 New Haven, CT

D’Arnaud, Travis C R/R 5-11 196 2/10/89 20 07 Lakewood, CA
Mitchell, Marlon C L/R 6-1 170 9/30/90 18 09 Riverview, FL
Naughton, Joel C L/R 6-1 178 8/27/86 23 05 Queensland, Australia
Valle, Sebastian C R/R 6-1 168 7/24/90 19 08 Los Mochis, Mexico

Bollinger, Ryan 1B L/L 6-6 195 2/4/91 18 09 Minnetonka, MN
Buschini, Adam 2B R/R 6-2 205 5/6/87 22 09 San Ramon, CA
Duran, Edgar SS S/R 5-11 154 2/10/91 18 09 Valencia, VZ
Garcia, Harold 2B S/R 5-11 188 10/25/86 22 08 Marcaibo, VZ
Hernandez, Cesar 2B S/R 5-10 150 5/23/90 19 09 Valencia, Carabobo, VZ
Hewitt, Anthony 3B R/R 6-1 190 4/27/89 20 08 Brooklyn, NY
Ruf, Darin 1B R/R 6-3 220 7/28/86 23 09 Omaha, NE
Singleton, Jonathan 1B L/L 6-2 215 9/18/91 17 09 Lakewood, CA
Villar, Jonathan 2B/SS S/R 6-1 180 5/2/91 18 09 La Vega, DR

Altherr, Aaron OF R/R 6-5 190 1/14/91 18 09 Buckeye, AZ
Castro, Leandro OF R/R 5-11 185 6/15/89 20 08 La Romana, DR
Collier, Zach OF L/L 6-2 190 9/8/90 19 08 Carson City, CA
Dugan, Kelly OF S/R 6-3 195 9/18/90 19 09 Encino, CA
Gose, Anthony OF L/L 6-0 183 8/10/90 19 08 Bellflower, CA
Hudson, Kyrell OF R/R 6-1 185 12/6/90 18 09 Vancouver, WA
James, Jiwan OF R/R 6-4 180 4/11/89 20 07 Williston, FL
Santana, Domingo OF R/R 6-5 200 8/5/92 16 09 Santo Domingo, DR


Monday, September 21:
Phillies @ Rays (at Tropicana Field)
Blue Jays in camp
Pirates in camp

Tuesday, September 22:
Pirates @ Phillies
Blue Jays in camp

Wednesday, September 23:
Phillies at Pirates
Blue Jays in camp

Thursday, September 24:
IPBA at Phillies
Blue Jays in camp
Yankees in camp
Pirates in camp

Friday, September 25:
Pirates at Phillies
Blue Jays in camp
Yankees in camp

Saturday, September 26:
Camp day – all clubs

Sunday, September 27: OFF

Monday, September 28:
Phillies @ Yankees
Blue Jays @ Pirates

Tuesday, September 29:
Tigers @ Phillies
Blue Jays in camp
Yankees in camp
Pirates in camp

Wednesday, September 30:
Pirates @ Phillies
Blue Jays @ Yankees

Thursday, October 1:
Phillies @ Tigers
Blue Jays in camp
Yankees in camp
Pirates in camp

Friday, October 2:
Yankees @ Pirates
Phillies @ Blue Jays

Saturday, October 3:
Tigers @ Phillies (10:00am)
Blue Jays in camp
Yankees in camp
Pirates in camp

Sunday, October 4: OFF

Monday, October 5:
Yankees @ Phillies
Pirates @ Blue Jays

Tuesday, October 6:
Phillies @ Tigers
Blue Jays in camp
Yankees in camp
Pirates in camp

Wednesday, October 7:
Phillies @ Pirates
Yankees @ Blue Jays

Thursday, October 8:
Blue Jays at Phillies
Yankees in camp
Pirates in camp

Friday, October 9:
Pirates @ Yankees (10:00am) Yankees break
Phillies @ Blue Jays (10:00am) Blue Jays break

Saturday, October 10:
Tigers at Phillies (10:00am) Phillies break
Pirates camp day

MONDAY-FRIDAY: 1:00 PM except where noted

46 thoughts on “2009 Instructional League Roster and Schedule

  1. Seeing that the only pitcher under 6′-0″ is a converted catcher really emphasizes the organizations love of tall pitchers. This seems to have worked well for them.

