Daily Archives: September 18, 2009

Around the System, Bullpen (Short Season/Rookie)

Take a look below the fold for the performance of both the Williamsport and GCL Phils bullpen.  A warning on any projections.  When you get so low in the system, it is very difficult to have an idea what the Phils thinking will be.  I am making a somewhat educated guess, but it is just that a guess.  I am looking at numbers, age, my view of needs, and scouting reports when I make projections.  Of course, the Phils consider their needs along with many intangibles that I can’t consider for lack of knowledge. (i.e players makeup, if they want a particular coach involved with a player, etc.)  There are probably many more players that will be released simply from a numbers perspective, as the 2010 draft will provide a new influx of players. Feel free to comment and question.  Look for the System Report on Catchers, coming out soon. Continue reading Around the System, Bullpen (Short Season/Rookie)