Additional Call Ups

Both Kyle Kendrick and John Mayberry, Jr. have been called up by the Phillies and will be in Houston today when the Phils play the Astros.  The timing is somewhat odd, as Kendrick had been scheduled to start today in Lehigh Valley and was in Allentown yesterday.  With Shane Victorino being a bit banged up, Mayberry gives the Phils another outfield bat and has been swinging it relatively well for the ‘Pigs recently hitting .303 over his last 10 games. Kendrick has pitched extremely well lately, going 3-0 with a 2.14 ERA in his last 3 starts for Lehigh Valley.

Andy Tracy, originally part of the Lehigh Valley starting lineup on Sunday against Buffalo was a late scratch.  No reason was given why.  Tracy, who is in a race with Shelly Duncan of the Yankees organization for the International League lead in RBI’s (95), may be able to give the Phils a bit of punch as a lefty off the bench with Greg Dobbs still on the DL, and Matt Stairs hitless since the all star break.

12 thoughts on “Additional Call Ups

  1. I don’t think the timing for Kendrick is odd. The Phils don’t care if the Iron Pigs win. And if they’d waited a day, they couldn’t use KK for at least 3-4 more games. Smart move, considering the pen is likely to get more use and Madson is hurt, it doesn’t look like either Romero or Condrey will be around the rest of the season, and the only long man is Moyer who was used two days ago and isn’t used to coming back on short rest.

    Seems like perfect timing to me.

  2. The timing is strange simply because Kendrick was apparantly advised last night that he wouldnt be starting today and would instead be going to Houston. Apparantly, it may have been related to the unavailability of Ryan Madson….the Phils thinking they needed the extra arm sooner (today) rather then later.

  3. Mathieson punched out four in two scoreless innings in the R-Phils playoff clincher in Connecticut. I keep thinking the Phillies would be best served with a pitcher like him in September (and October), someone capable or striking a guy out with runners aboard. He’s hitting 98 mph on the gun and could be the late-season Joba on a bullpen in need of a power pitcher. What are we saving this guy for???

  4. Philsfarm –

    Like Drabek, he’s coming back from surgery. Maybe it’s best for them to just let him pitch in the playoffs and call it a year.

  5. Update: Tracy was removed from the lineup because he was not feeling well, and it apparantly had nothing to do with a Phillies roster move

  6. gun–
    now we know why the timing was the way it was with Kendrick…Happ was hurt Friday during batting practice which is why the Kendrick call up occurred sooner rather then later

  7. Matt, that’s a good point on Mathieson.
    Difference between him and Drabek is that Mathieson hasn’t thrown a ton of innings (just 32.1) and is going to pitch in the Arizona Fall League. So it appears the Phillies do not think innings and wear on his rebuilt arm are an issue.
    I just think that the big club could use a live arm, someone out of the pen capable of coming in and blowing fastballs past a hitter or two. His fastball has hit three digits, according to some who’ve seen him pitch.
    From what I can tell, he’s a good option and that’s all I was trying to say.
    In three stops in the minors this season, he is 4-0 with 2 saves and a 0.84 ERA with 34Ks.

  8. I have no problem with the Phils promoting Mathieson and giving him a chance in late September and perhaps October. I wish we had the options off the bench for a hitter (that cupboard is bare) that we have in the bullpen (even Bastardo is pitching well again – a ton of options).

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