  2. No formal box scores and stats as far as I know. Usually stuff leaks out in the form of highlights and quotes from Phillies management on who is doing well – as in “Welinson Baez is hitting .350 again in instructional league”.

    These games are pretty informal as well, more so than even Spring Training games.

  3. Thanks for this. That list of infielders reminds me of the dearth of infield position prospects in the system. Apart from Singleton and (maybe) Buschini as a utility guy, is there anyone worth noting? Maybe some of the guys from Venezuela?

  4. Is this primarily for guys to get in more work after the short-season leagues have ended (mostof these guys didn’t play in full-season leagues)? Or is this for the young guys the organization values the most?

  5. As correct as Chapel Hillian’s assertion is concerning the dearth of infield prospects (a well-documented ailment for the system), the complete and utter opposite is true in the outfield. Even taking away unknown (though highly thought of prospects like Dugan, Altherr, even Santana), the outfield list is very interesting.

  6. First time I’ve posted. Big fan, live in Braves country but have rooted for the Fightin’s since 1964.
    I just read in a blog that Jonathan Villar is thought of pretty highly. I agree that, once again based solely on what I’ve read, that the Phillies need depth at catcher in the upper levels and infield in general.

  7. I just happened to be checking facebook and Shreve updated his status saying:

    “First game back from surgery tomorrow. 1 year, 4 months, 7 days”

    Good luck to him!!

  8. I wonder if Galvis is slated to play in the Venezuelan Winter League this year. Getting him another 150 AB this winter would probably be a good thing.

    The roster could also be a little bit of a work in progress. Generally the Phillies bring all their healthy lower level prospects to instructional league. They can easily add and subtract players are there really is no formal limit as there is during the season.

    Great to see Shreve finally pitching.

  9. I could be looking thru rose colored glasses but I see an awful lot of potential major league talent on that list. Unfortunately, not too many in the infield… I hope we get to hear some updates of how they’re doing and how this group compares with other teams’ talent.

  10. Well , well, well. Looks like this list includes some players the givers of the word have tried to declare dead in the water: Siulman LeBron, Joel Naughton, But seriously folks, I was somewhat surprised they brought Juan Sosa, and maybe even Edgar Duran.

    No Infield prospects? I don’t think so. Say Jonathon Villar as swith-hitting SS, to team with Cesar Hernandez switch hitting 2B could develop into starters. Also Adam Buschini and Harold Garcia could develop into reserve possibilities. Not to mention the likely winter ball particapants, Freddy Galvis and Fidel Hernandez. I also note the absence of Jeremy Barnes, perhaps his leg is still broke.

    I also note the fine array of OF’s. Just the guys I would have picked.

    I see Anthony Hewitt is the only listed 3B regular. Hopefully he gets alot of work, it will go to a good cause.

    Besides Lisalverto Bonilla, I looked for more of the starting staff in the Dominican: Felix Cespedes, Gilberto Arias, Dario Alvarez, and Daniel DeLaCruz. Maybe they bring them to the states for Spring Training. It looks they had the production.

    I have Jiwan James as a Switch Hitter. Seems like he batted that way at State College (as a visiting player) . Hope this is not a shift .

    The strength coach, Fcasni—Is that a misprint? Anybody got a phonetic pronunciation on that?

  11. I stopped paying attention Marfis when you had a platoon of Greg Dobbs and Eric Bruntlett starting the year in LF for the Phils.

  12. Marfis I am overawed by the lineup of infield “prospects” you mentioned. Watch out, Utley and Rollins.

    Realistically, we have no IF guys even at the level of a D’Arnaud at C. Our best hope is Hewitt hits .250 with 20 HRs at Lakewood next year and goes on the radar. He made moderate incrmental improvement this year, but he is still a long-shot to become a hot prospect, which is what they drafted him to be. Signleton is our second and last real IF prospect.

