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2009 DSL Recap – Top Prospect List

This post will recap the 2009 Phillies DSL season and provide an initial top prospect list.  The same caveats apply as with the VSL list.  This report is based on statistics and not on scouting reports primarily.  In addition we can infer some things from a player’s age and whether or not they get playing time.  But it is not the same thing as seeing them play and the competition they play against may not be consistently good.

The Phillies are part of a 4-team Santo Domingo North division.  In 2009 they finished 3rd, 14.5 games behind the division-leading Mariners.  They did not play any games outside of the division, so their record may not fully reflect how good the team is.  It is also worth noting that the two teams finishing ahead of them (the Mariners and the Cardinals) were both among the older teams in the league.  The Phillies were slightly younger than the average team in the league on the other hand.  This means that their disappointing record is not necessarily a bad thing, as older teams in the lower minors generally win more.

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Kyle Drabek’s role in 2010

I’m going to write more about Drabek when I do my Top 30, but thats not for a while, and I was thinking about what should happen with Drabek next year, so I wanted to throw this out there. Everyone knows at this point that an elite starter is worth more than an elite reliever when you’re talking about value. And I think its pretty much a given that Drabek’s long term future is as a starting pitcher. But for 2010, I think it makes a world of sense to use Drabek in the ML pen from Day 1. Check below for my reasoning…

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Around the System (2B)

With Chase Utley signed through the 2013 season, this again is not an area of great concern for the Phils, however, they surely need to upgrade their bench up the middle of the infield.  Eric Bruntlett simply will not cut it, especially as both Utley and Rollins need some time off as their careers march on.  See below the fold for the review of second baseman in the system. Continue reading Around the System (2B)