South Atlantic Champions

Congratulations to the Lakewood BlueClaws, who last night won the South Atlantic League championship with their 5-1 win over Greenville, winning their series 3-1.  Korey Noles got the win for Lakewood, throwing 7 strong innings, giving up just a lone run, while Austin Hyatt threw 2 shutout innings in relief, striking out 3.  As was the course this year, Anthony Gose got things going offensively for Lakewood with 3 stolen bases on the night, which led to two runs.  A fantastic job by the whole Lakewood organization, GM Geoff Brown and Manager Dusty Wathan.

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  1. Yep, that’s one for this season. I put a summary from the recap on Hyatt’s performance in the short season bull pen thing. Even those he didn’t strike out did not seem to hit the ball real well given the 2 pop outs to 2nd and grounder to the mound, to go with the 2 swinging strikeouts and one looking.

  2. Gose was really good in the post-season–making me think I might have underestimated him as a prospect. His mediocre offensive production at times this season might be a stamina/concentration issue for a very young guy.

    D’Arnaud might have silenced some critics of his offense. He was the MVP, I think.

    The Lakewood pitching was incredible throughout.

    Congrats to all involved.

  3. From “Scouting the Sally” by Mike Newman:

    2. Travis D’Arnaud, Phillies – Quite possibly the best all-around player I’ve seen pass through Savannah this season, D’Arnaud left a great impression on me. He hit the ball hard to all fields, played stellar defense, and excellent athleticism for a catcher. I know a .255/.319/.419 line is pretty blah, but his .279 BABIP seems awfully low considering his .330+ mark in 2008 and strong K%. I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t break out in a big way in 2010.

  4. how about korey noles? this kid has pitched well all year at all levels hes been at…he doesnt walk a lot of people and he gets himself out of trouble when he does(rarely) get into it…hopefully he continues to pitch this way all the way to the big club

  5. Korey, a 24th round pick in 08, has a chance to be the best Phils bottom rounds (24-50 rounds) draft pick at least since 2000. From the list looks like Tim Gradoville a 37th round pick in 02 whom I seem to recall was the only pick who actually made it to the Phils major league roster and that was for only a couple of weeks but he never appeared in a game. Jason Jaramillo was a 39th round pick in 01 but did not sign and was redrafted as a 2 round pick in 04. He never appeared in a Phils uniform before being traded. That’s about it for draft picks from the 24th round on down to sometimes the 50th round.

  6. Hey Dude, I have to ask – what is it specifically you don’t like about Gose? It seems his numbers elevated as the year went on (hovered around a .350 OBP the last three months – not great but improving) and he’s very young. Also voted best defensive outfielder in the league – and then there is the obvious speed/stolen bases. Any specifics you don’t like? Other than the note batting gloves thing. I thing Vlag Guerrero doesn’t wear them either – he seems to do just fine.

  7. Dude, the 1st person to wear batting gloves in a regular season game was ken Harrelson (1964). Rusty Staub was the 1st major leaguer to wear them all the time (1969). I’ll bet there was a player or two prior to that (and after), who you might call great, that never wore batting gloves.

    I have to rethink Gose myself. I was like a Missourian and saying, “Show Me.” When he was drafted I was excited about a lefty pitcher who could throw extremely hard. He chose to play the field, centerfield that is. He has shown me something with his play this year. He’s the youngest guy on the Lakewood team. He won’t be 20 until August next year. He will probably start in Clearwater next year at 19 years old.

    I’d really like to see him get some Davey Lopes time in the spring. If he learns the art of bunting, it could increase his average significantly. Maybe a little time with Charlie M. to learn to chop at the ball for more infield hits. I was listening to the Yankees- Marlners game yesterday. Ichiro (and I’m not equating Gose to Ichie) has 200+ hits, as usual. 49 of those are infield hits. He puts so much pressure on the infielders, that hits that barely get past the pitcher end up with Ichiro on 2nd base. Air mailing a few throws into the seats.

    Will Gose become the next Ichiro or Ricky Henderson…. probably not. Could he become the next Michael Bourne… possibly. Bourne’s done a nice job this year. Let’s also remember that he helped bring a W/S to Philly by being the major part of the Lidge trade.

    For now, Gose has jumped up the prospect list. He’s far enough away from the big leagues, that I can’t label him “Can’t miss”. But I’ll bet that every trade discussion for a starting pitcher this year included Gose at some point.

  8. I remember Charlie Manuel saying the Phils would call up a young minor leaguer as a pinch runner, but neither Quintin Berry nor Gose has gotten the nod. I wonder why.

  9. Gose has certainly put himself in my top 10 prospect list after that terrific post season performance following his break out year as an 18 yr old in A ball. There’s a long way to go but it was an impressive season by the young man.

  10. Gose…yes…should develop steadily through the minors…

    But, what has happened to Collier?

    After Collier was drafted, he was said to be the better of the two…something about the sweetnesws of his swing. He has struggled at LKVLE and sent back to Short-season ball.

    What are the “pundits” here able to say here? Anybody know why he is struggling??…while Gose is thriving?

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