    All the other guys you mentioned MIGHT be Brad Haraman. One of them might surprise (always POSSIBLE), but more like 2 or 3 may get to AAA and at maybe smell the major league coffee.

    IF is a wasteland

  13. I would say that Villar is a legit prospect. He is so far away, however, that it is tough to evaluate him. For example, he is still way behind Harman was a few years ago after his age 19 Lakewood season (.822 OPS). But he has shown enough where he might be at the back end of our top 30 prospect list.

    As for the other middle infielders, Hernandez might not have enough defense to make it. Garcia is a little old. Buschini was nothing special in his first season. Fidel Hernandez can’t hit. Galvis can’t hit either, though he is still young enough to learn. All have big strikes against them as prospects. Galvis will make the majors on defense alone, but will need to hit for a .700 OPS to be a productive starter. Yes, the team has possibilities in the middle infield, but it is hard to say we have a lot of good prospects. We have 8-10 OF prospects that are better or equal to our top 2 middle infield prospects. That means we do have an organizational depth problem if Galvis and Villar do not progress.

  14. Hanzawa looks like a real longshot to me. He clearly has the glove – both range and hands. Beyond that his offense is lacking however. He hit .267 with a .675 OPS at age 23 last season in Lakewood. It is a tough offensive park, so his power might show more at the upper levels. But at age 23 he should have done better. He doesn’t walk much and has little offensive speed. If he could run a little better he might have a shot at a Nick Punto-like utility role. Other than that he will need a big leap forward to make the majors. Even Galvis is a huge barrier to him as a defense-first utility infielder. Galvis does most things better than Hanzawa and is much younger at a higher level. And he has not done anywhere near enough to think he can start in the majors.

  15. “Bill…”

    Each time you comment you use a different name. Pick a name and stick with it. When you use five or six different names, your “comments” about having spoken with various players lose credibility.

  16. I think counting a player out is a tough thing. At any time he is apt to “get it” . Even a major leaguer can sharply
    improve e.g. Edwin Jackson(incredible stats this year).
    I prefer to bide time.

  17. Dobbs — at the beginning of the last offseason, I mildly suggested a L-R platoon of Dobbs and Mayberry in LF. That could have held the fort until the Taylor-Brown contingent could assume a position. And, who knows if Dobbs-Mayberry tandem would not have performed better going as regulars from the git-go of the season. ( I always said Bruntlett would be back as the best choice for MLB back up Middle Infielder). Now that at least the possibility exists that Taylor/ D. Brown may be ready at the start of the year, Maybe that course would have been more prudent, and certainly cheaper. But, that said, I was about the only one who said that both Moyer and Burrell should not and would not get arbitraiton. That Burrell and Moyer would have got around 16 million a year in arbitration. And that each would get from 5 to 8 million a year on the open market, and that neither would get long term contracts. In fact , among the very few exact salary projections I made for each, I called them both to the number. But, who’s countin’>

    Upon Ibanez’ signing , I was among the few who said it would work out. But now that the long term aspects kick in, I don’t expect to hear none on here complaining. Because , it seems to me, I was the only one to present a semi-viable alternative.

    I will testify that Jonathon Villar is a top athlete. Clearly not up to Hewitt, but in the ballpark. Among the athletes I seen at the Williamsport game, I rate Hewitt 1st, Villar 2nd, Leandro Castro 3rd, Jiwan James 4th, and Zach Collier 5th.

    Villar had a great game, made 2 very athletic saves on throws. the first (from Hewitt0 he leapt high into the air twisted around to the backhand about 4 feet off the bag and spun around to get the runner on 2nd by a hair. On the 2nd from Catcher Doss, he leapt high to about 5 feet off to the right side of the bag , scissor kicked to the sides over the head of the runner just starting his slide, and tagged him on the top of the head. He also laid down a near perfect bunt,(batting left: it was commented on by 2 guys in the stands who I took for scouts because they exchanged comments on all the players. I believe Villar got a hit on that. Also a rope single to left oll a fastball ( batting right) He also made numerous fielding plays with range and a strong arm. And, I believe, he stole 3 bases.

  18. Yeah, Bill, use the same name. I always use the same name, which gives the other readers of this post the opportunity to immediately hit the “refresh” button so they can read something more interesting than what I have written.

  19. you guys have been talking about Shreve, so I thought I would throw out a little something

    I got a chance to see Shreve pitch today, it was his first time in nearly a year and a half. He pitched 2 scoreless innings and had a couple strikeouts. His motion is very effortless and everyone was excited to see him finally pitch against another team.

  20. a lot of people do not realize how mentally and physically strenuous rehab is, and Shreve has done it every day and has not been late to one appointment. So I will reiterate, it was great to see him get back on the mound.

  21. Thanks for the update Schwim. Your draft class of 2008, of which Shreve is also a part, sure looks to have lots of guys with major league potential. Who will be the first to the Show?? Good luck in the desert.
    Does anyone know why there’s no May or Way at IL? They would certainly seem to be part of the mix.

  22. You can laugh all you want. It was not Gradoville, Leon, and Furmaniak. It was Gradoville, Leon or Furmaniak, and Rich Thompson as reserves to enable the usage of more bench players in games. Gradoville I seen as a better defensive option than Hoover, and you can see how much confidence Manuel has in Hoover at either defense or even a pinch hitter, as I do not believe he has appeared in a game yet, at least not one I have seen or read about. Since , I wanted more of a defense option at SS, you do not know whether these players would have been up to it. The team’s performance has diminished the risk of being caught with Miguel Cairo at SS. Thompson, at the time there was talk of the need for a pinch runner/ defensive sub in OF, and nothing was done in that area. Again , the team’s performance has near eliminated the risk of wrong moves in the bench area. With the exception of Leon, both of the players mentioned have been on Major League rosters, and Leon would have been a deep Infield Reserve , so what difference would it have made. So, you see, when people develop any level of knowledge or insight in this area, then they can learn to laugh in the right places.

  23. A catch-22 is a problem that needs to be solved in order to solve it- so it is essentially unfixable because in order to fix it it would have needed to be fixed in the first place__ basically a no win situation. It comes from the 1961 classic novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. You should read it, it’s one of the greatest American novels of the 20th century.

  24. Oh yea but if I was going to guess its a pun on that- like a catcher with the number 22. Maybe that was a prospects number or his number or something.

  25. I don’t think the list is “heavy” with future major leaguers, but I do think it’s a list that has a few players who are capable of making huge improvements and becoming legit mlb prospects.

    add into that the quality of the phillies minor league coaching and it’s a good list of players.

    I’m a little surprised that Darby Myers wan’t on the outfield list. Is he slated for AFL or one of the latin leagues?

    Hey Schwim, I know the promotion was a good thing for you, but do you wish they would let you go back to Lakewood for the playoffs since you were a big part of that teams success this year?

  26. my mistake. Living somewhat close to both Reading and Lakewood can make you forget about Clearwater on occasion I guess:)

  27. Thanks, Skunky – saved me the explanation.

    No reason for the name – just thought about the baseball sound combined with the meaning and felt it would be a neat moniker. I still use the f/k/a H Man as I was H Man on this site for about 3 months before I changed.

  28. Schwim may want to stay loose the big club needs a guy who’s not afraid to get the job done in the 9th. I appreciate Brad and what he did for us last year but he’s lost it and it ain’t coming back.

    Give me somebody anybody:Mathieson; Schwim; Chapman I believe there is still time to call up help.

  29. I just want to point out that Dugan and Singleton have the same birthday, but one year apart. Singleton is *definitely* a guy to watch.

    Another shout out to Schwim for giving us the first-hand report. And way to go Shreve!

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